Path in the garden 24 ideas to impress

footpath garden design excellent lawn plants ideas

Today we have some very interesting ideas of trails. Whether your place is rustic, modern, shady, sunny or wild, you will find ideas for the yard of your dreams in these photos.

Classic cobblestone path for the garden

footpath garden classic bench wood ideas

A path in the garden is not made for the delay, the walk or if it is. A path It can offer a short and pleasant trip from one place to another, as short a walk surrounded by a beautiful environment.

Trail of flagstones in the modern garden with fountain

footpath garden colorful classic entrance ideas

When it comes to designing a house, few things are as important as the exterior appeal. This is one of the reasons why the paths of the front gardens are very important.

Paths of slabs crossing in the modern garden illuminated at night

footpath garden contemporary road house ideas

When you enter through your front door the paths and the garden in general are the first thing that the guests will see. As we all know well, the first impression is crucial.

Gravel paths that cross in the garden

path garden geometric design gravel ideas

Brick, slate, gravel and stone are just some of the wonderful options from which you can choose to create a beautiful and dynamic path.

Modern garden with tropical design and illuminated path

path garden design tropical plants plants

To make your choice easier here we show you some things you can consider before choosing a material that complements the exterior of the house.

Beautiful cobblestone paths in the garden

footpath garden entrance house accent ideas

A long straight path instantly makes your home the focal point, adding a sense of grandeur. Brick and cobbles are two excellent options to complement a white exterior, and are two materials that combine well together.

Ideas for the lovers of the paths of grass

footpath garden entrance garden small lawn ideas

The slate stone is an exceptional trail material, since it does not absorb water, is not affected by direct sunlight and can cope with extreme weather conditions. In addition, thanks to its subtle colors, it adapts very well to most landscapes.

Ideas of gardens with paths covered by very romantic plants

footpath garden style romantic pergola plants ideas

Hand-made paving stones are a beautiful and classic option, especially when you are trying to incorporate paths into the exterior decoration of an old house.

Garden with shabby chic design and rock road

footpath garden style shabby chic ideas

The slightly imperfect appearance gives the appearance of age and an informal charm, so the house your garden will feel very cozy.

Modern paths with rectangular slabs

footpath garden concrete stone plants ideas

You can also choose a combination of materials to create the feeling of a path that has always been there or to make your way look well aged. Crushed stone is a fabulous way and one of the easiest ways to create a path.

Ideas of trails that surround the house of rocks of different sizes

footpath garden side house home road ideas

Just make sure that you put drainage under the stone and edges of brick, steel or large stones so that your stones do not get out of the way.

Large and modern garden with rectangular flagstones

footpath garden slabs big ceped ideas

If your path is surrounded by plants you can use large rocks stacked at both ends which will protect your path from the overflow of plants and soil.

Paths of white slabs perfect for the entrance of house

footpath garden modern white slabs ideas

Wood is another material that you can use to create paths in the garden. You can use thick pieces of wood to create steps between the lawn or opt for the path of bright wood sheets perfect for contemporary gardens.

Slabs in the grass are a very nice opcon

footpath garden slabs steps plants ceped ideas

Road of river stones. A complex or simple design of a river path is always a pleasure to behold, even if it is for walking. A serpentine path of river stones through a gravel bed invites exploration.

Slabs surrounded by mold

footpath garden slabs surrounded rust ideas

Step by step stone path or slabs step by step. Composed of large stone slabs or modern slabs with rectangular shape a path with steps is surprisingly beautiful in contemporary gardens.

Very bright dark wood paths

footpath garden wood bright options ideas

One piece of advice we can give you is that creating curved roads can make a small garden look bigger. You can improve this space expansion effect by using smaller plants in the foreground and taller in the second.

Gravel and wood trails

footpath garden wood stone stairs ideas

Complementing the modern architecture of your home by repeating the lines and shapes of the structure on the paths that run through the garden is always a good choice. This is the best way to give a modern and geometric look to your garden.

Road to modern home

footpath garden steps stones path ideas

Now we leave you to choose from among these photos the best path design for your outdoor space or the entrance of your house and impressions to all the neighbors.

Paths of stones of different sizes and colors

footpath garden stone large flowers entrance ideas

Ideas of paths of river stones of different sizes

footpath garden stone river various sizes ideas

Path invaded by garden plants

footpath garden plants natural path slabs ideas

Garden with very nice orústico design

footpath rustic garden fireplace precious ideas

One more option of very nice wooden path

trails urban garden path wood ideas

Garden designed by Secret Gardens


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