Patio design special for parties and relaxing outdoors

patio design special decorations style flowers

In each patio design and decoration have become elements that can have an artistic character. Today we have an example that combines the functional with the aesthetic element in a perfect way.

Patio design special shades of pink in the fresh and creative space

patio design special tone pink conditions

It is a patio design and decoration space carried out by Germinate Garden Design. A collective of design and gardening based in London. All of your yard design and decorating projects cover the entire United Kingdom. As a goal, this group has always proposed the creation of gardens based on the wishes of the client and with a personal style. What makes Germinate Garden Design different is that it is made up of members of the Garden Designers Society.

Patio design with floral style of the wall walls surrounding this space

patio design floral inspiration walls

It is the only professional organization in the United Kingdom which is a guarantee of the professionalism of its members. The different creations of Germinate Garden Design have won several awards. However, in everything related to patio design and gardens, their best prize is considered to be customer satisfaction. His philosophy in terms of design is that a garden is a process, not a product. They consider that it is a philosophy that has evolved over time.

Each area of ​​the patio is well defined and has the necessary furniture to relax in peace

patio design walls high wood lounges

Product of team creations and contact with people. In the beginning, each patio design and the gardens were based on the search for impact. However, this has changed and a lighter image is sought. According to the conditions of the patio they are incorporated plants existing In this way it helps to protect the species of each area. For Germinate Garden Design its best gardens are those that have been the result of dialogue with customers.

A corner that undoubtedly is a luxury when it comes to rest in this creative patio

rose details furniture concepts materials

For them, the participation of the client is a fundamental aspect if you want to create a truly unique garden. The patio design and garden of this post the Germinate team designed it for a young couple with four children. They wanted an ideal place to guarantee the entertainment of family and friends. From inspiration in Ibiza as one of their favorite destinations they preferred to use colors alive

Can not miss the cushions to add a fresh note of different color to the entire space

elegant plants colors accents pots

Colors that can be seen in each area. The back wall is a luxury in terms of creation. It is a mosaic by the mosaic artist Celia Persephone Gregory. A real treat for this rear wall that shares this area with another in a smaller green tone. In this patio design and garden the outdoor kitchen can not be overlooked. Located on one of the side walls is a custom made construction.

Natural materials as wood and rocks are combined in the design of the floor and the bench

floor decorations striking design materials

It has an area with barbecue, counter and perfect storage spaces. To complete the perfect party is also incorporated an audio and lighting system. The whole aesthetic is completed with a small dining room. It is defined by a pattern in the form of a circle made of stone, without a doubt a perfect combination made by Germinate .

Beautiful selection of furniture with a sculptural effect for the outdoor dining area

furniture decorations elegant metal spaces

A functional kitchen complete everything necessary for unforgettable parties in this patio

patio design built-in compleytar

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