Perfect cabins for a getaway in natural environments

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Everyday life often puts us in situations where we simply want to be in a solitary and relaxed place. Today we will show you several proposals of charming sites with these features. It is about several cabins in the mountains.

Special cabins with incredible and comfortable designs

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All in special places where it will be very easy to relax and enjoy the views. Our small list of cabins includes very popular and functional options. With variety of Styles and wood finishes that enhance that cozy accent. The first of these cabins is located in Skuta. It is a site with extreme weather and is the result of the work of OFIS Architects in collaboration with other institutions.

Modern cabins a special view of the structure during the night

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The work was completed in 2015. According to the climatic conditions of the mountain it was a challenge for its creators. In the end the result is a design that has great resistance and is perfect to get away from the stress of everyday life. Clara is another of the models that we show and that can also do the relaxing landscape. Its measures cover 160 square meters but it is very functional.

Design by OFIS Architects with futuristic image and adapted to the conditions of the environment

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Something that draws attention is its exterior in black and its interior wood. Like the previous one, it was designed in 2015. It is the result of the collaboration of Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine and Rachel Moranis. When it comes to minimalism in the case of cabins Vindheim is a good example. Located in Norway and built by Vandehaugen in 2016, it occupies about 65 square meters.

Several of the restraints that guarantee the stability of the cabin in the mountain

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Located in a forest surrounded by conifers and beautiful views of the mountains. It is a design inspired by the classic cabins of this region in which the roof stood out among the snow. For those who do not prefer mountain conditions the cabin designed by Raumhochrosen in Austria is perfect. It is located in the middle of a forest that is likewise a relaxing experience.

Clara a small cabin of 160 square meters but that has everything you need

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Named Tom Hut is a cozy refuge that follows the constructive line of wood. The last of the models we present is Olson Kundig designed by Rolling Huts. This is best thought of as part of a group of accommodations to receive friends. The idea was to recreate the camps with tents but with better technology adapted to current conditions.

All its interior design demonstrates its potential and Clara's functional style

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The models were finished approximately nine years ago and are located in Mazama in the United States. One of the client's intentions was to allow the entire prairie to grow. So in all the design can be assessed as low impact in this area. At the same time it looks great how it integrates with nature. Enjoy these beautiful creations perfect to relax in natural surroundings. Essential sites for a getaway and combat stress.

Vindheim is another special example with about 60 square meters and geometric shapes

Modern geometric triangular spaces solutions

The interior shapes also recreate the geometric details of the entire structure

interior geometric shapes furniture walls

Cabin by Raumhochrosen in Austria surrounded by a relaxing and very special landscape

wood traditional concepts figures decorations

Like the others, the wooden interior is wide and with a great view towards the exterior

warm spacious interior cozy walls

Rolling Huts a special model of corten steel and wood designed by Olson Kundig

Rolling Huts Olson Kundig architecture meadows

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