Photos of modern living rooms - 42 ideas from the best designers

apartment living room modern design options ivan zhurba ideas

Today we have for all of you some ideas in photos of modern living rooms designed by the best designers to inspire you to create a beautiful room. As we all well know probably the first room who see our guests and family after entering our house is the room to be .

Photos of modern and elegant living rooms a design by Lane Williams Architects

design salon lane williams architects ideas

You receive guests in your living room, take your snack on the couch while watching TV, help the children while doing homework and generally hang out in this multifunctional space.

Photos of modern living rooms with reduced size a design by Pleysier Perkins

photos of modern living rooms pleysier perkins ideas

We must not forget that the style we chose to design our living room can set the design style for your entire house. You can also choose to change the decoration of your living room depending on the different times of the year or the different holidays.

Living room furniture ideas a large sofa designed by Rodolfo Dordoni

andersen line sofa rodolfo dordoni ideas

Since we spend so much time in our living rooms, physical and visual comfort is important. However, you do not have to compromise on style and decoration in favor of comfort.

A small lounge with colorful furniture designed by KNQ Associates

modern apartment salon knq associates ideas

In fact, as you can see in our images today you can fill your living room with furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Modern furniture options with attractive design a living room designed by Francesc Rifé Studio

casa grande design style francesc rife studio ideas

In the same way, you can choose pieces and details of accent and coatings of floors and walls that also help you create a comfortable space while elegant. Another important aspect to consider when designing your living room is the durability of the materials you use.

Broad living room with contemporary design by SBM Studio

home contemporary design sbm studio ideas

Because it is a room that people spend a lot of and is used on a daily basis, it is worth spending a little more on high quality furniture and floor coverings of appropriate materials that require constant repair, renovation or cleaning.

An original design of a luminous space of Blackmilk

modern house design black milk ideas

In our page we have several articles with the different types of floor for interiors in case you need advice. Another thing is the fabric we advise you to choose fabrics that are pleasant and durable.

Living room with modern design by Lineoffice Architecture

vibrant colors living room design lineoffice architecture ideas

Also, you must be careful when choosing colors. If you are one of those people who can not stand much with the same design and do renovations every few hours then opt for colors such as black or gray white that combine well with everything. Neutral colors are another very appropriate option.

Options for lovers of the simplest modern style an Inbetween Architecture design

design simple salon inbetween architecture ideas

Larger living room remodeling projects may include structural changes. These can include a change of windows and doors, the replacement of walls by beams to create an open concept or replacement of fireplaces and other types of buildings within the house.

Butler Armsden Architects open plan design options

pictures of modern living rooms butler armsden architects ideas

If your project includes these changes in depth, you should investigate the local building permits and the requirements that your work must meet.

Photos of modern living rooms - a small and bright living room designed by Gestec

photos of modern living rooms casa finestrat gestec ideas

Changes that include electrical or plumbing work may require the hiring of a licensed professional with special permits.

The living room of the Rampa house in Argentina designed by Andrés Remy Arquitectos

fotos-dsalones modern house ramp argentina andres remy arquitectos ideas

No matter how you use your space or how many times a year you change your decorative elements, you can always find ideas for the design of the living room in our section of living room and interior design where we have gathered and shared ideas with you may be interesting

Photos of modern living rooms - a beautiful living room with a stone wall designed by Charles Cunniffe Architects

photos of modern living rooms charles cunniffe architects ideas

As in all the exclusive designer rooms in your home, you should have a focal point for your living room. This focal point is the place where your gaze stops from the moment you enter the room.

Elegant and modern living room with fireplace and black sofa designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect

photos of modern living rooms christopher simmonds architect ideas

Without a focal point, it is very likely that your room feels like a mixture of decoration themes, each competing with the others to attract attention.

Living room with contemporary design and Minotti sofa

photos of contemporary modern living rooms minotti ideas

A centerpiece is a great way to create a focal point in your living room. Ideas of what the piece can be the central part of the living room can include plants, flowers, a work of art, an architectural design element or an imposing fireplace.

An open plan apartment design by Create Think Design

photos of modern living rooms create think design studio ideas

Your own furniture can be your centerpiece in the living room. In many classic designs we find sofas or armchairs placed along the walls, creating empty spaces in the middle of a room.

A long and narrow room with very large windows and original fireplace designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

photos of modern living rooms design hughes umbanhowar architects ideas

Instead of doing this, it is best to place your furniture in the center of the room to create a visually appealing space and a cozy area for conversations.

