Pergola modern design with traditional airs in summer.

pergola design modern white curtains

On several occasions we have talked about the pergolas and their excellent function in patios and swimming pools. We have seen infinity of designs even futuristic look. Today we are going to see something special pergolas that has a different air. Pergola modern design, but reflecting traditional elements in its structure. They are a variant that undoubtedly brings a modern touch. They take some things from the classical elements but resize them.

Pergola elegant design in white

pergola modern design traditional beach

The pergola modern design in this case can be assessed as versatile. They are mostly aluminum with clean lines and sharp angles. In general respect the basic rectangular shape. The incorporation of waterproof fabric at the top makes them very attractive. One of the tendencies is to elaborate this type of pergolas with poles of aluminum rounded Similar to the pieces of bamboo used in the past.

Pergola design with aluminum structure

pergola design night lights moon

This gives the possibility of using them with independent structures. Otherwise it is a design that can be fixed to existing structures or walls . The pergola modern design depending on the model will include remote control. It is an extremely comfortable resource to fold the curtains. In many cases the roof is also designed with this condition. Another positive aspect is the ability to adjust in height or inclination. As mentioned, it varies according to the model but this makes the pergola more efficient.

Functional design with roof

pergola design new functional white

It allows better ventilation according to the time and weather conditions. As you can imagine, you can not leave wood aside as a material. In several of the models as we will see in the gallery is used in the upper part or the whole structure. Those that incorporate the sliding cover do it with an aluminum track. This greatly helps to simplify the design of the set. As we will see in the gallery, the pergola modern design is flexible and attractive. Their great practical level places them as the favorite of many.

Variant with external structure

pergola design chair egg pendant

Top of wood by Frigerio Living

pergola sea woman girl aluminum

Stylish roofed style

pergola design furniture exterior grass ratan

Fixed to structure of building

pergola design furniture outdoor deckchairs

Model with sliding cover

pergola design dark modern chair spheres

Adjustable variant in white

pergola design backyard white adjustable lawn

Curtain style, simple for swimming pool

curtain table drinks pool plants

decorative pergola dining room design lamparas

gray house car plants rocks steps

wood technique traditional inspiration distance

metal base decorative terrace pool

metal roofed white chairs

elegant durable exterior aluminum furniture

furniture cushions outside modern pool

outdoor furniture pergola ratan curtains

furniture ratan lawn forest adjustable

pergola dark pool plants pots

plants sea creative design furnishings

white metal chairs adjustable structure

dark loungers terrace palm trees aluminum

solid wood outdoor pergola pool

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