Pools for garden - an oasis in your home.

swimming pools for garden furniture lantern canvas

As the days go by, we get closer to the season in which we can enjoy the highest temperatures throughout the year. Days of intense days in our garden await us among friends. Moments of pure fun that will surely come to stay in the memory. Our garden will surely be the main stage. Interesting, clean air and a functional decoration are the things that will surely keep us in this part of the house. Although there is a way to make it much more irresistible, the garden pools. They are an essential complement for summer days.

Pools for garden, buried variant

swimming pools for garden trees mountains house

All the attention of young and old revolves around her. They are also an ideal complement that with an adequate integration with the landscape confer elegance to our playground . There are dissimilar types and of course the materials for their construction also vary. An appropriate selection according to our space and economic possibilities should be our first step. There are two large groups in which the pools are grouped, the surface ones that, as their name indicates, stand out above the ground level and the buried pools.

Pools for garden decoration with plants

swimming pools for garden decoration plants pots

The latter may be the most common and least economic but most durable. The swimming pools for surface garden are very popular for the cases in which we have space reduced. They can be found in a variety of sizes and their assembly and disassembly is relatively easy. The first step is to level the ground so that the pool can be mounted on a solid base. If necessary we can choose to place a concrete base. Being above ground level these garden pools transform the entire environment.

Pools for garden, buried concrete

swimming pools for garden delfin sun loungers palm trees

They can affect the aesthetics of the patio but the great proposal of decorative exterior panels that currently makes them also very attractive. Those for portable use are made from galvanized steel, in shades from blue or white or imitations of textures such as wood and stone. The fixed ones usually have wooden panels and it is more complicated to change them once we have mounted them. For this reason we must think carefully where to place them. In both cases they are very resistant to climatic variations.

Pool decorated with plants on the edge

pools for outdoor garden modern plants

The buried ones can be constructed in three ways. The first one is polyester. Garden pools of this type are one of the most common. It is a prefabricated piece that is easy to install or change position if desired. This is a unique quality among the buried pools that differentiates it from the rest. They do not accumulate dirt because the surface is smooth and can withstand a greater amount of pressure. It is a resistant material and we can even leave it empty for extended periods of time. Within this group are the cheapest.

Pool of circular shapes in patio

pools for garden gravel lounger palm tree

Of the swimming pools for sure the most extended garden to have the means are those of obra.In this case the concrete is the fundamental material, they are of great resistance but they need a greater maintenance. The positive is that you can create the size and shape that fits your space. They are perfectly adaptable in this regard. Finally the polymer panels that in resistance are very similar to concrete.

Pool with wooden deck on grass

swimming pools for garden wood deck lawn

There are varieties resistant to chemicals or UVA rays such as steel panels with anti-corrosion treatment. There are as we have seen dissimilar variants for garden pools. Determine the appropriate in terms of materials and types is our choice. The moments of enjoyment and the touch of exclusivity for our patio surely deserve it! Treat yourself to an oasis in your garden!

Terrace with pool facing the sea

swimming pools for garden wood sea wood house

Buried with grass border and sunbeds

swimming pools for garden rock wall hammock

Pool with tiles, backyard

pools for garden palm tree style sun loungers

Pool around garden with flowers

swimming pools for garden palm tree terrace flowers

Greek style with white columns

pools for garden patio plants columns

Bamboo furniture next to pool

pools for garden pines rocks chairs

Buried with wooden loungers

garden pools plants staircase flowerpots

Decoration based on natural rocks

pools for garden platanos grass rocks

Inversion of concrete with gravel

swimming pools for garden rocks buried tiles

Rock pool with grass

pools for garden rocks grass exterior trees

Design with rocks and flowers

pools for garden rocks pines palms

Combination with wooden furniture

pools for garden chairs wood umbrellas

Paving stones on outer edges

pools for garden sun loungers palm tree umbrellas

Surface variant with panels

tree fenced wood house lawn

Surface with wooden structure

path lawn sunshades chairs wood surface

Surface swimming pool on terrace

house wood pool lawn games terrace

house wood pool palm trees deckchairs

grass children garden cars cover

fruits pool wood lamparas muro

cover plants house basket games

statue rocks patio garden fountain

style columns grass staircase wood

style sunbeds modern underground pool

garden bubbles massage rocks plants

garden wood rocks decoration platform

long pool ladder grass lawn flowers

lateral pool wood seats house

canvas garden cover fencing sunshades

wood patio lawn garden steps

modern house covered patio deckchairs

patio flowers lounger cushions trees

patio flowers deck chair decor sunbeds

patio wood waterfall rocks lamparas

stones decoration modern rocks wall

pool houses wall wood rocks

Pool kids toys removable gravel

climbing plants palm tree house trees

climbing plants sunshade flowers vase

rocks waterfall furniture table chairs

rocks wall decoration plants pots

terrace pool chairs table jarron

sunbeds wood mountain flowers sunshade

sunbeds rocks patio design lamparas

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