Placid dreams for the inspiration of designs

nice design bedroom neutral colors

Photographer: Kuba Szopka

Some of the most sought-after interior designers present bedroom models inspired by the dreams pleasurable and healthy rest. For this they have included in their designs some essential elements to achieve an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in the rooms. Starting with the image of the upper part that shows a Jagody Studio design in very neutral tones.

Bedrooms with designs inspired by dreams

nice bedroom rustic style wood

The following design is from Fernando Morrisoniesko and in this case presents a look much more rustic and dark but a very cozy and warm. Wood predominates in the coverings of the ceilings, bringing naturalness to the environment while the large window completes the place connecting it to the landscape outside.

Wooden coatings for bedrooms

headboard bed wood shapes metal

Next we can see a room designed by Nadia Quteit that has tried to emphasize the headboard of the bed with the shapes and metallic lines that adorn the laminated area of ​​the headboard . One of the most current visual effects is this type of covering that covers the entire floor and extends to the bed head wall, thus providing greater sense of spaciousness.

Bedroom designed by Ksenia Mokhova

padded bed color gray carpet

Also in neutral tones and soft textures is the bedroom design of Ksenia Mokhova. It consists of everything necessary to create a relaxing atmosphere in this room model. Light gray tones combined with white and wood they make the mind rest from the stress of day to day, it is a really great design.

Room design by Denis Svirid

green color bed modern design

Green notes in bedroom illustration by Denis Svirid. Some of the elements that we can see seek to achieve the natural look so sought after, namely the great bedside tables made from large slices of a pine trunk. Also the floor covering completes the look by resembling the appearance of sawdust.

Bedroom design by Kinghuman

yellow bedspread modern bedroom design

Bedroom designed by Mario Stoica

gray color quilted bed collage

Bedroom design by Juraj Talcik

collage photo beige bedroom

Design of a bedroom by Zaki Badr Eddine

bedroom design yellow bands

Bedroom designed by Alexey Filatov

design romantic style bedroom dreams

Bedroom designed by Leyla Salayeva

bedroom style romantic headboard bamboo

bedroom dreams neutral colors guitar

bedroom dreams design roy fredy

bedroom dreams modern white red

bedroom dreams modern green elements

bedroom dreams modern ceiling wood

bedroom dreams gray modern color

bedroom dreams brick wall seen

bedroom dreams wall black lights

inspiration dreams bedroom ceiling wood

laminate dreams bedroom modern bedroom

leonardo carvalho modern design dreams

roman dibarbora gray bedroom design

green chair quarter gray

floor marble dreams stones spa

floor laminate ceiling dreams wood

dreams inspiration bedroom modern style

Honeycomb-shaped orange roof

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