Playgrounds in the garden for a fun summer

pirate ship wood garden kids

Summer has arrived and the kids are already on vacation, wanting to enjoy the good weather and the outdoors. Today we present fifty photographs with great examples of children's parks and playgrounds with swings and all kinds of slides for the garden, with them the fun will be guaranteed.

Playgrounds for young children

area games fence garden playgrounds

Depending on the budget and the outdoor space available, we can choose from real strengths to pirate ships. In the image at the top we have an adorable toy house with its own garden. The pieces are made of plastic and are quite light, however this type of playground is only suitable for children up to seven years old.

Tropical style log cabin

pretty wooden house tropical style

Instead the next model of house childish It is made of more solid materials such as wood. It is an authentic tropical cabin of various colors in miniature that also has a covered porch and a slide on the side, any child would be happy to play in a house like this.

Wooden sand box

box sand two banquitos wood

There are also playgrounds for the little ones, like this sandbox of wood which is also equipped with two stools. With it children can play in the sand and build castles without destroying any area of ​​the garden. In addition, the drawer can be transported and has edges high enough to prevent sand from spilling.

Playground with tower and yellow slide

little house tower slide yellow plastic

The next model of playground is equipped with many entertainment compartments, including a tower and a tube that leads to a small house with a slide. This model in particular offers variations in terms of sets of elements and structures, so that we can choose the design that we like the most.

Children's playground with wooden bridge

castle fortress bridge wood tower

Next we will see some playgrounds that will amaze any child, like this fantastic fortress made of unvarnished natural wood. It has all the luxury of details such as several swings and slides, two covered forts and a great wooden bridge that unites both.

Wooden castle with many towers

fort castle wood clear towers

But the excitement only increases when you see this great wooden castle design. Looking at it, we can lose ourselves in its multiple compartments that form a convoluted labyrinth of small towers. The youngest can live magnificent adventures every day just as we did years ago, long before the technological innovations of today.

Simple swing with wooden board and ropes

swing simple wood ropes girl

In many cases a hanging swing of the simplest design can also be the cause of great fun for children and adults. We are talking about hanging a table with two strings of a mature tree or a solid surface, or the classic model of the old hanging tire, an idea always successful.

Swings made of natural wood

swings garden wood natural drift

In any case, wood is the perfect material for playgrounds, and even more so if it retains its natural appearance, that is, if it has not been treated with varnish or paint, as these are harmful to the health of children. Do not hesitate and give your children experiences and unforgettable moments worthy of each child.

Sandbox with colorful roof

booth sand roof colors balloons

Playgrounds and wooden cabins

cottage tree wood forest cottage

Children's house with climbing walls

little house garden sand children network

Wooden house with swings and slide

little house wooden children garden toboggan

Wooden cabin for small children

little wooden house kids games

Wooden house with slide and swings

Wooden house swings big slide

Wooden cabin with yellow slide

wooden house slide yellow plastic

Children's playground with slide and swings

little house wood tube slide yellow

little house children mill simil wood

Little houses swings plastic garden game

transparent plastic house children tube

castle fortress many colors plastic

castle wood swing pneumatic slide

center sets swings wood natural

center games two yellow swings

swing imitation wood trobncos

swing wood shape airplane green

swing children metal red blue

children's swings modern design shapes

playgrounds red blue metal

swings wood garden yellow ball

modern swings silver aluminum tubes

swing slide awning colors blue

swing color green house wood

ropes swing metal colors

design home armchairs hanging stick

modern design zone playground

huge house games wood garden

super light wood cottage slide

great little house red palm tree

super modern cobweb round swing

Super Garden Swings Plastic Daisies

wood fortress slide elastic bed

children's cage games silver nets

original design cottage twisted slide

playgrounds wooden houses

playgrounds castle wood towers

hanging yellow swing chair

slide color blue wooden house

slide garden recycled objects pneumatic

pirate ship children garden games

zone games children several colors

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