Photos of modern kitchens - 75 variations in trends.

photos of polished kitchens modern stools

As had been predicted some time ago 2015 in terms of modern kitchens would bring even new materials. Today we have a selection of fifty photos of modern kitchens with several of this year's trends. We can appreciate the presence of new tones and styles in terms of lighting. The images collect solutions for various spaces adding also those of smaller size.

Photos of kitchens, ample storage space

photos of kitchens wood floor led

As one of the trends this year the use of metals has been characterized by warmer tones. In many spaces, brass and copper stand out, leaving stainless steel a little behind. On many occasions, even in household appliances. There is designs that we will see in the photos of kitchens that have opted for iron. An excellent mechanism to make modern kitchens something timeless.

Photos of highly functional kitchens

photos of functional kitchen space surfaces

Although currently betting on minimalism in the kitchen there are several cases of handles or handles that have opted for brass. An interesting detail in the trends that we live are the walls. Like last year, they lean toward the natural. Predominantly this type of tones fundamentally and taking it back from the classic. There are cases of modern kitchens that also combine the rustic, in them the brick finish is excellent.

Higher shelves

pictures of kitchens gray floor red

Mostly combined with wooden beams fundamentally. In the images we will note something interesting in terms of trends as well. I mean the sinks, during this year there is a greater role of rectangular shapes. The round variants have been falling little by little into the saga. Other interesting details are the taps with angles that are being preferred, with respect to those with curved shapes.

Use of glass for low shelves

pictures of kitchens oven electrodomesticos glass

Although in terms of design there are interesting proposals for both cases and our choice will always be based on our project and personal taste. In the photos of kitchens we can appreciate a style that is framing many spaces, the minimalist. There are many kitchens that choose today for a style that is very close to Scandinavian. The answer is in its simple and elegant forms as we will see in the photos of kitchens.

Cover of walls with wood texture

photos of kitchens island modules stools

Our weapon will always be to endow these designs with a little life. The revitalizing touch can be combined with wood or marble. Even adding materials such as glass. Especially in the lining of walls in the kitchen space. If you love lighting, this is your year. The trends opt for furniture with interior lighting and higher.

Open design modern kitchen

pictures of kitchens lamparas industrial mueble

It is an intelligent way to take advantage of space and get more out of artificial light. The finishes with glossy lacquer on the surfaces follow the order of the day. This is excellent to achieve a wonderful reflection of light and resize the space. Enjoy these trends in images and as always adopt what best suits your style and economy.

Contrast of black and white

photos of wood kitchens dark metal

The contrast between white and black is suitable for decorating kitchens especially when we do not know how to do it. However, you have to bear in mind that the contrast between these two colors is more aggressive and if you want you can use a less strong tone with which to create another contrast. The gray and blue tones are very good and you can use them to create these contrasts.

Kitchen with high module for storage

photos of kitchens white carpet island

Also in the pictures of kitchens you can see some examples of kitchens decorated with high modules or taller furniture that will be of great help. Keep in mind that in kitchens many times we keep many things and then we do not have many free cabinets. That is why you can choose to place in your kitchen a piece of furniture high in the ceiling or you can put in this place the kitchen hood. In this way you can place more aramrios on the walls.

Wall cover with wooden furniture

photos of teak wood kitchens flowers

Also in the kitchens you can also use the wood in the form of sheets or other decorative details to decorate them. On the other hand, wood can also be used to cover walls, furniture or the floor. However, you have to keep in mind that the color of the wood is better combined with the color white. In this way you can leave some walls without wood to give a more modern look to your interior.

Design with highly functional modules

pictures of modern kitchens shelves chair

On the other hand, if you want to increase the elegant side and style of your kitchens, you can opt for furniture and modules that will fill your interior with modernity. In addition you have to take into account that the colors and the designs of the furniture will also help you to achieve these effects.

Kitchen with minimalist air on white

photos of kitchens modern island functional minimalist

However, if the interior of your kitchen is smaller you will have to bet on light colors or white to create the effect of enlargement. In this way your interior will be filled with light since the white color will reflect and increase it. This is a very smart wood to decorate your interiors according to their characteristics.

Furniture with built-in lights

photos of modern built-in led kitchens

Island style with a dresser

photos of modern kitchens furniture flowers island

Design with lacquer finish surfaces

photos of modern kitchens white flowers lamparas

Space with open functional furniture

photos of open kitchens open furniture

Clean style with backless stools

photos of modern kitchens malba cool shine

Rectangular type sink

photos of rectangular modern vegetable kitchens

Distribution in opposite walls

pictures of kitchens yellow walls design

Solution for reduced space

pictures of kitchens red furniture small space

Black and white contrast balance

pictures of kitchens black stools lamp

Furniture with built-in lights

Work of countertops with marble

open living room kitchen functional island space

Kitchen with use of stainless steel on surfaces

stainless steel texture shine gray

Decoration pattern with functional island

elongated island metal forging functional

Variant with wood implementation

carpets stools metal plants angle

Style in charge of Scavolini

modern kitchen red accent steel plants

Wide shine red lacquer lamparas

Italian variant red color bricks

open apartment kitchen shelves lacquer

head kitchen creative design fruits

contact wood shelves led backrest

contacts cabinets trees glasses gray

picture decoration blue plants rounded

design decoration packaging wide vases

elegant modern kitchen shelves table

modern luxury clear kitchen pool

led stairs lighting minimalist carpet

sphere cream natural colors carpet

shelves glasses natural light chairs

shelves stools wood high backrest

futuristic style shelves tableware angles

stars floor decorated island cream

functional structure wood garden contrast

modern exterior dishes natural light table

fresh kitchen tone lamparas led

functional design wood dishes concrete

gray shelves style kitchen floor

concrete texture walls stools metal

modern luxury clear fruits vases

interesting fascinating decorated dark green

interior design apartment chair minimalist

interior garden decoration lacquer plants

elongated kitchen modern option sofa

modular island kitchen shelves shelves

elegant modern Italian steel kitchen

lacquer surfaces decoration utensils colors

wood shelves gabeteros space contact

wood island concrete projectors metal

wood chair illuminated shelves box

wood texture lacquered led decoration

marble wood style led functional luminaires

wood marble led blue ceiling

Italian modern focal lights vases

metal industry bottles wine wall

minimalist model trend shelves balance

modern minimalist kitchen red design

modern pastico kitchen design carpet

modular kitchen italy garden fresh design

modular italian functional white cutlery

walls letters electrical appliances photos bricks

small red fruits space solution

red white trends lacquer colors

shadows white plants elegant glass

modern italian blue functional design

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