Pumpkin and pine cones as autumn decoration

modern pine cone decoration

Time passes and autumn will soon come to our house. Are you ready to receive it? There is nothing like being able to enjoy each season of the year giving it the attention it deserves. In our article today we are going to delight you with a hundred fabulous images of interior decorations in which appears especially the pumpkin as the main element and also pine cones.

Pumpkin and pine cone for decorating this ottoman

big white pumpkin pineapples candles

To begin, let's see some curiosities about pumpkins that may be useful later. First of all we must know that the pumpkin can be classified into five different groups; summer squashes and zucchini, autumn squashes, winter squashes and large pumpkins.

Wicker basket ornament with pumpkins and pineapples

wicker basket two pumpkins pineapples

In case you want to make an ornament with ornamental zucchini with the intention that this lasts for months or even years, before you should thoroughly dry the zucchini to avoid spoiling. For this it is enough to hang each of a string in the sun for about 5 or 6 months having them previously pierced in one or two areas so that the interior is also dry and does not rot.

Table decoration with pumpkins and leaves

center table decorated pumpkins leaves

Above we have a model of centerpiece Created from pumpkin Berry, pineapples and maple leaves Table Piece. The metallic structure that protects it is wrought iron and also has an original pumpkin shape; It is a great autumn ornament that can complement the decoration of the table.

Decorate shelves with decorative pumpkins

decorate house decorative pumpkins shelf

Let's go on to see some interesting details about pine cones, also known as pine cones . It turns out that the cones are the protective containers of the seeds of the so-called coniferous plants, and the pineapples are the female cones that usually grow in the most central part of the crown, while the male cones grow at the ends of the branches. and are responsible for spreading pollen.

Ornaments for the entrance of pumpkins and pineapples

decorate home entrance pumpkins pineapples

In Spain the most characteristic pine is Pinus pinea, also known as stone pine. It can reach a height of up to thirty meters and has an unmistakable shape of a parasol with a round crown. Their pineapples are large and take about three years to mature. They have a balloon shape and are perfect as ornaments for the fall. Do not doubt, the decoration of this autumn It will have a warm and very natural look.

Decorate the fireplace with pumpkins and pineapples

decorate shelf fireplace pumpkins

Table decoration with several different pumpkins

ornament autumn several different pumpkins

Ornamental ceramic pumpkins

ornament pumpkins ceramic basket wicker

Centerpiece decorated with a plated pumpkin

silver pumpkin table center

Table decoration with white pumpkins

center table white pumpkins

Centerpiece with pumpkins and mushrooms

ornament table pumpkins mushrooms

Autumn ornaments with pumpkins and leaves

natural ornaments pumpkins plants

Autumn decorations in rustic style

Rustic straw nature ornament

Vase with branches and dry leaves

autumn ornament dry leaves

Ceramic pumpkins and pine cones

ornaments ceramic pumpkins pine cones

Centerpieces for the autumn

ornaments centers table autumn colors

Ceramic ornaments in the shape of pineapples

ceramic ornaments pine cone shape

Decorative pineapples on each plate

centers table pumpkins autumn

Decorate with pumpkins and pineapples

minimalist ornaments pumpkins pine cones

Acorns and decorative pineapples for autumn

ornaments salon acorns pineapples

Decorate with dry leaves of colors

ornaments dry leaves autumn colors

Natural decorations for autumn

natural decorations fall season

Glass container with pine cones

autumn ornaments pine cones

Pumpkins and cones painted in gold

golden painted autumn ornaments

Glass bowl filled with pineapples

Ornaments autumn bowl glass pineapple

Cushions in the shape of pumpkins

ornaments shape pumpkins fabric

Adjoined living room table with white pumpkins

white pumpkins ornaments living room table

Bowl filled with pumpkin gummies

full container sweet pumpkins

Bedside table decorated with zucchini and pineapples

bowl small table zucchini pineapple

Chair decorated with a bow and a pineapple

pretty decoration chair tie

Nice minimalist decoration for autumn

pretty tabletop decoration

nice decorated table pumpkins

beautiful pinecone labels

pretty ornament pineapples labels names

nice design decoration pineapples

pretty ornaments pumpkins pineapples tubes

canister sand leaves dried jar

decorative boxes rustic style autumn

white pumpkin action thanks candle

large pumpkin decorated pineapple flowers

pumpkin cut pine cones inside

decorative pumpkins fireplace rack

decorative pumpkins different colors ceerca

wrapped pumpkins shabby chic style

pumpkins pineapples sprinkled sugar grapes

center table different pumpkins sizes

center table natural style

center cube red candles

pine pineapple center table

decorative centers pumpkins pineapple minimalist

centers table pumpkins white artichokes

centers table colors warm autumn

basket pineapples fabric hemp pumpkins

chimney decorated garland fruits oranges

chimney decorated wall color orange

silver bowl design ornament pumpkin

decorate house autumn palet

minimalistic decoration pineapple pumpkins

decorate pineapple gnome doll

decorate pineapples pumpkins corn

decoration ornaments pumpkins pineapples

decoration minimalist style pineapple pumpkins

Decorate painted pine cones

design decoration rustic style

two pumpkins one white orange

shelf decorated pine cones

super center table ornament pineapples

fabulous ornament pumpkins pineapples branches

fantastic design table decoration

pine cone pine view close photo

make ornaments for autumn pineapples

pine cones wreath

flower pots yellow pine cone flowers

flowerpots flowers pinecones lantern

pineapple pots red ribbons pictures

frame photo color black parrot

decorated table retro style

table decorated fruits pine cones

kitchen table decoration autumn

dining table decorated several pumpkins

full table dishes ornaments food

red tablecloth table deco pineapples

original ornament golden pumpkins painted

original adorn ocalabaza pineapples star

original design garland heart pineapples

original decoration flowerpot flowers

original designs decoration autumn


original design pineapple ornaments

original table candles orange

small decorative pumpkins frames pictures

decorate small pumpkins and pine cones

paint pumpkins pineapples golden color

small ornament false pumpkin

pineapple pine painted golden glitter

pine cones painted white pineapples

decorated entrance door garland pumpkins

ornament pumpkins painted red mushrooms

area entrance ornaments season autumn

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