Photos of minimalist gardens that you will love

Photos of minimalist gardens

In our article today we want to show great photos of minimalist gardens and to comment some useful tips for those who wish to renew the look of their garden. By adopting some simple techniques you can keep your garden vibrant and attractive.

Great photos of minimalist gardens

Photos of minimalist design gardens

Choose plants resistant to pests and diseases, and reduce weeding using mulches. Select drought tolerant plants when possible and keep the most demanding types with automatic irrigation. Instead of annual displays of special flowers, choose colorful evergreen and long-flowering species; select those that do not need too much maintenance. Some shrubs do not require pruning, while others only need a simple cut per year.

Photos of minimalist gardens and landscaping tips

Photos of minimalist style gardens

Consider replacing a lawn with a gravel or meadow garden. Add easy-care features, such as a pebble fountain, that will help keep the garden interesting during the winter months. Delineate your floors and walkways with gravel for an attractive surface that needs minimal maintenance.

Original ideas for designing minimalist gardens

Photos of minimalist gardens ideas

Use key design elements for low maintenance gardens: the colorful Evergreens. Although the emphasis of the plantation is often on flowering and perennial annuals; shrubs and herbs have more lasting displays, and many are equally colorful and attractive.

Super modern terrace design

modern terrace

Use drought-proof containers: a row of architectural specimens can make as much impact as a multitude of high-maintenance bed plants. Use automatic irrigation, or cultivate drought tolerant, alpine and succulent plants.

Design of garden with fireplace

chimney garden

Raised beds: easy raised care beds can be filled with alpines, grasses, perennial compacts, or even a pond. You can accommodate your garden at an appropriate height without digging, and you can also use the beds for informal seating.

Nice decoration of modern terrace

beige patio

Live carpets: some species adapted to long periods without rain, such as alpine and succulent, can often withstand harmful insects and do not require regular feeding or pruning.

Terrace with steel structures Corten

modern terrace

The placement of colorful or aggregated pebbles on top of a weed-suppressing membrane is an attractive solution for the removal of weeds and is surprisingly original combined with creative planting.

Original minimalist patio design

minimalist patio

Create clean lines and surfaces with natural stone or manufactured paving. Bricks can be placed in patterns or as borders. You can also mix the materials; try the pavers with roof, or sandstone with brick.

Patio design modern style terrace

patio terrace

Ornamental features: display sculptures or use large empty containers to create architectural effects or as part of a color theme. Use the furniture as a focal point, or consider a paving feature, such as a mosaic or circular patio insertion.

Nice modern garden design

nice garden

Provision a storage place that is practical. Store soft furniture, tools and toys in integrated units so they are within arm's reach. Do not forget to leave some wild areas.

Great ideas for designing modern gardens

modern gardens

Leave the wild areas or turn the grass into meadows to free up space. Use simple lighting, such as solar lights. There is a wide range of easy-to-install products available.

Great modern landscape design

modern design

When it comes to gardens, exhibits adorned with well-tended hedges have been the gold standard throughout history. (One keyword: Versailles.) But more recently, minimalist designs have made the leap from the interiors and have taken root outside.

Nice modern garden design with pond

pretty pond

"Contemplating your garden should not make you think about your to-do list," says Julie Farris, a garden designer based in New York who has famed for her discreet designs. "It should be the opposite. A minimalist garden can be powerful and beautiful without demanding too much of you in terms of maintenance and money. "

Photos of small minimalist gardens

original design

Farris offers some advice on how to maintain an optimized aesthetic in your outdoor space, whether it has a small urban terrace or a longer stretch. Here you will find everything you need to create a quiet minimalist garden of your own style.

Original design of modern pond

modern pond

Decide what is right for you. The choice of having a minimalist garden really depends on the personal style, as well as the architectural style of your home. The flow from the interior to the exterior should feel seamless, so if you have a modern aesthetic, a minimalist garden can be a natural outdoor extension of your interior appearance.

Nice garden with minimalist design

garden design

It is also necessary to consider your real lifestyle instead of your idealized version of it. If your life involves children, dogs, or both, the design to accommodate things like storage, irrigation, a barbecue, a place to sit, and shade are important. It must be beautiful, of course, but it must also be cozy and comfortable.

Great photos of minimalist gardens

photos of gardens

Focus on plotting space. The urban gardens are large canvases for the minimalist gardens, since they can become silent natural escapes and enclosed within the context of the occupied city. In addition, it is easier to create a minimalist garden in a small space.

Design of minimalist patio with cement planters

cement planters

It's okay to borrow from Japanese tradition by visualizing the gardens as miniaturized nature, because they do it better: they achieve balance by matching the plants in two, three, five and seven.