Ideas to add color details in the living room as the carpets and plants that we see in this room designed by Mike Jacobs Architecture

photos of modern living rooms design mike jacobs architecture ideas

Often, placing pieces on the diagonal can change the whole feel of your living room. Get the most out of your living space by opting for a minimalist modern design, with the choice of intelligent decoration pieces that make a small space feel larger or pieces that serve multiple purposes.

A living room with white furniture and glass coffee table designed by Studio Arthur Casas

photos of modern living rooms design studio arthur casas ideas

When it comes to a small living room we always have to go with the maxim of less is more, both in the colors we choose for their walls as the furniture that fills the space.

Living room with high wooden ceilings and white furniture designed by Swatt Miers Architects

photos of modern living rooms design swatt miers architects ideas

You can opt for a design of dark colors very elegant and appropriate for large spaces or instead of it, create a luminous and airy feeling, with more delicate furniture, emphasizing light and brightness through neutral tones.

Small living room with modern decorative details designed by Geremia Design

photos of modern living rooms geremia design ideas

When it comes to decoration we have two options. The first is to go for a variety of pieces that reflect a unified theme or the second is to choose a simple design that can be the backdrop for pieces that represent various styles.

A living room with furniture in vintage style designed by Geremia Design

photos of modern living rooms geremia design options ideas

If your living room is part of a very large open plan space inside your house, you can choose a different type of floor, for each area or use a carpet to establish the living area.

A very luminous resting space in the house designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

photos of modern living rooms hughes umbanhowar architects ideas

In addition to the type of floor, you can also change the style and color of your floor to create different sensations. A vivid geometric design is a great addition to a modern space, while wooden floors will help make your space even more cozy and natural.

Ideas of original wood furniture like in this room designed by Mike Jacobs Architecture

photos of modern living rooms mike jacobs architecture ideas

You can use complementary tones in your floors and walls to create the general color palette. A coat of paint is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to completely change the look of your living room.

A perfect sofa for modern living rooms by B & B Italia

photos of modern living rooms furniture sofa b b italy ideas

A great idea that can greatly influence the design of your living room is the addition of an accent wall or the addition of texture to your walls. If your living room lacks a focal point, or if you want to emphasize a focal point even more, an accent wall can solve the problem.

The modern living room of this minimalist apartment designed by NOTT Design

pictures of modern living rooms nottdesign ideas

In a small room a bright tone can overwhelm, but you can add your favorite tonality on one wall, while the others are a more neutral color.

Salon in gray and brown very cozy designed by NOTT Design

living room modern nott design options ideas

If your decoration pieces are best described as eclectic, an accent wall can capture a common tone and make each element stand out.

A room connected to the exterior designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects

pictures of modern living rooms pitsou kedem architects ideas

When it comes to modern decoration we must think of even the smallest detail such as a chrome metal sphere, it can be used as a paperweight and as a decoration. The paintings are also important as it can become the true protagonists of its design.

A living room with white walls and dark colored furniture designed by Shadow Architects

pictures of modern living rooms shadow architects ideas

Now we leave you with our ideas and photos of modern classrooms to inspire you to create a modern and original space without much effort.

Photos of modern living rooms - a dark living room with large Minotti sofa that stands out

photos of modern living rooms sofa minotti ideas

White furniture ideas in the modern residence designed by Studio Arthur Casas

photos of modern living rooms studio arthur casas ideas

An apartment with modern open plan design by Studio Metrocubo

pictures of modern living rooms studio metrocubo ideas

Photos of modern living rooms a very bright living room Swatt Miers Architects

photos of modern living rooms swatt miers architects ideas

A loft with spectacular design by Idwhite

modern loft design salon idwhite ideas

An apartment in Moscow designed by Geometrium

moscow geometrium apartment small salon ideas

A small lounge designed by Popp Littrell Architecture Interiors

popp littrell architecture interiors design salon ideas

Living room with wooden floors and furniture designed by Jamison Architects

modern residence design jamison architects ideas

A residence with open plan design by Clark Richardson Architects

salon spacious design clark richardson architects ideas

Furniture ideas of different colors designed by Laura Britt Design

salon house broad design laura britt design ideas

Small lounge with beautiful ottoman designed by Buster Punch

living room modern design buster punch ideas

Beautiful wood and leather furniture in the modern living room designed by Edgley Design

living room modern design options edgley design ideas

Salon with very original design that combines several styles

living room design modern original dark ideas

Modern and original spacious lounge designed by Yamamar Design

yamamar design salon bright spacious design ideas




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