Practical, functional and original kitchens tips

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It's time to face the kitchen We are not talking about the dishes that you have to wash but about the kitchen of your dreams. One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is to make sure that all the members of the house have given their opinion and their word has been heard. The definition of practical kitchens in each family is different because as we know different people have different needs .

Practicás and modern today's kitchen

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Today we will try to show you the best ideas of practical kitchens and at the same time modern with original designs. A kitchen can not be beautiful striking and worthy for a magazine if they do not have a practical focus and a definite purpose when it comes to designing. Start by making a list of everything you need for your kitchen and then follow your wish list. Do not let anything escape you.

Practical and original ideas for your kitchen

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Think about the practical things for the kitchen furniture that has several uses the latest generation appliances that serve everything. Think about making a pantry because there are no practical kitchens without a pantry since there you can keep cans of small appliances and almost everything you need. So you do not have to put plenty of cabinets on the walls but if you like the cabinets take advantage and choose the best design.

Small kitchen very practical

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An island in the kitchen is a great idea if you have a small kitchen you do not have to worry either, there are very original island designs for small kitchens. Look very good appliances that will be really useful, there is no need to buy things that we later forget in the pantry and use only once a year.

Kitchen with island with marble countertop

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Now we continue discussing several ways to make your kitchen more functional and practical. We started with the cabinets. Do not forget to improve the storage you already have. Two level carousels allow you to reach items stored in the corner cabinets more easily, you can add them in the corner cabinets next to the sink or stove.

Kitchen with island and wooden cabinets

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You should also consider a closet that contains the items that you use most often, while you can use a pantry for items that you use less frequently. One of the biggest headaches causes us to search for a kitchen utensil or flavoring.

Kitchen open to the dining room and the living room

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You can improve the functionality of your kitchen based on the principles of industrial engineering by putting the elements you use near where you use them. You can install a vertical storage type with magnets, hooks and rods in which to place your most used things basket is the best solution.

Kitchen with modern steel countertop

modern practical kitchen worktop steel dining table

This is not a new idea, remember the pots and pans hanging around in the kitchen of the grandmother. A perfect central island to make the kitchen more practical. The central island in the kitchen tends to become a space for meals and breakfasts, storage place for what does not fit in the cabinets and the perfect workspace while making meals.

Bright and spacious white kitchen

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Instead of buying a table to complement the central island, consider installing a U-shaped kitchen island. This gives you a more usable workspace than a large square surface, and allows you to use a U-arm. as a bar. The central part of the island ensures that there is no waste of central space.

Kitchen with bar chairs and wooden cabinets

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And you can place storage drawers on all sides of the U-shaped island. Companies offer all kinds of countertops that can be adapted to virtually any kitchen. One very original thing that you can add in the kitchen is a slate wall.

Pink and gray in combination for the cabinets of this kitchen

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A blackboard wall allows your children to do the homework while you cook and the whole family keep the lists updated and everyone can see it, and you do not have to think about where to put the blackboard.

Practical and modern kitchens

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A wall of the slate has the advantage of being a versatile decorative feature, also, a place where children or artists in the house can create a work of art and always want to erase it and create a new one.

Kitchen in black and white

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Instead of a shelf of spices that better dedicate to store bulky items that are difficult to order, in turn one of its flat drawers can become a spice box. You can use one of the drawers next to the stove, this is the ideal option.

Kitchen with vintage design

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The drawers for spices are better than the shelves since it frees wall space for items that do not fit in a drawer and are used more often. In the case of upper cabinets, consider keeping small appliances in them to free up counter space.

L-shaped kitchen

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One of the best ways to make the kitchen more functional is to put items near where they are used and store them easily accessible places. Windows can also improve the functionality of your kitchen. When you have a great view of what you can enjoy while you are cooking or washing dishes, everything becomes a pleasant activity and you become more efficient.

Kitchen with island and wooden table

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Fresh herbs make any food taste better so do not run to the store or to the market whenever you need them. You can have your own herb garden in the kitchen. Mount pots with herbs on the wall to save space. Take a look at the images of practical and functional kitchens that we have searched with the intention of helping you when remodeling the kitchen.

Kitchen and dining room in one

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Practical functional kitchens apart storage cabinets

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