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interesting modern beach pots varied

The trend that we live in today is based on the approach of nature to our home. A connection with the natural world is shared, perhaps never experienced before. This concept present in urban areas also has its own style and ways. The flowerpots are the means by which we populate many of these areas or areas of our patio with green. They enjoy great popularity and the interesting thing is their innovative designs. Capable of transmitting in each piece a distinctive feature, regardless of the material of the flowerpots.

Modern concrete planters

tall modern brown planters

In this sense, metal structures or those made from recycled plastic are very popular. The metal offers clean lines that highlight a certain geometric air. The flowerpots of this type give texture to the exterior and can be combined several of different dimensions to give greater dynamism. An interesting variant is the one designed by Margarita Kroucharska. Flowerpots wood curved with cuts in the lower part that make the built-in light shine. In turn, the cuts create excellent visual effects.

Placement for privacy

flower pots high patio yellow gravel

There are also some models available that can be more functional for small exteriors. I refer to those who combine banks and the pot itself, as a solution of aesthetic order. If this is the case we can opt for other variants of fiberglass. Most have an insulating surface that makes them resistant to deterioration and changes in temperatures. Its structure is very solid and they are suitable for areas of our patio in which we transit continuously.

Flowerpot with texture on white

flowerpots white shell texture plants

A material that does not go out of fashion is concrete, in addition to its great strength the differentiating aspect is that they are breathable. In terms of design, a good choice of planters can help us to give more privacy to the space. A selection of high designs as in many of the images that we will see helps to delimit several zones. If we want to determine rooms or outdoor dining It is a good idea. Value these designs that we leave today and get inspired.

Design imitation flower pots

flower pots white focal lights design

Design in decorated concrete

concrete plant pot plants grass trunks

Circular base with curved lines

flower pots fiberglass exterior high

Integrated design of wood and concrete

planters wood concrete mix stone

Design by Margarita Kroucharska.

illuminated wood planters base cuts

High variants with texture

planters texture high design white

high gray geometric creative garden

dark pine balcony gray flowerpot

design swing bricks arched wall

modern design gray style angles

fiber glass tall planters grass

yellow flowers white flower pots

flowers patio grass gravel asiatico

geometric design flowers black stones

concrete polished texture geometric plants

illuminated metal planters warm texture

brown contemporary flowers red spikes

metal shine paws design rocks

modern metal edge design belt

Cylindrical palm tree exterior concrete plant

ratan weaving fibers manual planter

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