Pool in the garden: 75 ideas to refresh the summer

bed canopy garden pool illuminated pequena ideas

We are sure that most people when they were children loved the swimming pools and they spent all summer in the water playing and having fun. In our article today we have collected seventy-five ideas of different shapes and sizes of pools in gardens and terraces. Remember that you were in the pool and do not hesitate to take advantage of the spaces you have in the garden or the terrace to build one.

Large rectangular shaped pool for large gardens

simple style gardens pools rectangular shape ideas

As we have already told you, you will find ideas of different shapes and sizes, so if your garden is small it does not mean that you have to do without a paradisiacal place to cool off on hot summer days. If it is believed that all pools should be equipped with slides, waterfalls and waterfalls they should look and water park these features will increase the cost of your pool.

Pool with very interesting shape and beautiful water fall

pool shape interesting fall water precious stones ideas

But as not everyone likes this type of pool you will decide if you choose a simple and minimalist style as you will see in the pictures with a pool enough the important thing is to have fun as a family while teaching children to swim. Spend a holiday in your own home summer heat sun a beautiful garden with pool that you most want.

Natural fence protects privacy in the garden

house garden fence plants table white chairs ideas

In the hotels the pools are always full and with this noise there is no one to rest, so the idea of ​​spending the holidays in the back garden is not so bad. House more and more families are looking for houses with pools for this reason. Unforgettable summers as a family because when you know you have a pool we are sure that everyone wants to come and see you and more on hot days when enjoying the cold water under the shade of the pergola or some palm trees in the garden is the dream of all of us .

Large gardens with pools perfect for summer

beautiful house plants large garden large pools ideas

If you think that with the installation of the pool you are ready you are wrong this is not the end of the construction. Spending time in the pool should be a pleasant, safe and comfortable experience, so it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the adjacent territory. Starting with the floor we must choose the right materials.

Small pools for small spaces

houses rustic style pools pequenas ideas

In other words, what kind of cover the path that leads to the pool and all the space that surrounds it. If you have plans to enjoy the water with the children, or you will use it for sports training and you will simply enjoy the pleasure of swimming, all this can be ruined by a slippery coating.

Pools with very original waterfalls

houses large pools fall water stones interesting ideas

You can opt for a non-slip tile that will help you add a decorative composition to the pool, as well as outside it, you can create a large number of patterns. In addition, the tiles do not require special care. However, the most suitable for this device is a wooden floor. Beautiful wooden floor surrounding the pool area fits very well in natural landscapes creating a visual connection with the surroundings.

Closed gardens with large rectangular pools

houses gardens wide pools pergola shadow pool ideas

If you select a type of moisture resistant and durable wood such as teak or oak will get a decorative look. We have commented on the area around the pool but the appearance of the bottom should have a beautiful and spectacular appearance, because it is the face of the pool. For these purposes, we can use mosaic, ceramic tiles or stone.

Swimming pools in large houses of classic style

house windows large terrace flower pots precious ideas

Very often, preference is given to artificial decorative stone, created specifically for the lining of the sides. For the space surrounding a pool with a stone bottom you can use brushed wooden boards, covered with a waterproof varnish. The advantage is that the place is very beautiful, original, organic and visually attractive, which arouses immediate interest.

Level gardens with large rectangular shaped swimming pools

large garden folding chairs deck chairs grass ideas

Therefore, it will adapt perfectly to a garden with many plants since combining its pool with organic coating looks very harmonious. Naturalness is of great value at present. One thing you can add in your garden with a pool is a spa area.

Ideas for pools with very attractive shapes

large gardens large houses swimming pools interesting ideas

And why not add a little luxury to your garden with a jacuzzi and enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy without leaving the limits of your beloved garden. Specially designed outdoor Jacuzzi can be used throughout the year even if you live in places with cold winters.

Tropical style gardens with palm trees and pools

large gardens grass path slabs pergola sunbeds ideas

The use of natural materials to create a spa area will allow you to harmoniously integrate the Jacuzzi into the landscape. Pergola covered with vegetation, natural stone retaining wall next to the pool will form an ideal backdrop for rest and fun. You should also think about how you want the landscape around to be, you should decide which one you prefer, soothing, tropical, natural.

