Planters immensely elegant and functional.

planters rocks plants pools wood

The planters are the ideal way to incorporate life in our gardens, They are always a welcome option. Applicable for terraces or gardens are a complement as well suitable for all space public . They are ideal to cover areas that are paved or create divisions in the yard or any area. Of large dimensions they are very attractive. further of inserting itself very well in the landscape, its oversizing makes them very elegant. There is a wide range in terms of design the, models and materials for which we can choose.

Modern planters with bamboo plants

bambu planters large wood acrylic

So it is not a problem to find the planters that fit our needs. Although we always have the option to create ours in a personalized way and with very accessible materials such as wood. Obviously we can not neglect the plants. All species are perennial, as well as seasonal plants or shrubs. Even medium-sized trees can live in large garden boxes. There are species of shrubs such as gardenia or laurel that develop well with this variant.

Large planters of three levels

white flower beds flowers outdoor pots

We must select planters that provide space for root growth. For example, a lemon tree will require a deeper one, unlike other plants with shallow roots. A detail that we can not ignore is that each gardener has holes that allow draining the Water . It is essential to avoid excessive accumulation and the proliferation of fungi that can damage our gardens. Among the materials are very popular plastic and fiberglass.

Steel cut in public space

planters street corten modern public

They are light regardless of their size and there is great availability in terms of colors. Every design we think of for our terrace or garden can include them. They are planters that bring an avant-garde air to any space. Variants built in stoneware can be more expensive but its resistance could be worth it. Another option resistant to the passage of the elements are those of concrete also available in large dimensions. They can be perfectly used for contemporary garden design. Wood is another of the materials for which we can choose. Available in innumerable designs and prices.

Modern design with rocks

cheap grass beds modern gravel

They are mostly treated woods that resist humidity and others with rustic image based on recycled wood. There are perfectly functional designs as the case of a piece of furniture that integrates a bench and planters on the sides. One of the favorites for public spaces, the corten steel, also adapts to different styles. Galvanized steel can also be treated very creatively and can be integrated into contemporary designs as well. By including the planters we must think about the environment we want to achieve. The geometric design with smooth or polished surfaces are able to create a sense of order.

Geometric planter Tetris

flower beds cheap plants geometric

If they are placed with uniform sizes and shapes, the result will be modern or minimalist. The location can be either outdoors or on terraces or inside large rooms. If we opt for a natural or rustic environment we will choose natural materials planters. In this case the placement will be without following a specific order, rather casual. As for the designs should be more varied and more simple. The atmosphere will be incredibly relaxed and authentic.

Tall with luminaires included

large flower beds decorative white luminaries

The planters and pots are undoubtedly very important for the image of the garden or any exterior space. With them space is transformed and properly combined with the rest of the elements we can create truly unique environments. We leave several images with compositions full of art with varied lines and plants of different formats that enhance all the presented sets. Although always the pleasure of create and transform your space in a personal and creative way it is another valid and pleasant option.

Highlight of the format with small plants

planters integrated luminaires patio plants

The most modern materials have made the garden planters no longer made of terracotta, now you can see metal containers made of thin sheet, brass, copper or zinc. Wood has always been popular, also pottery and, finally, we suggest trying one or two planters made of wicker, which looks very good.

Small pine suitable for pots

planters mambu pine patio flower pots

There are a lot of types made of steel or wrought iron that are quite attractive for a corner or against a wall. Try to lift them at a small distance from the ground so you do not have to bend over and you can reach them more easily.

Elegant planter for outdoor

exterior metal planters large elegant

Painted or varnished vessels planted with summer salad vegetables or summer bedding plants will brighten any patio or balcony.

Built-in mirror designs

modern flower beds rocks mirrors wood

Place a couple of large pots or wooden barrels to achieve a good effect. Find a place where they can get enough sunlight, not in full sun if possible or they will dry too quickly. A patio is a great place to grow some vegetables and you can really let your imagination flow and plant what you most want.

Planter in steel corten

planters plant steel corten exterior

Try mixing up to three different types of pots, some with flowers and others with vegetables. Make them accessible so that children can reap the fruits of their work, they will want to collect their own if possible. Better yet would be to create a pot just for children with some radishes or carrots that can be eaten directly from the container.

Tall planter with built-in lights

planters plant steel pool luminarias

To place your new container in the correct direction, make sure there are enough drainage holes in the bottom. Add some gravel or stones to the bottom of the container, then fill with organic soil or a mixture of organic soil and compost.

Vertical list planter

flower beds decorative plants cheap lists

There are several ways to grow vegetables; from seeds, which are cheap and abundant, slug-like plants, or buy directly established plants or vegetables. This method is more expensive, but for a sample plant for your patio or door this makes sense.

Design of steel corten low

flower beds plants flower beds garden corten

You will need to feed the plants occasionally to keep growing and producing fruits and flowers. A general liquid fertilizer added to the shower is enough for a few months of excellent fruits or vegetables grown at home. Keep your containers tidy and be careful with anything suspicious. You should trim the dead or too large sections so that your patio looks nice all summer long.

Polyethylene design tropical plants

polyethylene planters white tropical garden

Most pans and containers already come with drainage holes in the bottom when you buy them. One method that is often used is to add a plastic bag to the inside of the tub or container. You need to make some holes in the bag beforehand to allow the water to escape. This method helps retain moisture in the soil and stops drying.

Planter with engrave at the base

planters rocks steel plants gravel

You really need to water your pots once or twice a day. This will depend on which seeds or plants are growing, how large they are or if the plant has already been established, how hot the climate is, if the container has been in the rain, the position of its container, etc.

Stylized in steel

steel planters large wood decoration

Colorful tetris style

planters tetris colors wood wall

Creative design for outdoor

modern airport plants creative planter

Stylish and modern style

high modern exterior elegant planter

Gray concrete planters

bambu geometric flowers patio concrete

Rectangular planters aligned

street decoration large geometric planter

Inverted pyramid design

calle jardineraflores pyramidal sherds

Planters as a separator in the garden

colors planter boxes tall patio

Colorful variants in steel

colors planter colors wood steel

containers large plants interior pink

cut steel planter plant plants

flowers terrace balcony garden steel

large steel gravel garden flower box

large planter plant gravel metal

large planter public space metal

large rounded street garden plants

large wood palm tree exterior garden

white interior large planter boundary

interior planter gray modern plants

jardiniere garden rocks plants colorful

black dark outside flower pots

wood herbs decoration steel square

wood patio planters large plants

metal steel public space flowers

metal steel public space banking cylindrical

cheap metal steel corten pyramids

modern large gray gravel plants

palms bambu planter outside steel

rocks modern concrete lamparas limonero

urban fiber glass rocks steel corten

green flower boxes street colors public

glass fiber roof rectangular flower boxes

modern planter designs

Diy modern flower beds

modern wooden planters

planters for orchards

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