Garden design xeriscape style

weriscape style

An understanding of the scale is of great necessity. The use of stone, moss and evergreens, everything can make a space feel timeless.

Original modern terrace design

nice terrace

It is a bit counterintuitive for those who are dedicated to the business selling plants to be enthusiastic about minimalist gardens, but lately we have our eyes wide open to the growing trend of simple and contemporary gardens.

Modern garden with division of zones

pretty bushes

Maybe it's because more and more houses are being built with smaller gardens, or maybe it's because the owners are looking for an easy-care solution to their outdoor living spaces. Or it could simply be a desire for a smarter and greener design.

Super modern garden design

nice design

Whatever the reason, we are seeing an increase in the number of gardens with an elegant architectural prominence, which has a great emphasis on architectural plants that are incorporated into landscapes of stone, wood and concrete.

Great landscape design xeriscape

xeriscape design

Water features, sculptures and containers are important in the minimalist garden, and we are seeing more of the modern metal furniture that complements the outdoor stainless steel appliances. Plants are still an important component, of course, and a striking design can really highlight and dramatize selected plant varieties.

Nice garden with round fountain

nice garden

As Asian gardens have always illustrated, you are more likely to notice the impressive attributes of a plant when it is not competing against the scores of other plants for care.

Nice modern patio design

patio terrace

We are finding more varieties of dwarf plants that are suitable for containers. There are new types of shrubs and trees with an orderly habit, and dramatic, architectural plants that can be a focal point in the modern garden. Architectural refers to plants that have large leaves, interesting foliage, and a strong and distinctive shape. They are plants that make a bold statement in the landscape and are loved by landscape architects and designers who want plants that fit into a cutting-edge design.

Nice selection of plants and flowers

plant selection

Trees in a minimalist garden tend to have a more vertical habit, so they become a structural element. Their canopies are not too large, and there can be several in a row to create a cover effect.

Original minimalist gravel garden design

gravel garden

The containers are a standard in the minimalist garden, but not the containers overflowing with flowering plants and dragged.

Photos of minimalist gardens in modern style

platform garden

The look tends to be a single plant that looks orderly or the vertical plants that are chosen for its drama (such as tropical ones like phormiums, yuccas, agaves and cordylines).

Zen style minimalist interior patio


These evergreens have massif formation foliage and range from 18 inches to 4 feet tall. They are resistant to a variety of conditions, from a tropical and fresh climate to full sun or shade of light.

Modern garden with steel beds Corten

modern garden

There are a lot of new varieties that have been introduced recently, with a wide range of plants of red, deep purples and golden greens.

Minimalist garden design with dining furniture

terrace design

We are seeing an increasing demand for * cordylines, a species that also originated in New Zealand. These tropical-looking plants have sword-like leaves that can reach more than 5 feet in length. They make great proposals for architectural appearance and look great in containers.

Nice modern patio decoration

modern patio

The yuccas are wonderful to create an elegant and architectural look. Its hard, sword-shaped leaves, topped by very tall stems of clusters of whitish flowers, make a surprising silhouette.

Original terrace patio design

patio terrace

Much more resistant to the cold, the yuccas are cultivated in all North America, until a Zone 4. There are some beautiful and varied varieties out there that overflow colors. Instead of the typical yucca vertical shape, its smooth cascading leaves form a binder rosette.

Great ideas for decorating gardens

garden decoration

Its foliage has a center of gold and black, and the edges are greenish gray. Its huge peaks up to 4 feet high produce very durable flowers. This western native is used in a hot and dry climate, making it ideal for a drought tolerant landscape.

Great photos of minimalist gardens

modern gardens

We have seen a significant increase in agave sales in recent years. These succulents They have all the characteristics of large architectural plants.

Ideas for choosing low maintenance plants

asian plants

They have large groups of fleshy plants, leaf-shaped leaves that can be curled and thick. The twin agave geminiflora has a rich green color and a rigid globular shape.

Nice minimalist patio design

pretty decroation

Its leaves are thinner than most agaves, and only a half inch wide. This plant adds textures thanks to its fine white filaments.

Photos of minimalist gardens with grass

nice lawn garden

With maturity, the leaf density reaches hundreds, but it continues to produce a precise and orderly form.

Photos of minimalist design gardens

design gardens

An agave that is somewhat small in stature, would usually be ideal for small gardens and containers.

Ideas for selecting shrubs and decorative hedges

round hedges

Do not wait any longer and start planning the design of your garden in a minimalist style, we will come back soon with more interesting news, be sure to visit us.

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