Photos of modern residences - a house in Hamptons

photos of modern residences modern architecture ideas

Today we have for all of you a home in Hampton. On the web you can find many photos of modern residences in this area. But even though we can see photos of modern residences in Hampton this vacation area is accessible only to the rich.

Photos of modern residences - an option of an old house converted into a private residence

photos of modern residences architecture ideas

Since many of the houses what's there cost a lot more than a million dollars. In our article today we show you the photos of a modern residence that the design studio TA Dumbleton¹ of Brooklyn turned into a residence in which the design of an old farm is combined with the design of a loft in the city.

Photos of modern residences and spectacular bird's-eye view architecture

photos of modern residences hamptons ideas

It is a residence that the owners use to rest on weekends away from the noise of the city.

The garden of this modern residence that is located in the vacation spot of the wealthy Hamptons New York has a swimming pool

photos of modern residences pool garden ideas

This residence is located in Bridgehampton, a luxury village, facing the sea in the Hamptons. The house occupies the corner of a large plot that has a large garden, an outdoor shower, a pool and a fire pit.

An image of the interior of this old house converted into a modern residence by the designers of TA Dumbleton

photos of modern residences options design ideas

The architecture of this guest house refers to both rural and urban housing. This residence was built and designed in only 8 months.

As we can see in the next photo it is a very original open plan design with white walls and ceiling

photos of modern residences open living ideas

As we can see in the images, its architecture is reminiscent of an old farm with its simple shape and repetitive openings. On the other hand, the interior of the house, thanks to its open plan and its bedroom on the second level with a low ceiling, reminds us more of a New York loft.

This residence has three small windows in the ceiling three windows in the wall and a huge one in the other wall

modern residence photos living room dining options ideas

Another thing we see in the images of this house designed and built by the architects of TA Dumbleton is that the house is two stories and has concrete walls covered in white stucco.

A fireplace in front of the huge window to make this space even more cozy

photos of modern residences salon huge window ideas

The windows and doors are made of glass and steel that allow us to see the exterior and add a distinctive appearance. The roof is covered with cedar tiles and is marked with a series of skylights.

Thanks to the architecture of this residence with high ceilings we can see that the kitchen is on a higher level of the living room and dining room

modern residence photos high ceilings ideas

A glazed wall in the northern part of the house offers ample views and at the same time allows natural light to enter the interior. The house offers numerous entrances to the interior, while the larger double-height windows maximize the relationship with the exterior spaces.

The bedroom of this residence has a vaulted ceiling with wooden cladding that differs from the wood we see on the floor

modern residence photos bedroom benches wood ideas

The house has a double height kitchen, living room and bedroom on the first floor. A second bedroom occupies an attic-style loft clad entirely in warm-colored wood, which was recovered from an old warehouse in Brooklyn.

Thanks to the reading of the wood that we find in the furniture and coatings of the bedroom we can affirm that it is a space with rustic design


The recovered wood was also used for the kitchen cabinets. The interior of the house feels very bright and airy thanks to all the natural light that enters. The open-air design so airy contrasts with the exterior stucco walls.

Rustic bedroom very bright thanks to the window that occupies the entire wall


The architect incorporated radiant concrete floors, along with a couple of chimneys with black smoke pipes. The house is furnished with furniture and contemporary decor, including a geometric side table and a black floor lamp that resembles a bird cage.

Another bedroom that is located on the first floor of this residence

Modern residence bedroom bedroom bright window ideas

Hamptons is full of large holiday homes and large estates and as we said you can see many photos of modern residences on the web. But we hope that these photos of Ed Lederman will help inspire you for your design.

A very original ideas is this bathtub that we found in the bedroom

modern residence photos bedroom ta dumbleton architect ideas

A further image of the exterior of this old house that the designers of TA Dumbleton turned into a private residence


In the garden we find a space for meals or breakfast outdoors


1 TA Dumbleton


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