Pools and wooden pergolas - an exclusive garden at home.

pools and wooden pergolas banking house platform

It does not exist I think anything comparable in terms of design to having a pool in our garden. It is a point of reference for parties and everyone who visits us always wants to spend some time near it. They contribute to beautify the environment and become night hours in a natural mirror for the luminaries that we have placed in the garden. Although a pool is not much without a wooden pergola. The ideal completion that gives our playground an elegant and functional air.

Pools and wooden pergolas in patio

swimming pools and wooden pergolas columns white plants

Ideal to protect us from the sun, the pergolas are also an excellent space for outdoor dining. This inseparable binomial of pools and wooden pergolas will occupy us today. The pergolas are designed for areas of relaxation outdoors, although wood is not the only material from which they are made. It is interesting because it is a material that gives a more rustic and field to the pool.

Pools and pergolas of decorated wood

pools and wooden pergolas curtains columns palm trees

The swimming pools and the wooden pergolas can be complemented with climbing plants that in the future can also act to diminish the rain. It would also be useful to protect us from the excessive solar rays when we are in the pool. In cases where we can install them near the pool they also help to protect them. This is not a problem thanks to the infinity of designs that we have today. They complement very well with the varied styles of pools for which we could choose.

Roofed wooden pergola

wooden swimming pools and pergolas outdoor furniture

We could also choose to cover the entire area of ​​the pool, but it is a variant that would leave us without other spaces. Another drawback would be the water temperature. If we block the sun's rays it can stay colder and less pleasant for the bath. It is a dilemma that we would solve simply with some of the sliding roof available in the market . In practice the benefits are many, pools and wooden pergolas is a binomial that we can not miss. Design variants in our gallery Enjoy them!

Outdoor furniture in wood

swimming pools and wooden pergolas furniture garden table

In the garden with swimming pool the addition of a pergola offers excellent protection against the scorching sun, the heat of summer and heavy rain. Under the roof of a pergola, you can also rest comfortably, as well as at home. It is an essential attribute for the houses around the city.

White design and garden with flowers

swimming pools and wooden pergolas pink lanterns white

You can design a space to eat, have afternoon tea or watch as your children swim in the pool. The degree of proximity of the pool, the location and the design depend on your tastes. Before building it, it is necessary to determine all your needs yourself. If you like to enjoy nature and if you have many plants in the garden you can put the pergola a little further away from the pool but closer to the plants.

Mountain landscape and pergola

swimming pools and wooden pergolas metal chairs mountains

The pergola can be placed a little further away from the pool in the garden, so you can stay with your thoughts, spend time in solitude and away from the hustle and bustle that sometimes forms around the pool. When, under the pergola you design a dining room, too, it is better not to install the pergola far from home, so that the meals will be easier to transport.

Pergola in the garden with xeriscape

pools and wooden pergolas xeriscape mulch

If there is a desire to make a multifunctional pergola, you should look for project ideas with barbecue or other additional features. But because we must choose wood as material for our pergola.

Gardens with pools and pergolas of natural wood

swimming pool and wooden pergola swing hanging chair

First of all because it is an ecological material, capable of creating a unique environment. The structure of a pergola made of an organic material will fit in the landscape, as long as in the territory of the garden there are a lot of trees, and, of course, it will be the only correct option when the house is made of wood.

Leafy garden with pergola

pool and wooden pergolas plants terrace pots

A summer house with pool and pergola made of natural material will flow into the general atmosphere of the garden. On the other hand, its size can be large or small, it depends on you, as long as it fits harmoniously in the environment. There are many people who will say that wood is a material of short duration, which breaks down quickly when it is constantly exposed to atmospheric agents (snow, extreme temperatures).

Swimming pools and wooden pergolas on white

outdoor bench white pergola wood

But this is not the case the development of the chemical industry makes it possible to create coatings, which guarantee protection against fire and biosafety. Said compositions make it not only a safe option, but also a reliable one. The pergolas can be of classic style. These very often, have a regular or square hexagon shape, the lines are straight.

Ceiling fans in pergola

columns pergola wood white fans

Although we have said they are classic, these pergolas can look good anywhere, because they are not going to be very different from the general style. You can choose a pergola with an abundance of ornaments and carvings, fancy shapes and lots of curtains. One of the characteristic features of its pergola may be the dome roof, decorated with unusual ornaments.

deck pool pergola tables curtains

In the interior it can be equipped with dining furniture or lounge furniture and on the outside we can put some benches. In general, the pergolas of oriental style and the minimalist constructions very similar to the Chinese pagoda and the Japanese houses stand out a lot.

corner pergola design wood cushions

Its pergola can also be Victorian, massive, solid, with bars. These will be an excellent complement, if the style of your garden resembles that of the English gardens. You can also opt for a pergola open Mediterranean style, bright, with only a few sheets that let light. In such a pergola you can not hide from the rain, but you will have a place with only one.

garden flowers pergolas flowerpots furniture

pergola lights pool outdoor trees

flowerpots pool pergolas palm trees patio

wood pergola armchairs metal bricks

wall rocks patio xeriscape trees

pergola night columns hammock lights

palm tree pool plants decoration waterfall

pergola pool plant pots mulch

pergola swimming pool terrace wood

pool terrace water waterfall wall

reflex pool trees armchairs reflex




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