Photos of incredible pools for modern spaces in 42 ideas

photos of modern minimalist pools patios

To combat the heat of summer there is nothing like a pool in our patio. The photos of pools that we share today are a sample of them. There will always be solutions for large patios as well as for smaller ones.

Photos of pools with special modern designs

photos of swimming pools rocks trails crystals

Both shapes and dimensions can adapt and create functional areas for relaxation. As we see in the photos of pools, the design variants are dissimilar. What can be made complex may simply be the choice of the right solution according to our needs.

Photos of swimming pools, patio with natural details on several levels

photos of pools rocks terrace rooms

In this sense we want to share some tips to be able to select the appropriate option. Before buying or doing it, it is necessary to assess the conditions of the site and the type of project we want. As is evident, space is the fundamental determinant. In addition to the photos of pools we can say that a median will require a space of eight by three square meters.

A modern patio with LED lights in the design of the pool

Photos of simple pools, fallen styles

If it is one that is buried the ground will be everything in these cases. Another important detail is the orientation that our pool will have. This will guarantee us to be able to enjoy as many hours of sunshine as possible. There are elements such as large buildings or trees that can hinder the entrance of the sun. As these photos of swimming pools prove, they are the central element of the patio.

Model with a small furnished terrace for outdoor lounge on one side

photos of swimming pools abstract edges seats

Its location will always determine where we will place other elements of our patio or garden. With enough space we only have to have very clear dimensions and select the right one for our budget. Pool photos can be a perfect guide to select a modern and functional design. It is important to remember that the pool is not only what we see.

Located on the roof of this luxury home with an incredible ocean view

furniture amazing rooms special roof

There is a whole structure and machines that will require an extra space. Specifically we refer to the filter, the filter and the pump that can not miss us. The type of pool has to adapt to our needs in terms of use. We must keep in mind if we will use it with a high or low frequency. If it will not be used continuously and it will be simply for the summer a removable design may be the best.

Contemporary pool with free shapes that include palm trees and islands in the design

photos of pools color patio palm trees

At the end of summer, we can dismantle them with relative ease. In these cases there is great availability of models with sizes and shapes that fit any type of patio. It can simply be the most profitable if we are going to give it a limited use. We will save time and money as opposed to venturing into a design work. If you look closely at the pool photos there are no limits to the designs.

Terrace with narrow and elongated pool, luxury house with open spaces

photos of swimming pools courts patios lines

The projects for buried pools can be designed in many ways. From the most traditional to others that challenge the imagination. The coating is another important point in terms of its design and the image in general. Both polyester and gresite are perfect choices. In the case of polyester there are dissimilar sizes as well as the option to make them to measure.

This pool is a sample of how we can take advantage of the space maximum

photos of pools elongated effects woods

The surface pools offer in this sense many occasions in terms of variety. The shapes are one of its strengths, straight, rectangular, oval and many others prove it. In many of the varieties the lining of the inner part is usually liner. In the case of the outside, the aesthetic is also very varied. One of the most popular is wood.

Lighting with LED lights always changes the image of the pool at night

photos of swimming pools effects rooms

Its effect is more than proven when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming patio. As is evident, everything must fit our budget. Each one of the variants will depend on the magnitude of the project in question. With the right terrain you have to value the cost of the installation and its maintenance. The interesting thing is that regardless of the budget we can enjoy a pool at home.

The vegetation guarantees a private and intimate space to enjoy the pool

lighting special thin stones rocks

There are very economical options and simple models in the perfect surface models for any budget. We can save ourselves even in terms of installation. Following the instructions will be in many cases something simple to do. Many of the models of the pool photos correspond to the ones buried. This is an option that will require more time and investment.

A perfect integration of plants and natural materials, beautiful harmonious environment

photos of pools lineas eaters trees

Among its benefits we can mention the fact of adapting to any terrain. In the same way its durability is superior compared to the other pool models. The excavation according to the measurements of the pool is the first of the steps. An important aspect is the glass. It can be done in various ways, either polyester, work, polymers or panels.

Amangiri Resort and Spa, a pool integrated with the environment and the surrounding landscape

Amangiri Resort Spa pool natural ideas

In the case of construction sites, their durability is superior. They give us the possibility of a much more personalized finish. If we analyze its cost it will obviously be greater, but we can not forget that this will increase the value of our home. These pools can be manufactured completely in concrete . You can even leave the use of concrete only for the ground.

Modern idea integrating a transparent wall, by Andres Remy Arquitectos

Andres Remy Architects model color lawn

Applying the blocks of bricks for the walls. If we seek that it lasts a long time a solid structure will be mandatory. The lining of the walls will be the next step. As we mentioned, the liner is often used but in this type of projects others are also effective. Especially the finishes with ceramic coatings or the gresite. They are important options that give us greater possibilities in terms of textures and color.

