Prefabricated houses - characteristics and the best companies in Spain

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Today we will be dealing with a very interesting topic that has been gaining space during the last years. It is about the prefabricated houses, the models built from sections that are finished in the selected site for the living place . As is evident, prefabricated houses do not go through a standard process compared to traditional constructions. Commonly the foundations are started but in these cases each part has a separate constructive process. Basically a prefabricated house once it is completed can be located on any surface that meets the necessary characteristics.

Prefabricated concrete houses by Hormipresa

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If we talk about the prefabricated houses in the same way we have to mention the modular ones. Another of the trends that enjoy great popularity in many parts of the world. In the manufacturing process, each of the components is articulated. While adding other materials that will allow a better finish. It is understood above all from the point of view of both acoustic and thermal insulation. The whole process is done more quickly, by having the articulated blocks avoid climate-related problems that could delay any work. Already in the plot to the prefabricated houses are added the rest of the materials. Another relevant aspect is its ability to move. Depending on the model, they can be moved from one plot to another. So if you have a better job proposal in another city it will not be a problem to take your home with you too.

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If we go back to the history we will find surprising data of this type of constructions. They are not something very new since the prefabricated houses in general have practically two centuries of existence. One of its promoters was John Manning, a nineteenth-century British carpenter. Creon at the time a colonial style house that was also portable. Everything arose from the need of his son to emigrate to Australia so John Manning set to work creating what might be the first prefabricated house. Once your design they began to commercialize having a great success. Made in wood, transportable and easy to dismantle, little by little they spread among the people who emigrated to the different colonies. So it can be said that since its emergence this type of house facilitates the movement from one site to another.

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At the beginning of the twentieth century, the North American company Sears Roebuck and Co commercialized this type of housing. The interesting thing was the great variety of proposals that they had, from vacation homes to other luxury homes. Then the change came from the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. They were based on a more efficient design, shortening time and improving the dimensions of these houses. One of the phenomena that also led to the development of prefabricated houses was the twenty-nine crisis in the United States. Due to the purchasing problems of many families they were the best investment.

Prefabricated houses modern models of the company Trabis

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With the passage of time they have been enriched thanks to the incorporation of different materials. Steel has been combined with wood and glass. As well as the great impact of concrete in terms of strength and durability. If you compare with traditional houses there are no big differences. They have everything necessary in terms of amenities to be completely at ease. The prefabricated houses have of course a different price that similarly makes them attractive. A detail of weight is the versatility, because if we want there are designs that allow you to continue adding modules.

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What represents the possibility of making improvements systematically. The needs of people have evolved and not only the possibility of movement is often important. In the same way, spaces and forms must be adapted according to these needs. Although they are large works there are large space solutions and the finish is more personalized. If you have already begun to be interested in the houses of work we will now see the types that exist. In this way we will have a clearer idea to evaluate different offers. Currently the designs are highly exclusive and the companies we have selected are a sample of it. There is an immense proposal of styles that are a reference for any building.


The effect of sustainable materials has been opening up with a very competitive price difference. The styles can go from the modern prefabricated houses to the American calls. In the first group there are houses with a minimalist aesthetic in which the flat type covers stand out. They are perfect for natural lighting because they have large windows and the facade is ready. The American models are single-family with a roof of greater inclination and height. The wooden slats are very similar to the facades of rustic houses.


This last model is for those who prefer something closer to the conventional. Gable roof, ceramic tiles and wooden facades are its main features. They are of great beauty and we can say that they are prefabricated houses that are always fashionable. Basically it is about some standard models, you can always ask the company for a customized model. The fact of acquiring a prefabricated house has many advantages. The first of these benefits is the economics of these solutions compared to traditional constructions.

Modern designs with great luxury by Modular Projects


Even more so if we take into account that differences in benefits and comfort do not exist. They are structures that respect the environment and are even sustainable. Materials such as concrete improve its thermal efficiency. This translates into an evident saving of energy and comfort. If we wish to take the issue of energy to another level to this type of houses we can add autonomous systems. It has a greater use of photovoltaic panels that will come to us wonderfully for true energy autonomy.


