Reforms in the home - practical ideas to gain space

ideas reforms living room

Many home improvement projects do not add value to a home, especially in a declining market. In fact, some reforms They can even subtract from the sale price. On the other hand, some projects can add significant value to your home, so today we want to give you several great ideas for the remodeling of your home, you can not miss them.

Reforms in the home - practical and efficient ideas

design remodeling living room

So, what home improvement projects are beneficial and what projects should be avoided? Below are some useful tips for home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home, and home improvement projects that should be avoided altogether.

Ideas and advice for home renovations

Home reforms designs plans

Many projects add value to your home, and improve the quality of life for your family. By working on these projects now, you will be able to enjoy the benefits and updates. If you carry out green updates, you can also recover your investment in these green energy technologies once you complete the projects.

Design of renovated kitchen

modern kitchen renovation design

Most people consider that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and because of this, the updates in this room are worth it. You can expect to recover from 60% to 120% of your investment in a kitchen reform, as long as you do not go overboard. You should never make your kitchen more elegant than the rest of the house.

Kitchen reform before and after

kitchen renovated before after

It is not a good idea to invest in a luxury kitchen. You can reform it using resistant materials and a design that suits your needs and tastes. In the long term you can verify that your investment has been advantageous.

Ideas for a kitchen remodeling

modern white kitchen remodeling design

A kitchen the size of a living room should have appliances and countertops that look like those of a luxury restaurant. If you plan to sell your home within the next five years, keep potential buyers in mind before beginning any major reform; Many people are not willing to pay for a luxury kitchen.

Save by painting the walls with paint

paint walls paint bright colors

A bit of painting can do miracles When we talk about the budget of a kitchen remodeling, prices can vary from 5,000 euros to 75,000 euros or more. Get the most out of your investment in remodeling your kitchen by changing the color. Fresh paint in modern colors can modernize the look of your kitchen. Also, painting is relatively cheap.

Original ideas for remodeling a home

ideas remodeling simple modern home

You may want to consider using an eco-friendly paint that is more environmentally friendly, as it also helps to avoid inhaling dangerous chemicals, such as benzene, which is an exhaust gas for regular fresh paint.

Renovation of bathroom

beautiful bathroom renovation

If your house has only one bathroom , you can recover a large part of your investment by adding another. Professionals estimate that 80% -130% of expenses can be recovered by adding a bathroom. Consider all spaces such as closets or areas under the stairs, too. If you want a medium-sized bathroom you will need at least 18 square feet. If you want a full bathroom, including a standing shower, you will need at least 30 square feet. If you want a bathtub, make sure you have at least 35 additional square feet.

Design a house plan

flat house interior design

Adding more square meters to your home with a new room can be a very expensive project. Although you can recover part of your investment, the cost of this project can go out of control. You should only watch a television program of home remodeling to check that projects that start with a budget of 15,000 Eur, quickly become 30,000 Eur or more when homeowners and contractors have unexpected problems.

Efficient and practical interior design

nice decoration living room

Reinvent the existing space in your home to save money. Complete a basement, or convert the attic into a bedroom. Many owners can also add small apartments in or on their garages, which can then be rented as a room. Before demolishing walls and beams, try to think of the ways in which you and potential buyers will be able to use the space:

Super modern lounge design

nice modern living room design

the versatile rooms have a greater appeal for potential buyers. Basements can be great offices or games rooms. Many people also convert this space into a small apartment for an elderly relative or tenant.

Design of room in the attic

nice interior room attic

The spaces in the attic often work well for craft rooms and game rooms, especially if they have high ceilings. If you have children, you can add swings and create a cool environment just for them.

Invest in energy efficiency windows

invest in windows

You can expect to recover 60% to 90% of the costs when investing in energy efficiency windows. You can also receive a green energy tax credit of 10% for this update, as long as you install windows with an Energy Star rating. You may also qualify for additional credits from your state, or even your utility company.

Original ideas for practical reforms in the home

ideas reforms home practices

The addition of a cover increases the value of your home. Outdoor spaces have become more desirable, especially since more people stay at home during vacations. If you add a cover to your backyard, it will look more attractive, and your home will be more interesting to potential buyers when you decide to sell. The cost of adding a cover to your home varies widely. Covers can cost from 1,200 Eur to 10,000 Eur or more. Once again, everything depends on the design and the materials used. As you can imagine, you can save a lot of the cost, usually half, if you do the work yourself. Keep in mind that the construction of the roof is not easy. You need specific tools such as a band saw, in addition the cost of the tools can be very high, especially if you do not plan to use them later.

