Posters and decorative Christmas signs for the home

nice retro style poster

Today we want to present you with a new idea for Christmas decoration; the posters with symbols or Christmas wishes. It turns out that this tradition of decorating with Christmas messages comes from America but it is spreading all over the world today, and that is that we all like to read positive messages, especially in these marked parties.

Christmas posters to decorate the home

nice design poster romantico corazon

To begin we are going to point out some simple steps to elaborate an original decorative Christmas poster. The materials that we will need are several wooden planks, a sandpaper, a saw, acrylic paint, a brush and a brush. If you wish you can use vinyl stickers with the Christmas phrases, although this step is optional.

Christmas poster with mistletoe sprig

nice christmas poster kiss mistletoe

The first step is to cut the wooden boards or strips to form the figure that interests us, for this we will use the saw and the sandpaper. The next step is to paint the tables, and there are several different methods depending on the result we are looking for. If we have decided to place the vinyl, we can do it in the following way.

Christmas poster design with red letters

nice christmas poster red letters

First we will paint all the white wood and let it dry. Once it is dry, we will stick the vinyl stickers and we will remove them carefully when it is well stuck to the surface. Then we can begin to paint the entire poster of intense red color, the ideal color for Christmas.

Retro style christmas poster

nice retro white christmas poster

We paint red also on the letters because if they are dark they will be without any problem. To touch up the letters we will paint them above with a brush and painting white As a final touch we can sandpaper the entire poster, this will give it a very original and retro worn look. It only remains to add some ornaments at the ends and voila, we have our Christmas poster to welcome guests during the holidays.

Christmas poster of wooden boards

nice poster boards wood star

There are many areas of the house where we can place the Christmas posters, the entrance is a great one. When we receive a visit we can surprise you with a funny Christmas poster with humorous notes or a caricature; or a positive message placed in a central area of ​​the room that is visible from multiple angles.

Christmas block design of wooden blocks

happy piled boxes naviadd wood

We hope that these ideas have been of interest to you and that the photographs have inspired you to create Christmas posters of your own design. Do not forget to visit our page to know the latest trends in interior design and decoration, we will be waiting for you.

Decorative poster for Christmas

happy poster christmas english leaves

Christmas posters with carol phrases

christmas poster that snow

Original sign with directions to the North Pole

poster board north pole arrow

Poster to decorate the Christmas tree

tree poster santa tree tree

Original retro style pendant poster

turquoise blue color pendant poster

Christmas poster with humorous phrase

posters cold outside blue color

Posters with Christmas words and phrases

posters christmas letters glitter door

Christmas poster with green polka dots

posters christmas colors red green

Write Christmas phrases on a blackboard

black slate christmas poster

Christmas poster with a red bow

poster christmas wood color green

poster christmas we believe tie

christmas poster hanging black stone

christmas poster reindeer papanoel

door poster shabby style

poster color red white letters

red sign wrench hanging letters

chimney decorated christmas posters

chimney decorated poster socks

modern deco christmas posters letters

modern christmas decoration poster

christmas decoration celestial poster

Nordic style Christmas decoration

design letters crochet poster christmas

corner porch chair poster christmas

super poster christmas fireplace wood

super poster design wood christmas

super poster chimenmea blanca

great Christmas drops Christmas deco

make homemade christmas posters lights

white letters drops water poster

hanging letters poster white color

red decorative letters merry christmas

red letters glitter christmas poster

red letters white wall deco

original poster home pictures paper

original cat poster gray color

original poster christmas road fireplace

original poster christmas retro style

original reindeer poster fabric embroidery

original design christmas poster lettering

original design poster winter letters neon

original design poster frame photos

original posters christmas blocks wood

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