Patchwork at home - the art of mending is once again a trend

patchwork at home

Patchwork is a type of seam in which small pieces of fabric are joined to make a finished piece much larger, like a quilt or skirt. While the patch has its origins in a desire to reuse pieces of fabric or to renew older garments, it has now become an art form in several countries around the world. Some very beautiful examples of patchwork can be seen in museum collections or in private homes, where quilts can be inherited through several generations. Today we want to present you fabulous ideas to use the patchwork at home , Do not miss it.

Original ideas for patchwork at home

ideas for patchwork at home

There are numerous different styles of patchwork. Styles such as quilting blocks are very carefully arranged, using repeating patterns to build a greater textile finish, while "crazy" padding is freestyle, sewing pieces of different shapes and sizes. The finished product of the patch can be further adorned with embroideries and other accents, depending on the taste of the craftsman.

How to patchwork at home

ideas for patchwork at home

In quilting, patchwork is used to make the top layer of a quilt. A batting layer is placed between the patch and a single sheet at the bottom of the quilt, or the patch can be used to make the two outer layers. The pieces of patchwork are sewn together with lines of thread that break the quilt into small sections, ensuring that the filling is distributed evenly throughout the quilt. In some cases, quilting can be done with bunches that are tied at even intervals, to achieve the same effect.

Ideas and tips for patchwork at home

pretty patchwork bedspread design

There are garments that can also be made of patchwork, especially skirts and jackets. While the patch can be associated with hippie-style clothes, it also appears on fashionable catwalks, often with luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin, and velvet. This patchwork is far from being made with precious fabrics, but it is made in exactly the same way.

Original ideas and patterns of patch

original design patchwork bedspread

Patchwork sewn by hand tends to be more expensive, due to the immense amount of manual labor involved, and that is why these works often become relics that are treasured as a result. Patchwork can also be done with the help of a sewing machine, and most modern designers use sewing machines, as they save time and ensure a uniform and clean seam. Some quilts can be finished by hand, especially in the case of tufted comforters.

Original fabric patches bedspread

original bedspread pieces patches

A reticulated fabric can incorporate several types of fabric, creating interactions of color, texture and weight. These patches are usually carefully arranged to be aesthetically attractive. Patchwork is the basis of modern disciplines such as watercolor quilting, in which small patches of fabric are arranged in subtle gradations of colors to be seen as watercolors. The patchwork can be bright and colorful, or more simple and subtle.

Original designs of patchwork patterns

original designs patchwork trays

The patch, when finished, is used for many purposes, and can be made of velvet, satin, silk, leather, cloth, cretonne or tulle; in fact, any material soft enough to be cut in established ways could serve. Velvet and satin form the most beautiful type of patch, and also the brocaded silks mixed with smooth silks. Satin and silk are not usually used together, but velvet can be used with anyone. The cloth is not ideal for combinations, but the cretonne and twill.

Original interior decoration with patchwork

original patchwork decoration

Velvet is normally used for cushions, gloves and handkerchiefs and pins; while cretonne and twill are more suitable for curtains, quilts and blinds. These larger items require a greater amount of material.

Original wall decoration with patchwork patterns

original wall decoration

The elaboration of the design and the way to form the patches are normally the same, independently of the material or the size of the article, only the size of the patches used being different, increasing or decreasing for the occasion. The essential thing is that all the pieces are cut with perfect uniformity, so it is recommended to use a thin plate of tin as mold cut to the required size.

Original cushion decoration with patchwork

cushion patchwork decoration

The way to work is as follows: select the design to be copied and cut a piece of tin so that it corresponds to the shape you are going to use, and then place it on the silks or satins. Mark the shapes with a pencil, making them larger in the outline, and divide the rest of the fabric into different pieces.

Pretty curtain of cloth patches

Patchwork decoration fabric

Next, cut the exact contour of the tin plate on the paper. Glue the paper and the piece of silk, putting the edge of the silk on the paper and squeezing it so that it does not fray while you work. Organize the patches on a table, according to the design and the position that each one must occupy in terms of color; Take two patches that you want to join and twist the silk sides inward, in order to sew them together on the wrong side, and then carefully make stitches together so that they join with point-to-point, angle-to-angle precision.

Original patterns of patchwork patterns

original designs patterns

Continue sewing the pieces until you get the required size, then tear off the tissue paper and iron the work upside down.

Modern interior decorating ideas with patchwork

modern interior decoration

Patchwork carpets that look like a mixture of different styles can be great for an eclectic room. There are different types of carpets that you can choose from. A tinted carpet can give a big burst of color to a Moroccan-style room; On the other hand, a rug that looks a bit ragged is perfect for a vintage room or shabby chic .

Original cover for suitcase of quilt

original suitcase case

The effect of the patch can be ideal for any room where you want to create a cozy and even nostalgic effect.

Pretty patchwork curtain for kitchen

nice decoration curtain

Patchwork-style tiles can look especially good in the kitchen where soft, warm colors reign. The patchwork area becomes an interesting place for the eye to settle.

Pretty cloth patch bedspread

pretty bedspread patchwork fabrics

The patchwork can be rustic too. When used as an accent wall or as a wallpaper, the patch gives a charismatic and striking appearance to a blank wall.

Original ideas for patchwork at home

pretty patchwork bag

Elpatchwork looks charming and sophisticated in a bohemian style room. As you can see in the images, decorating with patchwork is a fun and interesting idea. The mixture of colors and fabrics works because the idea of ​​combining and mixing is essential for the style boho chic .

Original set of patchwork sofas

set patchwork sofas

Using furniture with patchwork patterns is an easy way to bring a little style to any room. The beauty of the patch is that it shows different colors and patterns to suit the decoration needs. For example, a sofa in colored blocks can be modern and retro, perfect for the living room.

Original decorating ideas with patchwork

original ideas patterns

When patchwork is used in a cottage style house, the bedroom is the best place to let it come alive. A bed dressed in a patchwork quilt in floral designs and soft colors creates a cozy place, perfectly balanced by the wooden details in the room.

Ideas for designing patchwork bedspreads at home

original decoration patterns

Now we leave you with more ideas for patchwork at home, enjoy the tour of the images and do not miss visiting our website, see you soon.

Original patchwork quilt with fabric hexagons

original patchwork bedspread hexagons

Pretty quilt for children's room

children's bedspread

Original patchwork designs and ideas

original patchwork ideas

Pretty cushion with patchwork hexagons

patchwork hexagon cushion

Original patchwork pattern designs

original design patchwork patterns

Pretty cushion cover with fabric patches

nice cushion patches fabric

Original patchwork designs and ideas

original patchwork designs

Beautiful fabrics for patchwork

pretty patchwork fabrics

Original decorating ideas with patchwork

original ideas decoration

Beautiful patterns and colorful fabrics

patterns fabrics colors

Great decorating ideas with patchwork

Superb patchwork decoration

Original cushion cover design

original design cocjin

Pretty patchwork quilt

pretty patchwork quilt

Cutouts of fabric hexagons for patchwork

fabric hexagons

Beautiful fabrics for patchwork

beautiful patchwork fabrics











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