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Christmas decoration recycled ideas

Christmas is coming and it's time to spend time with family or friends, time for good food, and time to go shopping. If once this time of year inspired people to relax at home around the fire, today it puts people in a frenzy of consuming, consuming and consuming more. But do you really have to buy new Christmas decorations every year? This year we propose a recycled christmas decoration , do not miss our suggestions below. Do not let the lack of funds discourage you from getting some Christmas crafts. Today we have put together a selection of projects, as well as some Christmas craft tips and ideas. They are all beautiful and unique. You can offer them as homemade gifts, or make them with some special family members to simply enjoy creative time together.

Original ideas for a recycled Christmas decoration

original snowball bulb

But if you're bored with the routine or just feel creative, why not create some of your own decorations? And by using recycled materials, you will not only save money, you will also break this crazy cycle of consumerism.

Original cardboard Christmas balls

original designs home ornaments

If you need some ideas to get started, here you can see some easy decorations and crafts that anyone can do at home. Do you have tons of old postcards? Have you bought too many Christmas cards and you do not know what to do with them? Do not throw them away! All this paper can be used to make impressive Christmas garlands and decorations.

Original garland design of cardboard pieces

original garland cardboard pieces

To make this specific decoration, all you have to do is cut the spare paper cards in circles, fold them and tie everything with a rope. It really is as easy as it sounds.

Pretty wreath made of paper stars

pretty star paper garland

If the first project seems too complicated for small children, it will be perfect. It is not necessary to relize complicated origamis, simply cut nice pieces of paper and stick them on a rope. That's all about it. You can use any paper for this, from unused Christmas cards to junk mail and magazines.

Original reindeer design of cork caps

Nice reindeer lids original cork

Making a cork reindeer as fun as the photo requires a bit of work and some tools, but it can be a fun project for you and your older children, and the results will be impressive.

Original Christmas reindeer cork stoppers

original reindeer tapas wine

All you need to make these simple reindeer are corks and ropes, although the additional decorations depend on you.

Original decoration with Scrabble pieces

original decoration pieces scrabble

Scrabble is ideal for these cases. The pieces often tend to get lost, which means that you can have incomplete boxes of games at home that you're sorry to throw away. The solution? Scrabble Christmas Ornaments!

Ideas to decorate the tree with Scrabble pieces

decorate tree scrabble pieces

To make this ornament you will need some Scrabble cards and pieces, as well as some tools such as a saw and a hot glue gun. If you have these tools available, making these ornaments should not take more than an hour.

Original Christmas lanterns from glass jars

nice christmas lanterns glass jars

Do you have empty glass jars? You have almost everything to make Christmas lanterns. Place a candle inside, and decorate the outside of the jar with glitter, powdered snow or colored paint.

Original snowball with figurines

great glass ornament

Another great idea is to create a snowball with a figure inside, for this project you will need jars with a lid.

Snowmen from yogurt containers

dolls snow cans yogurt

This is a great craft for those who have small children and want to hang out with them. Just pick up some empty yogurt bottles or any other kind of small plastic bottle and some extra bottle caps, and with some simple craft supplies, you can create these adorable snowmen.

Original snowmen made with jars of yogurt

original dolls yogurt

The best thing about this is that you can fill them with all kinds of goodies, such as cookies or jelly beans.

Super homemade Christmas ornaments pendants

Great Christmas ornaments

Do not throw away the burned out light bulbs! Cover them with glitter or paint, and hang them on your tree instead of those expensive store-bought ornaments. This is a really easy idea and does not require more than the simple creativity and supplies that you have at hand.

Beautiful Christmas fir made with coffee filters

pretty fir made filters cafe

Do you feel especially creative? Collect some coffee filters that you do not need and make a small Christmas tree.

Original design of Christmas fir made with coffee filters

original design spruce filter flyers

As long as you have the filters, a cone of foam or other material and something flat for the base, the rest really depends on you.

Great Christmas fir made with coffee filters

super fir white color

Paint the filters or leave them white, stick anything you find around as ornaments, and find the perfect ornament that suits the top of the tree.

Original ornaments made with plastic bottle bottoms

hanging balls plastic bottles

The easiest way to save on the vacation budget is to use what you already have. But, if your old ornaments are simply old, there are plenty of ways to give them a small update. In addition, we have found several projects to recycle other materials that you will already have lying around.

Original ideas to make a recycled Christmas decoration

recycled cork christmas decoration

The options are really endless when it comes to all the fun things you can do with simple wine cork tops. You can hang them as ornaments, use them in a garland, or as unique gift tags; These little tapas will bring joy to your family and friends this year.

Original ideas for a recycled Christmas decoration

christmas decoration recycled balls

Extend a little light and warmth this season by making some handmade decorations with your little ones. These paper strips Christmas balls are perfect for those who are hoping to bring an extra burst of color for the holidays.

Super paper christmas ball design

original design ball Christmas paper

If you are good at producing origami and paper crafts, you may be able to make a Christmas ball as original as the one in the image above.

Original Christmas wreath design of origami

original christmas wreath origami paper

If you are trying to make a garland this year, consider taking note of this design. This garland has been made with stars made with magazine paper, a really simple and very cheap project.

Original lamp made with a bottle full of Christmas lights

original lamp bottle lights christmas

Hoping to spread a little more joy this holiday season, we suggest you create these cool homemade glass luminaries offered for celebrations. Using tin cans of family-sized canned vegetables or glass bottles, a little paint, these lovely luminaires will light up your home for the holidays and will be enjoyed by all.

Ideas for a recycled christmas decoration

Christmas Firs

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wooden fir trees

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