Party hairstyles with glamor - fifty great ideas

nice bunny braid redhead side

Are you looking for ideas for Party Hairstyles ? If yes, you should not miss our article today as it deals with the latest trends and fashion styles that are most worn this season. We present our collection of fifty images that will help you choose the perfect model for you.

Modern party hairstyles

retro style collected wavy bob

Let's start with the "Bob" hairstyle , well known since the early twentieth century for being characteristic of the most rebellious women who were already tired of the feminine stereotypes of long hair. Later in the sixties, this style began to take center stage around the world although with some new variants such as water waves.

Picked up with waves

nice picked snails blonde side

Our next proposal are the collected lightweight, low or medium height. We suggest making this type of hairstyles to party with dry hair and if possible not freshly washed so that it can be held more easily. We will also need some type of fixative spray since we do not want the collected to fall after a few hours.

Party hairstyles with wavy hair

loose wavy hair collected collage

If the party hairstyles are good for you and you have chosen to improvise your own, you can take some ideas from the selection of photographs we show. In the case that you decide for a hairstyle of wavy hair we advise you to use a curling product that in addition to fix protects your hair from the heat of the irons or curling irons.

Fista hairstyles for long, wavy hair

collage redhead blonde hairstyles mane

A hairstyle that shares characteristics with the styles already mentioned is the collection of false Bob. It is an ideal hairstyle for long hair that we do not want to cut. To mold and create a false Bob we offer two different options; for the first one we will have to curl the hair with the help of the tongs.

Pick up low with loose fringes

taylor swift collected under fringes

Once curled, we will take each strand of hair by winding it at the tips creating loops and hooking them on the bottom. To ensure that the strands are attached, we can also use small rubber bands to tie the ends of each strand, and then grab it with hairpins directly from the rubber band.

Low collection for straight hair

elsa pataky blond hair collected

To perform the second type of false Bob collection we must make a low pigtail holding all the hair with which we will make a very loose and low braid. Once we have fastened the end of the braid with a rubber, we will proceed to hide it by holding it under the hair with hairpins. Finally only touch up with the iron so that the hair is even.

Styles for party hairstyles

smooth or loose curly hairstyle

Here are some suggestions for festive hairstyles with loose hair. In the photographs we will appreciate that waves and large loops are still very current. We can create curls in many ways but for the most common and simple we will need again curling irons or irons.

Pick up side with bangs

super picked up under side

A loose hair should always look healthy and very bright, so we can ask advice from an expert hairdresser on what are the most suitable hair products for our hair type and what measures we should take for their care. Finally we will add that the hairstyles of loose hair can be complemented with braids on the sides, it is a very modern look.

Hairstyle with loose and wavy hair

photo hairstyle loose tousled

The famous "top knot" bow so popular today. It is true that the height of this bow will depend a lot on our facial features. It will also depend on the occasion if the bun will be very stretched or rather loose. A straight fringe gives a very distinguished and retro touch to this type of bows, although we must be careful not to hide too large a part of the face.

Party hairstyles with braid

hanna montana hairstyle ombre braid

Finally, let's give some tips on how to complete an attractive and amazing party look with some accessories and little tricks.

Hairstyle with low side braid

luci liu braid low side

Follow this trend of elegant and glamorous fashion decorating some tight braids with rings that pierce them, they seem to be the most interesting solution for a fun hairstyle.

Loose hair with thick loops

big mane thick waves loops

Spread a bit of colorful, golden or silver luster along the root streak, and an ordinary hairstyle will automatically become a high fashion item.

Wavy hair with volume

nice loose hairstyle blonde tupe

It is a classic and multi-purpose hairstyle for cocktails, red carpets, elite restaurants or nightclubs. You will only need perfectly wavy hair, a pair of hairpins and some hair gel for shine.

Loose hairstyle with loops

blonde model hair loose tupe

If you want to look elegant, dance all night, try this ingenious idea of ​​party hair. It is suitable for long and cocktail dresses!

Low gathered bun with loose fringes

bun gathered under loose fringes

Loose and disheveled braids are an extremely beautiful idea to try for a special occasion. Arrange your braids with the strongest hairspray and a few pins, and you will enjoy this elegant and feminine hairstyle throughout the night.

high chignon classic style reflections

Perfect for raves and dance parties, this hair solution can save you the problem of time pressure. Simply make a ponytail and enróscala forming a bow. Fix it with several hairpins and lacquer.

bun under loose classic brunette

This interesting and cute red carpet hairstyle is adaptable for all special events and silk evening gowns. It seems a complicated task, but this optical illusion is just an easy game with forks.

classical style bun collected

Do not worry if your hair is too short for all the ideas shown above. You can do a pickup like this in a simple way. The big earrings will complete your look perfectly!

nikol kidman side bun

disheveled chignon Greek style

bun collected style twenties

loose bun blond hair

braided bow tie polka dots lateral

low braid chestnut side

hair brunette short hair disheveled

short hair brunette bob wavy

many braids bun collected half

party hairstyles picked up under

side tail party hairstyles

loose brown wavy hair

loose hair braid headband

elegant brunette wavy loose hair

loose hair blond side bangs

picked up short side redhead bun

picked up brunette bun in Greek style

collected bun under dark hair

picked up blonde bride bules tiara

collected waves golden color curls

collected large waves retro style

collected wavy disheveled brunette waves

collected bunches for blonde waves

Blonde braid collage collected

collected loose wavy brunette hair

elegant retro short haired blonde

blonde short hair bob wavy

selena gomez bun under brunette

selena gomez low bow

low braid blonde side

braid fish bow bottom

braids blonde photo collage smooth

Party Hairstyles

original party hairstyles

beautiful party hairstyles

party hairstyles collected

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