Plaster for daring furniture that break the rules.

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Plaster is a multifaceted and relatively easy to use building material. With it you can do many things in any home. From the repair and ornamentation to the construction itself. As we will show you, it is absolutely applicable to the elaboration of furniture. Above all, the shelves can look very modern. Another advantage is that you can take advantage of any corner of the house.

Plaster applied to furniture

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Especially if you opt for built-in furniture. The case of the shelves also has its drawbacks. Especially because of the resistance of the plaster. Due to its structure, heavy objects should not be placed on it. This can lead to further deterioration or breakage. It is also applicable to variants of tables auxiliaries of our gallery today.

Natural plaster without paint

Decorative plaster decorated wall ideas

According to experts another drawback is the drying time. This must be respected so the process can be slowed down. Especially compared to other materials used for similar purposes. For its use, certain recommendations must be respected. Given its drying speed it is best to prepare the right amount to be used. Also its great availability makes it attractive as a material.

Rustic style chair

decorative plaster ideas natural furniture

It can be easily found in many specialized stores. In addition to the furniture, its application for roofing is also considerable. Although it is necessary to emphasize that in this case it must be left in the hands of an expert. Above all, it is applicable to spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom. It is not a task of great complexity, but prior knowledge must be obtained.

Low stool without backrest

decorative plaster traditional modern paws

Plaster is also popular for false ceilings. The appropriate variant in this case is the crystallized plasterboard. They are also easily found and are extremely useful. It's a kind of draft that unlike furniture requires more planning. Especially to determine the measure of your height. Here we leave other variants of furniture that can be made with this wonderful material.

Coffee table for living room

plaster variants decoration colorful chest

Variants of designs, different dimensions

plaster details ideas decoration white variants

Side wall cabinet

plaster details ideas table furniture

Natural designs without color pigments

plaster variants decorative natural tables

Combination with glass

plaster details ideas decoration feet glass

Functional styles for the home

decorative plaster ideas lamparas styles

articulated style variants low ideas

painted columns details roman flowers

combination wood decorated designs

spheres variants contemporary decoration

Style variants multifunctional decoration

table style variants arched wood

low natural style table

table style variants pilida decoration

table woods variants decoration rustic coffee

furniture variants decoration coffee flamencos

modern contemporary living rooms birds chests

chair style variants creative structure

glass style variants decoration coffee glass

decorated modern design style table

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