Protect the walls of the kitchen with elegance and style

originates modern kitchen design

Kitchen countertops must be able to protect furniture and walls, without forgetting practicality and aesthetics. The natural stone, the wood-look tiles and the mosaics that attract attention are the latest trends in kitchen design.

How to protect the walls of the kitchen - original ideas for dashboards

nice modern kitchen design

A dashboard should be the unifying element of your cabinets, but at the same time it can become an amazing focal point for your kitchen.

Original kitchen protector design

nice design protective kitchen

Leafing through the pages of kitchen designs you will notice that marble has become one of the most popular materials for finishing the kitchen. It is used everywhere, including on countertops, wall coverings and table tops.

Original black kitchen design with exposed brick splashback

kitchen negera brick seen

If money is a problem, brick can be a good alternative to stone. Of course, it will look less expensive, but there is a certain charm in it.

Design of exposed brick dashboard

original design dashboard brick seen

Also, if you ever dreamed of living in a loft, this is a good way to bring the aesthetics of your home closer.

How to protect kitchen walls with style

super design protective brick brick

Do you wonder how to get the brick look and maintain good hygiene in your kitchen? Well, the brickwork will give it a real look. And as for cleaning, use liquid detergent and a brush on the imitation bricks. Without acids or wire brushes.

Black kitchen with a stainless steel splash guard by Kirsten Kelli

black kitchen white countertop dashboard

Are you thinking of adding a professional chef's aesthetic to your kitchen? The stainless steel It is what you need.

Original kitchen design with stainless steel splashback

original design kitchen steel dashboard

With its sterile finish but with elegant style it seems an intelligent, versatile and very modern choice.

Original minimalist style modern kitchen design

modern kitchen design minimalist style

You can also easily tie all stainless steel appliances together, which can be quite difficult to do in other styles.

Design of tiles with metallic finish for dashboard

original tiles design dashboard

In addition to steel there is also tiles Metallic that can give your back wall a little more detail. And there are also different types of metals such as copper and brass.

Design of dashboard with original tiles in metallic finish

original tiles with metallic finish

There can be only one disadvantage of a metal surface; the scratches. The shiny texture of the metal is very prone to scratching, so it is important to handle the cleaning carefully if you want it to be free of scratches.

Original design of laminated wood protector

laminated wood protective design

Another way to bring loft style to your home is by placing wooden panels. Instead of natural wood you can find porcelain tiles with a wooden look that are not only cheap and easy to clean, they also come in a wide variety of designs.

Super protective dashboard with horizontal wooden slats

protector dashboards wooden slats horizontales

Since these come in different textures and colors you can choose between a realistic aesthetic or a look similar to the more polished stone. There are also worn-looking wooden floor tiles, colorful designs that mimic painted wooden planks, and all sorts of other interesting options to consider.

Designs of marble kitchen protectors

Kitchen countertops marble luxurious splashback

The marble in the dashboard, although it is stunningly beautiful and impressive, is not very practical. So if you do not have cash for maintenance and sealing work,

Ideas to protect kitchen walls with marble backsplashes

protect kitchen walls marble dashboard

It is best to consider investing in porcelain tiles that look like marble and other coatings.

Original design of granite kitchen splashback

original design dashboard granite

However, marble is not the only natural stone that extends widely in kitchen countertops throughout the world, although it is still the most popular.

Original natural stone kitchen splashback design

kitchen natural stone design

Another option is, however, an intricate granite with its mixtures of colors, veins and knots.

Original design of modern kitchen splashback

modern kitchen design

A little more affordable, granite is a good alternative to more expensive marble. Sometimes more striking, it is a great option for a kitchen that strives to achieve a totally original and fresh look.

Original stone kitchen splashback design

kitchen dashboard stone cement

Other natural stones such as slate, limestone or quartz can also become a beautiful focal point in your kitchen adding a bit of mystery to it.

Original design of dashboard for modern kitchen

original modern kitchen design

Agate and onyx are two of the most striking options that can also be exposed to backlight for a more spectacular effect.

Original design of glass dashboard

original design gray walls

Glass is one of the most affordable materials for kitchen countertops. But if you can not adapt the glass to the style of your kitchen, now you can see some examples that will convince you otherwise.

Original modern kitchen design with glass splash guard

modern kitchen lacquered glass protector

Whether you are using uniform glass or glass tiles, it all depends on how you do it. Glass always looks glamorous in minimalist designs.

Tips and ideas to protect the walls of the kitchen

protect walls the modern kitchen

And if you add an incisive tone, the overall image of the kitchen will look a little more intriguing.

Window in the kitchen with views towards the garden

original design kitchen splash protector

A window strip on the back wall of a kitchen is great. Make way for outside passage in your kitchen and get a practical window that quickly releases smoke and odors from the kitchen space.

Splash window with beautiful views

protective window vsitas

The cleanliness turns out to be as simple and annoying as that of any other window in the house, but if you have a decent view outside, why not invite your visitors to watch him cook?

Original design of backsplash with retro graphic prints

design protective splashes retro photos

The designs of walls of dashboards with graphic impressions are not something that is seen very often. However, if what you are looking for is an original idea of ​​a photo mural or wallpaper they can be an addition to your design of the glass back wall.

Original modern splash guard design with reliefs

original modern protective design

Original gray slate splatter protector design

blackboard wall color gray

Original design of blackboard kitchen splashback

protector dashboard kitchen wall blackboard

Great tile dashboard design Scout Design Co

dashboard kitchen tiles nordic style

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