Gardens very large ideas of large pools to cool the summer

gardens houses large pools sunbeds parasols ideas

Depending on this decision you can select the plants, but you must take into account certain practical considerations. Ornamental plants in the pool area are not a choice but if you love this type of plant you should use flower containers. In this case, the plant will not interact directly with the water and can always be moved inside.

Gardens with a combination of decorative stones of different sizes and pools with excellent shapes

gardens stones decorative dish fire ideas

It is not necessary to plant wild vegetation around, since the remains of leaves and plants contaminate the water, as well as the bottom and walls of the pool. It is necessary to select the most resistant species. Swim and feel refreshed in the water, it's fine but you can also sunbathe or enjoy a refreshing drink. For this the main element besides the pool is the relaxation area.

Natural fence ideas to surround the pools

gardens pools bench slabs precious ideas

It can be a small gazebo, chairs, garden furniture under a beach umbrella and even a swing. In our section of garden and terrace you can find a lot of ideas and advice. Now we let you review the images of pools that we have below to prepare for the summer that is around the corner.

Umbrellas and sunbeds white for the garden

gardens floor slabs grass white sun beds umbrellas ideas

Pools with very original mosaic in the background

pretty mosaic pools background yellow slabs ideas

Swimming pools for gardens at illuminated levels at night

pool house field pequena two levels ideas

Pools surrounded by very luxurious granite floors

pool house large palm tree furniture teak floor granite ideas

Lovely houses with swimming pools in the garden

pool garden large house large floor white slabs ideas

Ideas of decorative figures and large pergolas in the garden

pool garden wide pergola surrounded pebbles ideas

Ideas of pots to decorate the pools

Pool Garden Large House Decorated Flower Pots Ideas

pool-garden large house lovely outdoor space broad ideas bridge

pool garden house mosaic pots flowers ideas

pool garden house pequena lovely plants ideas

pool garden large lawn terrace deck chairs ideas

pool garden illuminated night sunbeds ideas

pool garden deckchairs bara chairs high ideas

pool garden deck chairs stools wide stairs ideas

pool garden view lovely slabs colors pebbles ideas

large modern pool garden plants tropical style ideas

swimming pools houses large beautiful original modern forms

pools decorations fientes mosaic background garden

pools background mosaic flower stones large decorative ideas

pools original shapes levels depth ideas

large pools nice shapes terrace ideas

Large pools original shapes garden pergola ideas

large swimming pools garden pergola sunbeds tables chairs steel ideas

large pools garden plants naturalness ideas

Large swimming pools garden floor pavement grass palm tree ideas

Large swimming pools garden sun loungers black umbrella ideas

swimming pools garden spacious house place fire ideas

pools gardens wide chimney grass slabs ideas

pools gardens wide jacuzzi slide fun ideas

swimming pools gardens pergola wood ideas

pools gardens style minimalist house big ideas

swimming pools garden interesting ways road slabs pebbles ideas

swimming pools garden jacuzzi palms fountains precious ideas

swimming pools-garden-slabs-lawn-palms-air-tropical

swimming pools garden floor slabs pots large furniture rattan ideas

pools garden floor stones style modern ideas

narrow long pools sun lounger lovely furniture ideas

Original pools levels lovely mosaic ideas

small pools garden lawn palm trees modern ideas

pools small gardens jacuzzi pergola terrace ideas

stones small garden style rustic floor stones

pools small garden floor wood deck chairs ideas

pools small terraces minimalist style ideas

small pools white plastic sunbeds blue cushions ideas

pools narrow terraces long white pergola sunbeds ideas

pool terrace long narrow lighting sunbeds ideas

pool terrace view lovely place fire loungers ideas

pool garden bench under water palm trees ideas

pool garden house fences high intimacy ideas

floor wood pergola place reclining garden ideas

floor wood terrace deck chairs wood teak pergola ideas

terrace minimalist style fence high slabs ideas

terrace furniture rattan comfortable floor wood ideas

small terrace pool view pots concrete ideas

terraces shore sea pools small spaces narrow ideas

terraces lovely views sunbeds wood white umbrella ideas

terrace view city stairs pamera grass ideas

several sunshades small pools big garden ideas

beautiful view terrace small pools lounger ideas

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