Pallet garden fences made of wooden palisades

palisades wood round trunks stakes

Today we offer you several ideas for garden fences made with wooden stakes palisades. In many cases more than for fences , this type of palisades are usually placed on garden islands or as barriers for vegetation areas in gardens and terraces. The natural appearance of the wood fits perfectly in outdoor landscapes and we can also get different finishes depending on the way the stakes are placed and the size and shape of the stakes.

Fences of garden with stakes palisades

pretty palisade plants garden wood

In the image that we see above, there is a small fence of low height in which the stakes are placed at the same height with an almost perfect symmetry. The result is quite pleasant since it appears to be soft due to the fact that the pieces are sufficiently polished and do not have sharp corners.

Wooden fence for garden

fence wood trunks palisades rocks

These wooden fences are also ideal for decorating those areas that are difficult to access from the garden, such as leveling or steps. Above we can see a fence model with palisades of rounded wooden stakes in the form of cylinders, it is another of the possible finishes so requested nowadays.

Wooden palisades to decorate gardens

fences fences garden palisades wood

If, on the other hand, they prefer rectangular stakes, they can take an example of the placement of the fence that appears in the photograph above. They are of different sizes and form an unequal and asymmetric row of very original appearance. In addition, the slats have been used wood leftovers to form a wooden bridge that crosses a small garden pond.

Borders of gardens with palisades

circle garden square fence fence

In any case, the fences made from wooden palisades are ideal in any type of gardens and outdoor patios, including those that have a contemporary and minimalist design since the landscaping designs Many professional gardeners look for elements made from always natural materials.

Original wooden palisade design

Pale wooden design uneven shape

Island garden with wooden palisade

design island garden palisade wood

Pale wooden fence of uneven shape

modern design wooden palisade stakes

Fence of symmetrical wooden bars

modern palisade pretty wood

Stepped fence fence design

palisade modern original wood

Design of garden palisades with round stakes

fence fences round garden

palisade wood path deco garden

palisaded thick dark wood logs

stakes wooden fences garden

garden corner fence wooden fence

original palisade fence plants jardiniere

round trunks cylindrical steps levels

fence form snail wood stockade

fencing fence bamboo sticks

fence wooden palisade rustic design

Modern wooden fence hides containers

fence stones palisade modern rocks

fences garden palisades green trunks

billboards garden sticks simil wood

fences fences wood stakes fences

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