Party balloons filled with confetti - original decorative ideas

colorful party balloons

Party balloons full of confetti, can you think of a more ideal complement to any celebration? If you explode them, the confetti will be fired everywhere, so these balloons are a two in one.

Super transparent party balloons filled with confetti

original party balloons

They are also transparent and look like very bright soap bubbles. They are available for sale even with iridescent and pearly finishes.

Beautiful transparent party balloons for baby party

transparent balloons soap bubbles

To make your own adornment of balloons full of confetti, first of all, you will need a clear balloon, either white or pale. Then, take a handful of tissue paper confetti. Fold the stack of confetti in half, and then in half again.

click balloon confetti colors

Once you have a small tube of confetti, push the confetti tube into the neck of the balloon. Keep pushing until the group of confetti falls into the balloon. Then you must fill the balloon with helium.

Original balloon full of colorful confetti


A couple of notes: you can use a funnel if you wish. Also, after about an hour, the static will cause the confetti to spread through the inside of the balloon.

Beautiful transparent balloons filled with pink feathers

beautiful transparent balloons

This is a great way to decorate a party without going over the budget. These ideas are great for birthday parties, a baby welcome party, weddings, seasonal parties, celebrations and any type of event or celebration.

Pretty balloons with pink confetti

beautiful pink confetti balloons

Ideas for filling the balloons include pompoms, paint, confetti, glitter, glitter, paper tassels, bright sticks, tulle, cloth and more to decorate the head and tail of the balloon instantly. Party balloons can simply spice up the decoration of any event.

Original decoration with a cardboard box and a balloon

cardboard box balloon confetti

There are many beautiful ideas that we can try with balloons. Today we are going to share some interesting and creative ideas of decoration with balloons for the holidays.

Colorful balloons impregnated with golden confetti

pretty balloons colors glitter

In this image that you see above, the confetti has been sprinkled by the surface of the balloon, previously smeared with glue or glue, a really interesting idea.

Original balloons in the form of sugar donuts

original shape balloons donuts

These original balloons look like real donuts, but they are painted. They also carry pieces of paper stuck imitating sugar sticks.

Super transparent balloons with confetti and written messages

super clear balloons

You can tie several colored ties to your balloons full of confetti to achieve an even more original and eye-catching look.

Nice balloon in a cardboard box

balloon box cardboard confetti

Or wrap a small gift in a super large box and place inside a balloon like the one in the picture, the surprise will be unforgettable.

Pretty transparent balloon with colorful confetti

transparent balloon confetti colors

This idea seems great to us; Use the same confetti to create an original garland that hangs from the end of the balloon, for this you will need a confetti that is large in size.

Pretty balloons with golden ribbons

transparent balloons confetti ribbons

In this image we see transparent balloons filled with confetti made of paper two-color silk, and the balloons hang on golden ribbons.

Great party balloons of various colors

colorful party balloons

If you prefer something colorful, take inspiration from this original design in which all kinds of garlands .

Super transparent balloons full of confetti

Transparent balloons confetti colors

This design is really beautiful, and the secret is to choose or make a confetti that is colorful. As for the rest, you'll need a bottle of helium, and you can buy it online.

Original balloons filled with colorful confetti

original balloons filled confetti

You can write messages with markers on the transparent balloons, and tie cards at the end of the loop to make weight and hold the balloon.

How to fill a transparent balloon with confetti

transparent balloon with confetti

The amount of confetti you must enter in the balloon depends on how you want it to look, but also on the type of balloon you are using and its size.

How to fill a white balloon with confetti

fill a white balloon

And remember, in your next celebration you can surprise everyone with incredible balloons that are full of confetti of all shapes and colors.

Original balloon with another balloon inside

original balloon full balloon

You can even inflate two balloons, one inside the other as it appears in the image. The ideas for uses and decorations are multiple, the result depends on you.

Original balloons for a party

original transparent party balloons

Now we tile with the rest of the images from our gallery, enjoy the tour and do not forget to visit our website, see you soon.

Original colorful balloons with original shapes

original party balloons colors

Original ideas to decorate with balloons

original ideas bubbles balloons

Beautiful balloons with colorful confetti

three colored confetti balloons








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