Pergolas wooden garden, an ideal recreation area

great pergola garden terrace furniture

Have you already arranged your garden for pleasant outdoor gatherings? The atmosphere of the outdoor spaces of the home can be improved thanks to the pergolas garden , see our selection of images and decide to place a pergola in your garden to make the most of the landscape and summer evenings.

Pergolas wooden garden with roof

Great house pergolas jardin

The garden pergolas are very useful elements since they are in charge of isolating and protecting from the sun and the rain to certain areas of the exterior. In some examples we will see that under the pergola a nice square has been located garden furniture , and depending on the coverage provided by the roof the atmosphere will resemble the interior rooms although with better views.

Wooden garden pergola

pergola garden link modern florida

Regarding the design of the garden pergolas, we will see that there are of all kinds and materials. Teak wood is very appropriate for this type of structure as we will see, although there are also current designs of metal or stone pergolas. The company Florida Pergola For example, he presents us with this very modern and minimalist style model.

Wooden pergola with swing and curtains

wooden swing pergola white curtains

On the other hand, other pergolas show structures reminiscent of oriental architectural styles. The photograph above shows a wonderful garden pergola with swing sofa and curtains mosquito nets Every detail is designed to give pleasure and comfort, but it also jumps at the beauty of shapes with which the beautiful piece has been designed.

Garden terrace with wooden pergola

great patio terrace pergola wood

See what a pleasant atmosphere has been achieved thanks to the shade provided by a garden pergola. But this is not all; Garden pergolas are also perfect for hanging some climbing plants or vines. In this way we will also achieve greater shade while we will embellish the place even more.

Wooden pergola with stone fireplace

pretty pergola wood fireplace stone

Since its main function is to protect, we can choose the placement of garden pergolas on the areas most prone to be damaged by weather conditions. It is a good idea to place appliances or garden furniture under the pergolas. In this way we can also have an outdoor kitchen without fear of appliances getting wet from the rain.

Garden pergola with classic columns

garden pergola white

We can also see some pergolas that extend from the building creating a kind of porch or roof for the garden. In these cases teak wood is usually chosen for its strength and beauty, although we will see in several images pergolas with marble columns that imitate a style of the most classic, really great.

Outdoor fireplace with teak wood pergola

outdoor fireplace pergola wood teak

Nice garden with small wooden pergola

nice small pergola garden

Swing with wooden pergola for garden

swing pergola wood patio plants

Super pergola swing in teak wood

Super pergola swing teak wood

Great wooden pergola with vines

super pergola vines stone statue

Wooden pergola with marble columns


Modern design garden pergolas

dark brown wood pergolas

Garden pergolas with swings

super swing pergolas garden rocks

Modern design wooden pergola

fabulous pergola white wooden hut

Round teak wood pergola

fabulous pergola curve wood lights

Beautiful pergola with classic marble columns

beautiful pergola classic marble columns

Modern design wooden pergola

beautiful pergola modern design awnings

Rugged teak wood pergola

winter garden pergola large wood

Minimalist modern design garden pergola

modern pergola garden porch wood

Teak wood pergola with varanda

original pergola wood orange puffs

Original pergola made of trunks and branches

original pergola trunks branches garden

Japanese style patio with pergola

Japanese patio black wooden pergola

Small pergolas for gardens

small pergola garden white wood

White pergola with wooden slats

pergola white wood large garden

Garden square with white pergola

pergola white square garden plants

Wooden pergola with fabric roof

pergola rooftop white wood

Modern style wooden porch

pergola building porch house wood

Small wooden pergola for the garden

pergola hidden garden plants jungle

Corner-shaped wooden pergolas

teak corner garden wood teak

Modern pergolas for gardens

pergola floating modern wood metal

Garden dining room with pergola

large pergola white wood shadow

Teak wood garden porch

pergola garden patio wood straight

Modern pergolas for courtyards

pergola garden white curtains armchairs

Round pergola for small gardens

pergola garden modern original design

Patio with fence and teak wood pergola

pergola garden furniture wicker brown

Outdoor patio with pergola roof

pergola garden plants cactus chairs

Small pergola with corner walls

pergola garden platform wood flowers

Garden pergola with platform with steps

pergola garden porch structure steps

Pergola with roof covered with wood

pergola wood kitchen fireplace garden

Wooden swing covered with pergola

wooden pergola small swing

Pergolas of thick wood slats

pergola wood corner armchairs wicker

Garden dining room with pergola

classic style wood pergola

Gray wooden pergola

pergola wood gray pool chairs

Wooden pergola with metal roof

pergola wood many plants chairs

Wooden garden furniture

pergola wood furniture garden wood

Pergolas of wood for gardens

wood pergola wood platform porch

Large wooden teak wood pergolas

pergola wood red garden flower pots

Garden furniture covered with pergolas

pergola wood teak small pool

Pergolas of modern design for gardens

pergola corridor wood clear house

Pergolas designed for garden furniture

small pergola outdoor kitchen furniture

Pergolas of garden with metallic columns

pergola porch columns green metal

Wooden pergolas for outdoor terrace

pergola porch dark wood brown

Terrace furniture covered with pergolas

pergola porch wood rooftop platform

Garden pergolas with stone columns

pergolas kardin column stone wood

Wooden garden pergolas

pergolas garden nice sofa wood

Terraces and gardens with pergolas

pergolas garden deck porch wood

Modern teak wood terraces

pergolas garden red teak wood

Teak wood pergola for outdoor patio

pergolas garden modern style wood

Modern garden pergolas

pergolas garden wood teak fireplace

Garden pergolas with wooden platforms

pergolas wood shining jacuzzi platform

Small pergola covered with plants

pergolas garden wood plants

Gardens with teak wood pergola

pergolas patios plants teak wood

Patios and gardens covered

pergolas beach views chirinquito wood

Large pergolas of work

pergolas porches architecture modern pool

Modern design terrace pergola

modern metal patio terrace pergolas

Garden path covered with pergolas

pergolas natural floating wood trunks

Wooden beams such as garden pergolas

pergola terrace wood teak pool

Pergolas and garden porches

porch wood columns cement plaster

Teak wood terrace

pergola pergola garden terrace wood

Pergolas covered with vegetation

branches trees pergola roof plants

Great wooden garden pergola

deck chairs rolling teak wood pergolas

Pergolas and porches for garden work

nice garden small dark pergola

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