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During the summer, planting tomatoes is one of the favorite pastimes of many gardening enthusiasts. It is a perfect time to taste them later as a family while enjoying the good weather. Planting tomatoes and growing them is a relatively simple task. The challenge is in the final result. Tomatoes of good size, that are juicy and of a beautiful red color. An important beginning is for the selection of plants that we are going to take care of during this time.

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If we want positive results it is important that those plants that are best developed under the climatic conditions of our area are chosen. All the seedlings to grow tomatoes must be absolutely healthy. Another very important aspect is the selection and preparation of the substrate. It is important that it is rich in organic matter and do not hesitate to add fertilizers.

Plant tomatoes with DIY solutions

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To complete this phase it is vital that you are in a preferably sunny place. When planting tomatoes it is recommended that they be sown deeply. The best of these cases is that the plant can develop its roots in a better way. In the case of plantations that start with seeds this varies a bit. It is important in these cases that they are transplanted as soon as the first leaves of the plant appear.

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For optimal development they must have enough space to develop and to expand and grow. Ample sunlight is an important component for plants to grow properly. If we do not have the possibility lights of growth are a special alternative for this. When it's time to transplant them, look at the sunniest space you have in the yard.

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The change will be extremely radical and will greatly favor its development when planting tomatoes. In addition to the sun, irrigation is a vital factor in obtaining a level fruit. It is advised to be done regularly, usually a deep watering during the development phase. Although at some point we skip the usual watering then avoid watering too much.

Plant tomatoes preparing crops and the area

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Obviously you can have negative results in these cases. A frequent watering can occur during the maturation phase. What happens is that the sugar is retained for a longer period of time and obviously this improves the flavor of the tomato. All the fertilizer used must be very well controlled.

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It has to be especially very rich in nitrogen. It is advised to apply about six weeks after planting tomatoes. After this period, treatment with fertilizer should be done with greater moderation. The reason is to avoid stimulating the excessive growth of stems and branches unlike tomatoes.

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Covering the soil with a layer of mulch will ensure that the water is conserved. For this it is necessary that the soil is hot to proceed to cover it with any organic matter. Many people even use a plastic cover to generate more heat from sunlight. In the same way we recommend when planting tomatoes that the leaves close to the ground are eliminated.

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The reason is that they are the most likely to be affected by any disease. In the same way, it is important to remove the buds that grow between two branches. You do not get any fruit from them and they will steal energy from the whole plant. To take care of this crop it is necessary to take very precise measurements in the same way. One of his biggest enemies is the White fly . For many, it is one that has the most disastrous results. Any infestation will noticeably damage the plants. Other possible pests may be caterpillars or aphids.

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