Personalized wooden pencils to make at home

custom pens

The works manuals They are very suitable to do at home and also they can serve you not only to do interesting things, but also to fill your free time. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about the custom pens what you can do in your home and how to make them.

Personalized pencils to make in wooden house

homemade personalized pens

Keep in mind that you can create multiple personalized pens that can serve your young children to order their pens or markers by color and to terner a room cleaner. In addition these pens can also be used to store and order other things such as your work tools or for drawing tools.

Some very original and interesting manual works to do at home

custom wood pens

However, to be able to make these pens for your colored pencils you have to consider how big the holes have to be in order to make them symmetrically. In addition to this form you can also calculate how many holes can fit in the piece of wood that you have chosen for crafts with wood.

The instruments you can use to make custom wood pens

custom pens instruments

On the other hand, you also have to take into account the materials and instruments that you will need to make the holes. You can use an instrument that has more than one drill because in this way you can also improvise with the size of these. In addition to this form you can also create some very original manual woodwork.

Multiple wooden custom pens for storing pens and pens

compact personalized pens

On the other hand, when you have chosen the size of the holes you can also calculate the distance that there must be between them. In this way you can do some manual works in symmetrical wood that will help you in decorating your interior.

The dimensions of the holes of the custom wood pens

multiple custom pens

On the other hand, you also have to take into account that the wood must be maintained, but to do so you have to apply one or more coats of lacquer to not let the oxygen spoil it.

Applying a layer of lacquer on the wood to keep it longer

original modern personalized pens

You can use a large wooden brush with which it will be easier to apply the lacquer on the wood. In addition you will also have to insert the brush in the holes. However, in order to do it well you can use smaller brushes with which you can complete your Crafts wood.

A wooden pencil finished and applying the lacquer with a fat brush

homemade wood custom pencils

Keep in mind that the holes are the parts of the wooden pens with which you have to be more careful, as this part is more sensitive to shock. However, for the sides of this you can use a fat brush to not complicate life and to give a finish to wood crafts.

The finished appearance of wood pens made at home

custom wood pens

In this photo you can see the finish of a wooden pencil made at home and with lacquer applied at the end.

The use of pens placed by colors in the holes of the wood

homemade original custom pencils

On the other hand, in the following pictures you can see different images of wooden and metal pens that you can make at home and with which you can decorate your interior. Also for the development of these pens and for your decoration you can use other decorative details with which you can complete your image.

Using wooden pens to store all kinds of pencils and markers

original wood custom pencils

On the other hand, these pens can also be used to store other things and you can also make them smaller. In addition you can also choose a wood of some tones that combine with those of your house. In this way you will also increase the originality and attractiveness of your interior.

Making a wooden pencil smaller and with holes of different size

colored pencils make house

The use of wooden pens made at home to store other types of tools

crafts wood house

A very original and interesting wood pencil pen with a hole for pencils

wooden crafts pencils

Making a metal pencil from a can with a brown lace fabric to cover the tin

crafts with house wood

A very original decoration of the pens with fabric with additional decorative details

crafts in wood pencils

A very modern and original pens with the shape of houses to place the pens and pens

manual works of wood pencils

Using wooden parts with different shapes and decorative details to make some pens

manual works in wood pencils

Very original wood pens with colored inscriptions

homemade wooden pens

Using a small flowerpot painted in colors to place the pencils inside

colored pencils pot

A very original pen made with pointy sticks to store the pens

crafts wood pencils

Making some wooden pens to which you can give another use

original homemade wood crafts

A place to store and place work tools

crafts with original wood

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