Pine cone, sustainable decoration for the whole year.

cone tree christmas pine cone

The cone or pineapple that falls from the pines is a perfect ecological option to decorate. It is very common to be used during Christmas. Although you can do countless DIY projects for any season of the year. Besides being a very economical variant, it allows creating environments where nature is the protagonist. A popular variant are the garlands that are made with this type of cone.

Cone and branches, interior crafts

cone decoration wedding candles napkins

They are usually excellent for windows or some specific furniture. If you also have a fireplace it will be the ideal place to place it. There is Crafts very simple and that we can enjoy as a family while we make them. The miniature trees created with these pineapples are very striking too. Just enough to fix them to a base with glue and decorate it or paint it to our liking.

Cone in color variants

cone decoration golden colors crystal

No matter how much time passes or the station, it will always look good in offices and in our home. If we have a large number of cones we can make some crowns. It is an attachment that can be combined with leaves, even apples. About the doors of main tickets look great and even as centerpieces.

Colorful DIY project

cone decoration colorful table spheres

In this last case you should only leave your center devoid of any decorative element. During the festivities or events we can also take advantage of the cones of the pines. One of the decorative and functional variants are the brand sites. They are always welcome regardless of the number of people invited. It does not matter if there is no other ornament always the table will have a different air.

Variant for living room

cone decoration elegant deer table

We can simply support by placing the cards with the names on top of the cone. Otherwise with a cutting tool you can make a slot and place the name of the diner . It is recommended that the tips be given a touch of color in order to beautify them. Enjoy some of these ideas that we share to enjoy them all year.

Design of earring for doors

cone decoration gray door hanging

Owl made with pine cone

cone decorate white owl background

For glass vase in living room

cone decorate brown center table

Colorful and striking arrangement

cone spheres colorful green colorful

Attractive DIY variant for outdoor

cone ropes leaves ties gray

Option to decorate walls

cone owl diy branches walls

Centerpieces with checkered bows

cone tie pictures table center

Craft with cones and strings

cone tie ideas owl crafts

Combination of cones and nuts

cone tie wood white fruits

Designs by color variants

cone loops colors red variants

Tree of small dimensions

cone loop green minimalist flowers

Christmas light design

christmas cone white background star

Schemes for crown design

cone door star white red

Ornament on chocolate cake

cone cake chocolate walls ornament

Ideas for elegant interiors

cone candles romantic decoration variants

country center table green tablecloth

chandelier glass decoration metal house

center table decorative red white

center table design candles fire

chimney pendant elegant design decoration

crown new year wood wood

crown cones pine dry yellow

picture person man photos candles

cool diy decorated house curtains

fresh fruits country design leaves

pine tree ideas decorated cones

tie table center dish house

colorful ties pictures hanging cones

lantern table red metal lamp

small flowerpots chairs wood table

apples cones red door tie

table decoration wedding tablecloth napkin

table design decorated flower dishes

metal center table windows pines tablecloths

christmas ideas decoration white stockings

christmas ideas decoration branches leaves

green plants door lights christmas

blue door aged wood wall

natural wood door main tie

red flowers colors cones center

red table wood ties environment

red christmas table center candles

chair decoration red carpet tie

cards names table gifts card holder

decorated table animal picture dining room

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