Recycled furniture made with fruit boxes

design shelves living room wood boxes

Today we are going to see one of the most current trends that consists of using pallets and wooden fruit boxes to make furniture. In posts we already told you about the recycled furniture made with pallets; that's why today we will extend the theme including fifty fabulous designs of furniture and utensils made from boxes of fruit, do not miss our collection of images.

Recycled furniture of fruit boxes

wheels box white fruits yellow

See how original this auxiliary dresser with wheels is. The wooden boxes are attached to a vertical panel that acts as a support, and under the lower box are the four wheels. It is a very functional and practical furniture for different uses, ideal for the bathroom , the kitchen or the bedroom.

Retro decoration with wooden boxes

shed plants box wood suitcase

Another way to use wooden boxes is to use the boxes as they are, without making modifications to their initial structure. As we can see in the image at the top, the worn look of the fruit box It contributes a very retro and elegant style that at the same time serves as protector of the plants of the pot.

Jewelers made with wooden boxes

original white jewelers boxes

The following design of recycled furniture is one of our favorites for its originality. We talked about these wonderful painted wall jewelers White . The elaboration of these pieces is quite simple, it is enough to paint the boxes and place inside several hooks or supports for the jewels that we want to store inside. To complete and beautify the jeweler we can include some ornamental details like that great metallic ornament with classic motifs.

Use wooden boxes as flower boxes

pretty box fruit box wood

If you wish, you can also use the fruit boxes without having to disassemble their structure. An interesting idea is to use them as flower boxes by placing the plant pots inside, as shown in the photograph above. Is it true that a very original look has been achieved? These are just some of our proposals but the possibilities are many, do not hesitate, if they have old wooden boxes, do not throw it away.

Different uses for wooden boxes

beautiful designs furniture boxes shelves

As we have seen in each of these projects for recycled furniture, the fruit drawers adapt to many styles. To which is added the facility for recycling. The result in addition to beauty is equally resistant and the effect highly aesthetic. We will just need a little creativity.

Original toy cart

box fruits wood wheels pink

The best of all is that each of the solutions we have seen and will continue to mention will be very economical. Many times fruit boxes for recycled furniture only have to look for them in a supermarket. As with pallets, perhaps the classic furniture par excellence is the auxiliary tables. A perfect piece for any space.

Wooden shelves for fruits and vegetables

box fruits vegetables kitchen plants

With a uniform sanding with only one of these boxes we can achieve a beautiful table. After sanding a coat of paint of our preferred color will give the perfect finish. In the same way we have the option of adding wheels to make it more practical and move it easily. All the space resulting from being a box is suitable for storing books and your favorite magazines.

Decorate interiors with pallets

decorative wooden box flowers

After the tables the shelves are another popular option in the world of recycled furniture and made of fruit boxes. If they are complemented with mirrors we will be gaining even space in the rooms. In the space at the bottom of the box a nice mirror will be interesting. With several drawers you can achieve a beautiful and attractive combination.

Table decorated in retro style

wooden box garden decoration

Located on the sides or at a lower height will be the perfect storage spaces for any accessory. In the bedrooms you can use the same idea and decorate them with colors that combine with our room. Every everyday accessory will always be available in these beautiful boxes.

Decorations with old wooden boxes

retro decorated wooden box

The best thing about fruit boxes for recycled furniture is its versatility. Any area of ​​the house is perfect according to the furniture we plan to build. So even the kitchen does not escape this trend, as an example you could think of a kind of organizer. The best way to decorate them in this case is with adhesive paper and the paint itself.

Retro style fruit box

box wood fruits kitchen handles

Everything that is used in this space as dishes and even food will have a place in it. Usually in the entrances of the house we locate some shoe stores. Especially those boxes by their characteristics can be the best option to replace traditional shoemakers. According to the characteristics of the box, it can also be used as a bank.

Decorate fruit boxes

painted wooden box colors

So it must be quite resistant. After a good painting one of its faces can be upholstered to be used as a seat. Then we simply have to place the shoes in the hollow space. This is another project for recycled furniture that allows us to use wheels if we wish. The strength of this type of wood makes it equally useful for outdoor spaces.

Wooden box with centimeters measurements

meter box original design measures

With several that join by means of nails remain as a shelf. In any area of ​​the patio you can use without any inconvenience. Its beautiful rustic image will be the best way to have a piece of furniture in harmony with the environment. To decorate a room outdoors will be of great help. This shelf is the perfect place for small mats in pots and any accessory that goes with the design of your garden.

DIY wood shelf

fruit boxes diy vase shelves

By themselves the effect of the boxes is highly decorative. If you combine several groupings of different sizes they are a good way to decorate children's bedrooms. If we paint or decorate them in funny ways, their appeal is greater. They are always useful to accommodate toys and keep bedrooms organized.

Designs of recycled furniture from wooden boxes and pallets

fruit boxes letter blue candle

wooden boxes fruits toys

wooden boxes painted shabby style

wooden boxes decorated stickers

colors boxes fruit bath towels

wooden boxes estanterçias terrace

wooden boxes wine shelves living room

white wine boxes fence garden

wooden bed garden cushion red

interior decoration fruit boxes

wood box table decoration

decoration table fruit boxes

rustic decoration wood boxes

deco lounge furniture recycled wood

design decoration wood boxes

design table box wood basket

design furniture recycled wood drawers

original designs furniture boxes fruits

shelves books library fruit boxes

Super shelving fruit boxes

vases wooden boxes small fruits

decorative ideas wooden boxes

wooden pallets extendable table

decorated table plants wooden box

bedside table wood fruits

furniture shelves box fruits retro fruit box used as

recycled furniture wood boxes pallets

recycled furniture modern wooden boxes

recycled furniture fruit boxes table

design deco box gardener garden

original decoration boxes fruits

original designs recycled furniture

original shelves design wooden boxes

original table furniture recycled wood

use boxes fruit deco wood

center effect bench under special

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