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Known with some different names in several countries of Latin America, sliced ​​bread is part of the diet of a lot of people. Bread lacteado, bar, or box this is a type of bread that is very pleasant to the palate thanks to its soft texture. It is perfect for preparing various recipes as we will see because it is more easily preserved than other types of breads. It should be mentioned that recipes with sliced ​​bread also benefit from their fat content.

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It is usually greater than the rest because its ingredients are present in the Butter and other fats that improve its texture. Another of its strengths is the great variety that exists in the market. It can be white bread, whole grain or with cereals. In the same way, the version without crust and the case of black mold bread is very popular. In nutritional matters the most relevant of this type of bread is its carbohydrate content that goes back to fifty percent.

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About eight grams of protein are received per hundred grams of this product, with fats remaining at five percent. This of course can vary depending on the producer. An interesting detail that we can not lose sight of when preparing recipes with sliced ​​bread is its energy value. Compared to traditional bread, the value from the energy point of view is very similar. It reaches up to three hundred and ten calories per hundred grams. This means that they are taken into account as a healthy alternative. Especially at noon and for snacks.

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To improve nutrition you can buy other whole varieties that contain mostly cereals, nuts or are based on yogurt. This for weight loss diets is very effective to satiate our body. These bread varieties are also beneficial for health due to their richness in fibers. A very effective content to improve the digestion in general or conditions of constipation. To do it in a simple way the best thing is the cheese sandwiches or combined with some meat and vegetables.

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Recipes with sandwich bread mixed sandwich

This is a basic recipe but it can get us out of a lot of trouble. It is a mixed variant but it hides many tricks. The goal is to achieve a bread perfectly attached to the cheese. Prevent burning and with a crijiente texture without fat overflowing. Among the ingredients we will need:


-Jamón can be York or cooked

-Cheese and mayonnaise

At this point you have to determine whether cheese is used for sandwich or not. Commonly it is bar cheese. This makes them easy to use, adapting easily to the bread size. On the other hand they melt very well with the bread because they are precisely designed for that. The explanation is in the citrate of sodium in its content. To achieve better results we recommend mixing two types of cheese. One designed to give flavor and another to be founded with bread.



We start with a trick that consists of spreading the mayonnaise on the side of the bread that is going to be toasted. Mayonnaise spreads wonders. What saves us having to grease the plate with butter. With this trick the bread is much crunchier. The sandwich with the loaf should be done over low heat. This way we ensure that the heat reaches the cheese without burning the bread too much. When the underside is toasting it is advisable to cover the pan. Avoid constant spinning while this process lasts.


Recipes with sliced ​​bread, eggs in the shell

We continue with a very special recipe that is also very nutritious. It has different versions and has spread throughout the network with great success. It is the eggs in the bread shell serving as a kind of support or cup. Within the ingredients we need:



-Picture cut in slices or bacon

- Thick cream that is fresh

- Grated cheese

-Salt pepper


-Milk of silicone


Preparation: The oven should be preheated to two hundred degrees, then spread a slice of the loaf. On one of its sides spread butter and place the wafer in the mold. On the side of the mold should be covered with butter. Later a spoonful of thick cream and grated cheese is added. For the upper part the egg is then left.


You must bake for about ten minutes. It is a recipe that has a unique image and is very appetizing. The yolk of the egg with the crusty bread is perfect. To this we add the melted cheese or slices of bacon on the top for an unprecedented feeling.


Recipes with bread mold variant for pizza

For meetings or afternoons when children are at home we recommend this cake using mold bread. It deals with recipes with sliced ​​bread that closely resemble pizza. On the other hand this can be the perfect dish if you have planned a meeting with friends or family. It is very flexible in terms of the use of ingredients and can be combined with great ease. Here we show you the necessary for six people.



-12 slices of mold bread without crust

- 4 eggs

-100 ml of milk

-Pepper and salt

In the case of filling you can use:

-200 gr of ham taquitos york

- Slices of mozzarella to cover the cake


- Ketchup

- 200 gr of special grated cheese for pizza

The first step is to preheat the oven to one hundred and ninety degrees. While we beat the milk, eggs and add salt and pepper. Sliced ​​bread slices should then go through this mixture in which we beat the eggs. Avoid soaking them too simply by a few seconds on both sides.


After this step they would be placed in the source that we will use in our oven. It is necessary that it be previously greased with oil or butter. Do not leave spaces in the bottom and if necessary, cut the bread slices. The first layer is covered with enough cheese and ham. Above this is placed another layer of bread and is finished with the tomato, and again the ham plus the cheese.