If you decide on a model that supports modules, you can start with a ground floor apartment. Then add another level and customize it to your whim with ceramics and other elements. The price differences will be determined by the types of materials used. Both forms and dimensions are obviously variable as we see in the images. They may be precisely the things we want to add those that increase the price.


However, as we have mentioned, they are houses with very accessible prices, unlike the traditional ones. This is thanks to the fact that the prefabricated system and the modular system have reduced costs. Allowing families to have greater access and options when searching for one. A while ago we mentioned the materials of the prefabricated houses and each one has different benefits. Currently there is great prominence in the use of steel, concrete and wood.


Steel stands out first for its resistance. It has had a great evolution in terms of aesthetics. The ease of working with this material is equally remarkable. According to the professionals, great results are achieved in terms of finishes and with good insulation effect. Another remarkable aspect is its maintenance. It does not take a big process to make it totally stainless. This has placed it in a position of preference in the vicinity of the prefabricated houses.

Amazing proposals by Vitale Loft


When they are made in steel, they are made from modules. Inside the factory the blocks that will be located in the plot are articulated. The entire assembly process will be based on this metal structure to which the insulating materials of thermal and acoustic type will be added. In addition to the insulating part in the enclosure of the facades, the use of resistant but very light materials is common. Each of them adds the necessary quality in the construction process and the final result. Each of the steel structures has a wide range of designs.


Similarly there are several schemes in terms of structures so it can not be said that there is a common model for its assembly. What does exist is a system for assembling parts that are already standardized. This translates into faster transportation and shorter construction periods. All aimed especially to make some processes much simpler. After all the construction phase it will be time to concentrate on a greater personalization based on the desired aesthetics. This will be the main point to differentiate our prefabricated housing from the rest.


In terms of economy, wood is the best but without sacrificing quality. Because we are made of wood, we should not worry about aspects of maintenance thanks to the current insulation models. If we want a mobile home, it is the indicated material according to the lightness of all the materials used. They look very pretty and for the countryside they are integrated in full harmony with the whole landscape. They have never ceased to be among the trends, both for their aesthetics and for their comfort. To all this beauty when it comes to materials, its anti-seismic properties give it greater security. For maintenance, common problems have been left behind.


Fungi, parasites, some insects or the fire itself were some of them. There are many materials that are added throughout the constructive process that avoid these issues. The wood has very specific treatments to improve each of its properties. So we will have a stable and solid home for many years. The maintenance should concentrate on the interior or some areas of the exterior to maintain a pleasant aesthetic. The main measures should be aimed at guaranteeing impervious and isolated surfaces. Take some time to apply a varnish cover. It is not complicated and can be done on a weekend starting from a sanding that allows to eliminate roughness and prepare the wood.

Other modern designs of the company Modular Aplihorsa


However, the panels throughout the manufacturing process are already assured with a surprising resistance. The maintenance can be done in a period of four years. If it is not areas where sunlight does not directly affect or any weather effects, the time may be longer. Houses made of wood are an economic outlet precisely because of the cost of their materials. The final price is reduced by the ease of transport and the insulating capacity of this material. The cost of the house at the end can vary depending on the finishes that are desired, as well as changes in the overall aesthetics. So pay attention to the dimensions as another factor that directly affect the price.


Fortunately in the market there is a wide range that gives the possibility of being able to access the one of our preference and with a reasonable price. The last of the materials that we will mention is without doubt the concrete. They are houses that just look at them surprise us because of their solid and robust image. It is worth mentioning the resistance to the passage of time. With regard to the use of materials and furniture, they are very flexible. There are incredible examples that prefabricated concrete houses with an incredible aesthetic. An important point is the need for minimal maintenance. To which is added an isolation that is practically guaranteed.


This advantage is one of the preferred ones that place it within the materials for energy saving. So if we are looking for resistance to inclement weather and the passage of time in general are perfect. Today the concrete has been improved with innovative technological solutions in the construction of the modules. Counting as in the other cases with the same benefits and comfort of traditional houses and for an economical price. So your demand has been increasing and the reason is simple. The perfect combination of quality and price in each of the proposals that currently exist.


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