Recreational area in a play center with creative design

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In this article that we show you, you will see the beautiful photos of a recreational area in a center of games so the most important if we are talking about the children learn and play in a place with appropriate design for them.

Recreation area in a play center in Sydney Australia

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The design studio Frost * collective has worked together with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung of PAL Design Architects, to create a fun and exciting children's play center in the city of Sydney, Australia.

A design by Frost * collective¹ in collaboration with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung from PAL Design Architects

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Working in close collaboration with the NUBO team, Frost * collective created all the elements with the NUBO brand, while PAL Design Associates set out to create an environment for the children with the intention of giving them a beautiful and innovative space.

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Inside there are a variety of different rooms, each with a unique look designed to evoke the imagination of the little ones. The main room, as you can see in the photos, has an area so parents can sit and watch their children play on the wall to climb and on the slides.

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We can also see a more recreational area with a smaller play area, the design consists of a simple color palette of wood, white and blue (and a touch of gray). These colors appropriate for children are what make up this fun space that includes a slide that ends in a pit of balls, as well as stairs and small corners, perfect for children to play and have fun.

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There are also game rooms that were created for art activities. This room consists of a soft blue wall that looks like the sky, while the other wall and we find a board and shelves in which children leave their creations.

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In another game room, there is a single long table on wheels for groups of children, with curved wooden details along the walls that awaken the imagination of children and allow them to believe that they could be buildings, mountains or anything else that their minds can imagine.


There is also a quiet room with a library of books, where children can sit and read alone or in the company of an adult. In the seating area there are upholstered cushions and the hidden lighting creates an ideal space to tell stories.


1 Frost * collective






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