Interesting patterns with geometric shapes and shades of blue for the bottom of the pool

edges special pools salts stairs

The designs will look more dynamic if we incorporate drawings or borders of different sizes or designs. If we use polyester, it should simply be placed on the excavated surface of the ground. Then it will be necessary to make the finish as a construction pool. Polyester has the advantage of saving us a great work in terms of previous work. They simply require adequate leveling of the land and its conditioning. As for measures and forms are also flexible.

Show by Clavel Architects with an area for hydromassage integrated into the design

Clavel Architects works modern terraces

If we prefer something custom can be manufactured in a single block. Polyester in these cases is reinforced with fiberglass. This increases its resistance so that the pools can withstand the effect of chemicals. As well as humidity or even ground pressure. Another of its great advantages is that in this material it will be much more complex to fix algae or any type of fungus.

Variant in harmony with the garden, waterfall from the hydromassage area

columns barriers walls armchairs variant

What will directly be reflected in savings in terms of the investment of chemical products. In terms of design, the availability of color is equally varied. As for the panels, they are one of the most used options in today's pool photos. We must distinguish between two types. Those that have been manufactured with polymers and those made of steel. In both cases they are resistant to moisture thanks to a special treatment.

Modern design, beautiful combination of wood and glass rocks

glass edges materials modern furniture

This also allows them to have a greater resistance to corrosion and the effect of many chemical agents. It is a versatile type of installation that can be applied regardless of shapes or dimensions. At the time of installation, the concrete can be used in partial structures. As in the case of polyester, it will be necessary to level and prepare the ground. The most recommended of the coatings will be with liner or the variant of armed liner.

Islands with gardens integrated in the design fill this exuberant patio with greenery

crystals edges style furniture roofs

The pools of removable surfaces are the most recommended if we do not have a high budget. In terms of space are also perfect if it is terraces, gardens or the patio of the house. To have a true decorative accent the best finish can be wood. If we prefer not to disassemble them we can leave them fixed. Especially the larger ones we can integrate into the landscape with gardening. As we see in the photos of pools as important as the designs are the environments.

The glass walls to the outside allow you to enjoy the landscape view

glasses furniture interior houses bars

The place where we place the pool should also respond to your style and focused on relaxation. An important aspect to decorate the pool space is the color. Integrating white into the design can be a great option for walls. White can help us create a greater sense of cleanliness and spaciousness. In the pool area the floors and their design are equally important. The material and the type of soil can make the patio a different site.

Pool variant shared with the interior and the terrace area

entrance shared house exterior armchairs

Concrete or wood is perfect for a modern and striking environment. A pool is also dedicated to rest. Therefore around it should be placed furniture that promotes rest. The main thing is that the furniture is comfortable. Can be furniture simple and light with materials resistant to the effects of the exterior. For the environments with natural accents the wood in light tone is very special as we see in some photos of swimming pools.

The wooden furniture is the perfect accent for this patio with lush vegetation

stylish patio furniture umbrella

We can not miss some cushions to make the furniture more comfortable. They are also another great option to add details of interesting colors for the garden. For a vintage-style garden or patio, pastel shades will be perfect. We must always locate a relaxation area and prepare it with umbrellas to create shaded areas. If there is enough space near the pool you can design a space for dining or an outdoor lounge. The perfect spaces for celebrations and meetings between friends.

Decoration with pots is one of the most effective design options

flowers spiral flowers pots parasols

Another beautiful design idea with floral patterns for the background of any pool

background decorated rooms salons lounges

A wooden platform is the perfect solution to locate furniture and sunbathe

lighting solutions yellow floor wood images

The wood in the patio design brings the cozy detail to this modern style

island steps geometric shapes armchairs

Pool with luxury design, oceanfront mansion in the Cayman Islands

Caliber Castle luxury luxury mansion

Residence in Malibu takes advantage of transparent surfaces in a small space

Malibu Residence materials fountains dining

Idea for a narrow space, elongated design proposal with infinity edge

modern special coloress infinite samples

The effect of the lights creates magical and special environments, housing in Texas

idea Texas modern solutions styles

View from inside the house towards the pool located in the patio of the house

house Dallas Texas elegant modern mansion

Small space for whirlpool, modern patio with plants and rocks

modern patio color functions rocks space

This glass wall allows you to integrate the pool to the interior design

walls special houses furniture columns

Beautiful pool with natural filters and several areas for parties or relax with family

natural ecological rooms color meadow

Natural pool variant with rocks located in patio with slope

natural ecological rooms bridge floors

Pool inside the house with a small waterfall from the wall

walls waterfalls interior furniture effects

The art used for decorating the floor in the pool area Craig Bragdy Design

solutions yellow floor wood palms

Modern design integrating crystals, beautiful lighting effect in the living room

Crossed ceiling beams materiale colors

The terraces with modern pools are a charming detail for every home

terraces floors wood colors styles ideas

Undoubtedly a lush vegetation changes the image of any pool

terraces floors wood metals vegetation materials

Another idea applying the resource of transparent walls in swimming pools

transparent wall rocks style wall

Beautiful shapes with lights make this pool something truly magical

violin lighting samples musical rooms

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