Penthouse in Madrid, designed by the firm A-cero

Madrid Penthouse photo skyscraper building

We present the attic of the Torre de Madrid designed by the designers' firm Steel . Its about penthouse of light, come and see a model of futuristic and luxurious interior design dedicated to comfort. We are talking about a 112-square-meter apartment in the well-known skyscraper building located in the heart of Madrid. The interior spaces are divided into

Penthouse in the Tower of Madrid

living room penthouse madrid

a dining room - kitchen , a lobby, a small terrace, a distributor Y two bedrooms with their respective bathrooms and dressing rooms To gain visual space causing a greater sensation, white has been chosen, much white. The different zones are also interconnected, which makes us perceive continuity and movement.

Futuristic design for penthouse in Madrid

island kitchen bar separate glass

Also the furniture is of e design This signature, sharing several of them the same finish in white lacquer. The Island of cooking it is prolonged forming a space for the dining table, and cue nta with protective glass panels separating the kitchen from the living room. The appliances are integrated into the furniture and these consist of gola handles that complete a minimalist and very functional design.

White furniture with lacquered finish

small white color penthouse bedroom

The floors are covered with light wood and carpets are also available in the bedrooms in neutral colors. The indirect lighting Led in all the penthouse to It seems in the form of small lights embedded in the edges of some structures. In the bedrooms we see huge headboards with exotic cover stretching across the ceiling, white and bright.

Furniture and accessories of minimalist design

modern bathroom sink minimalist penthouse

In the bathrooms, we appreciate a minimalism based on straight lines and transparent glass elements that mark a rhythm within the white. It is really a different place marked by height, air and light. The interiors are in turn intended for free movement without barriers or obstacles, this is an indispensable effect at present .

Design of integrated furniture

modern kitchen green apples white

Great lighting throughout the place

white modern flat pendant lamps

Design of modern beds with headboard

white penthouse bedroom headboard

Kitchen with glass protector

green apples washbasin modern style

large sofa blue cushions

world map black spots deco vinyl

white bar furniture

furniture bar all white lights

kitchen furniture white gola shooters

wall color gray bedroom small

hallway bedroom white color penthouse

corridor hall candles all white

hallway view bathroom bath dressing room

penthouse atico design modern bar

Photography: Negami
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