Your oven should have heat both above and below without forgetting the middle part. After fifteen minutes it is removed and sprinkled with oregano. To decorate a few slices of mozzarella are ideal. We give it another fifteen minutes in the oven avoiding that the mozzarella melts completely. The ideal is to serve it at the moment while it is hot. Remember that you can combine the ingredients according to your taste. It can be changing the style to the sailor with anchovies, tuna or sliced ​​tomato.


Cheese rolls using sliced ​​bread


- 8 slices of bread

- 8 slices of cheddar cheese

- 1/4 cup unsalted butter

For the preparation should be flattened as much as possible bread boxes until they have a smaller thickness. On top of the bread we place a slice of cheese and roll them up. Later we melt two tablespoons of butter over medium heat. Little by little we are adding each one of the rolls to the pan. They should be cooked until we appreciate a golden hue. During cooking if necessary add another dose of butter. It should be served immediately once we finish.




Bread-based cakes

Another of our recommendations are the cakes that can be made with mold bread. Like the previous one they are of great versatility that save us time in the kitchen. For parties and are very popular and basically their preparation is to go adding layers and coat them with sauces. As a rule it is made with mayonnaise. To give it a different touch, cooked ham is used. This adds a very special flavor. In essence it can be compared to a sandwich but with a different presentation.


To encourage us to prepare this dish the necessary ingredients are:

-6 slices of bread mold

- 14 slices of cooked ham

- 3 tablespoons mayonnaise

- 3 hard boiled eggs

- 1 tub of cheese spread with fine herbs

-1 handful of parsley and dill

- 3 sheets of gelatin


The first thing is to cover a mold with plastic wrap, on the paper we cover it with the slices of cooked ham. The way is that the slices protrude a bit and then accommodate them underneath. Completed this we proceed to put the first layer of bread mold.


It will usually be necessary to cut these slices to fit the mold we use. Spread with mayonnaise and cover with hard-boiled eggs also cut into slices. Everything is sprinkled with dill and then we put another layer of bread. Spread with cheese and cover with three pieces of jamos while sprinkling with parsley.


Add the last layer of bread and over it fold the slices of jamos that we put at the beginning. It is demoulded in a fountain and the gelatin is put to hydrate in cold water. When they are ready we put them in a glass and for fifteen seconds it is left in the microwave. It is covered with gelatin and decorated to our liking.


Variation of salmon cake with sliced ​​bread

For the preparation of recipes with sliced ​​bread we have thought in the same way about fish. This recipe with salmon cake can be prepared for any occasion. It is extremely tasty and can be made even ahead of time.


-300 gr of smoked salmon in slices

-300 gr of crabmeat

-6 slices of bread mold

-150 gr of mayonnaise

-A handful of escarole

- Ground black pepper

Like other recipes with sliced ​​bread, the difference lies in versatility. So do not hesitate to add other ingredients that are your taste like nuts or pineapple. The truth is that the options are many when it comes to creating a good flavor.


We start by preparing in a bowl mixing the crab meat with the portion of chopped escarole. We add mayonnaise to this mixture. It is right at this point where you can add any other ingredient of our preference. The next step is to cover the inside of the mold with plastic wrap. Then line the walls and the base with salmon slices. When you have a good amount you can cut it and add it to the filling.


Each part of the loaf is smeared with mayonnaise, but only on one side. One of the bread slices is placed at the bottom in the mold and half the filling is added. Once they are smoothed, two more pieces of bread are placed. Add the rest of the filling and finish with the last slices with the mayonnaise inwards.


With a sheet of film all the cake is covered and pressure is applied to it with the hands. It is left in the refrigerator for up to three hours or even until the next day. If we have time this is the best, once ready it is demolded and decorate. It can be with tomato, lemon or lettuce chips.


Caramelized mold bread


- 12 slices of mold bread without crust

- Half an onion

- 1 apple or other fruits

- 150 gr sliced ​​smoked bacon

- 2 eggs

-200 ml light liquid kitchen cream

- Brown or white sugar

- Salt and pepper


-Grated cheese

We start by preheating the oven to two hundred degrees. Slowly sauté the chopped onion in butter. Add the salt and pepper plus the bacon and let it brown. As a potato we cut the apple into flakes and add them.


After about two or three minutes have passed, we remove it from the fire. To beat the eggs and the cream we need a bowl just in this mixture we passed the mold bread. It is placed in a mold Spread in butter and without leaving spaces. It is covered with all the sautéing we did with the apple and the bacon. In turn, add the grated cheese and another layer of bread that has been dipped in the mixture.


The whole process is repeated until we finish with bread on top. To crown it we use the sugar sprinkling it on the whole surface. It is left in the oven for five minutes. Watching that it has heat down and up, later another five, but only with heat up. This is the time when the entire surface must be caramelized. It is removed when it is golden and served at the moment.



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