Pumpkins and autumn decorations of unusual colors

original pumpkin painting colors

In our post today we want to propose fantastic ideas for this fall; paint pumpkins with unusual colors, do you dare? Given that there is a wide variety of paints and wrappings in the market, we can take advantage and decorate decorative pumpkins with vibrant and different tones.

Pumpkins decorated with unusual colors

original designs painting colors table

If you are wondering what is the most suitable type of paint for this craft , we suggest using acrylic paint or sprays. Acrylic paint easily attaches to the surface without leaving cracks. Aerosol paint is easier to use but has the disadvantage that colors can wear out over time.

Halloween pumpkin painted two colors

original painting halloween red pumpkin

To start decorating our autumn pumpkin Before we must make sure that the surface is completely clean. For this we can use a damp towel or a cloth. Once dry, we must carefully drill a small hole in the base, this will allow the interior to dry.

Decorative glass pumpkins

ornaments glass pumpkins cold colors

Then we can apply a paint sealer, although this step is optional. This product is sold in craft stores and ensures greater resistance of the paint. The next step is to start painting and decorating. If we choose a solid hue for the bottom of the pumpkin we can contrast it using bright paints or glitter for the details.

Original ornaments painted in black

pumpkin ornaments painted black

In any case, it is about improvising and creating different adornments. We used to see warm colors in the autumn decorations; Many oranges, ocher and reddish. Today we want to make a change and include different and original tonalities in the ornaments for this fall season.

Contemporary autumn decoration

beautiful design decoration autumn

The example above presents a quite novel design. The pumpkin in the center is painted white and gray pigeon, while the two that appear on each side are painted completely gray with a matte finish. These elements complete a very modern fall decoration based on neutral tones, it is a really great design.

Purple glass gourd

purple pumpkin deco glass

Pumpkin decorated with blue bands

white pumpkin blue bands deco

Pumpkin painted like a cake

white pumpkin decorated cake

Pumpkin painted in white and green water colors

white pumpkin green water

Autumnal ornaments of unusual colors

pumpkin colors glitter paint polka dots

Purple pumpkin covered with glitter

purple pumpkin covered with glitter

Pumpkin decorated with blue vegetable motifs

Pumpkin decorated blue classic motifs

White pumpkin with golden stem

white painted pumpkin golden stalk

Pumpkin painted blue and yellow

pumpkin painted skull blue color

Pumpkin painted white and pink colors

pumpkin painting white rose

Autumnal decoration in pale tones

pumpkin white pastel colors autumn

pumpkin color blue painted flowers

fake pumpkins purple tie pictures

pumpkin painted blue

pumpkins painted cherry pink

pumpkin painted blue grisaceo caballito

pumpkin painted Mexican faces

Pumpkins painted colors child caritas

pumpkin painted pink

Pumpkin painted black silver color

pumpkins painting blue turquoise

pumpkin sprinkled purple purplish

decorate pumpkin green color

decorate pumpkin spots colors

pumpkin decoration blue glitter

decorate pumpkins faces party halloween

decorate green fabric pumpkins

decorate pumpkin blue shades

original design golden colors roses

original designs pumpkins pastel

designs cupcakes colors acrylic paintings

cut out books shape pumpkin colors

child blond pumpkin painted colors

original design pumpkin purple letters

original blue and red pumpkin

original decoration pumpkin colors

original deco pumpkins green warts

original pumpkin design painted aquamarine

original design truck ashen pumpkin

original ornaments autumn decoration

original designs colors autumn glitter

original painting spots tiger pumpkin

pastel cupcakes pastel colors polka dots

paint pumpkin bright metallic paints

paintings ornaments autumn pumpkin

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