Choose efficient doors and windows

reforms the home hall entrance

Think of efficient energy isolation. If your home lacks basic insulation, and you have old doors that let in a lot of hot and cold air, home inspectors who work with potential buyers will include this in their reports. Households that have not been modified with energy efficiency in mind cost more to live and maintain.

Design of living room with bright wooden floor

empty living room bright wooden floor

Seal the cracks around the house to save even more money on energy costs, and to make your home more attractive to buyers. You can buy a thermal leak detector for about 40 Eur or less. These handheld devices warn of temperature differences around your house. This allows you to add putty or proper insulation.

Plans of reforms for the home

work tools

Basic reforms add more value to your home. Keep the paint cool, fix the roof when it leaks, replace the rotted wood, and get rid of any mold you find. These types of tasks will prevent your home from deteriorating over time. Buyers want a healthy, solid and safe home.

Invest in useful remodeling projects

change coatings floor tiles

If you plan to move in two or three years, do not invest money in home improvement projects that will not increase the resale value of your home.

Modern kitchen design

original modern kitchen design

Of course, if you have a high-end home in an exclusive neighborhood, an upgrade to your kitchen to turn it into a "gourmet" kitchen can increase its value, as shoppers expect to see a gourmet kitchen in a high-end home. But even in a luxury home, you will not be able to recover all the investment made in an expensive kitchen remodeling when you sell your house.

Ideas to renovate the room

how to renovate modern living room

It can be fun and relaxing to take a hot bath after a long day at work, but potential buyers will not pay more for a newly installed hot tub. In addition, the costs for installing a whirlpool can be prohibitive. Many homeowners install luxury bathtubs only to discover that they need to invest in a larger hot water tank for the bathtub to function properly. On the other hand, the installation of a bathtub can result in high energy bills and additional monthly maintenance costs.

Original modern interior design

original modern interior design

Think twice before installing a whirlpool. This project can cost you thousands of euros, and if you run into problems, the costs will be even higher.

Practical ideas to reform a home

original designs home remodeling

By means of the installation of a greenhouse or a glazed terrace, only 486 euros are recovered for every 1,000 euros spent on construction, or 49% -59% of the initial investment. In addition, glass does not provide insulation, so a sunroom also raises energy costs in winter and summer.

Ways to use space under the stairs

stairs interior storage space drawers

However, if you live in the south or on the beach, where many houses have indoor terraces, adding one to your home can actually help you stay competitive when and if you decide to sell. In addition, adding an interior terrace to your home can make it more attractive to a specific group of buyers, but it is likely that it will not recover construction costs.

Ideas to reform a house

ideas to decorate room

Adding a room to your home can cost thousands of dollars. If a new master suite is built, you may see a 66% return on your investment. If you add a family room, a 62% or less return on your investment is expected. Many buyers with limited budget do not want to heat and cool a huge house.

Decoration ideas for living rooms

ideas decorating living room

However, adding another room to your home is the only exception to this rule. An additional bedroom makes your house appeal to a new group of buyers. Save money on renovations by dividing a large space with a wall, in order to form an additional space. To qualify as another bedroom, the room will have some other additions, including a window and a closet.

Functional interior design

functional interior design ideas

Your builder can help you navigate complicated building codes to determine the requirements for building a bedroom. If the room can not be considered a bedroom for the real estate listing, indicate the new space as a bonus room instead.

Ideas to reform a kitchen

modern kitchen renovation ideas

Most people do not have a home office. The renovation of a home office costs around 28,000 Eur. You will receive around 46% return on investment for this remodeling. The technology quickly becomes obsolete, so investing in new wiring, and other home office components will not generate additional revenue at the time of sale.

Modern design loft interior

interior loft style modern design

We hope that these tips have helped you to start planning the reform of your home, now we leave you with more inspiring images in our gallery, see you soon.

Tips for reforming the home

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Small kitchen reform

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Living room decoration

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Living room design

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Living room design

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Make efficient reforms in the home

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Efficient loft-style interior designed by Tim Seggerman

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