Reforms of bathrooms, 50 variants for which you can choose.

reforms of bathrooms flowers house lights

The reforms of the bathrooms as well as other spaces in the house are always necessary. With the passage of time, the bathroom may become unattractive and may even be functional. Usually in terms of renovations and renovations the bathroom has always been one of the most expensive spaces. Today we propose two fundamental aspects to achieve reforms of bathrooms at low cost. The first has to do with the furniture and the second with the walls.

Bathroom renovations, natural light environment

refurbishment of bathrooms marble floor shine

As always we will leave some images with excellent finishes for large and small spaces. The planning of all reform or remodeling must be done intelligently. The fact of restoring furniture already it supposes a considerable saving. The process is simple and does not require very broad knowledge. Concentrate on removing stains from the wood in the cabinets.

Bathroom renovations, add a color detail

reforms of bathrooms house bathtub flowers

For this, a uniform sanding on the furniture will suffice, later paint can be applied. Make sure to select a color that complements the walls that we will see later. It is important that you select a paint that is water resistant. In addition to the stains pay attention to possible breaks in the wood. An effective method to treat dents is the wood flake.

Inserts natural elements

reforms of bathrooms glass accessories branches

Also check the state of the joints of the entire piece of furniture. Reinforces, if necessary, the bolted or glued parts. The painting New in the walls gives the final touch to the bathroom renovations. With a simple layer of paint everything is transformed and gains splendor. The first thing is to separate the old layer of paint or remove the wallpaper. Above all things it controls that they do not find formations of fungus caused by humidity.

Distribution taking advantage of the space

bathroom glass mirror furniture reforms

It is a condition that affect the bathroom in the future and the finish of the paint. You can resort to special paints that prevent the formation of mold or add a specific product to the painting. We leave you several proposals in our gallery today. Maybe you see some of these models give you some idea for future projects in terms of remodeling or just refreshing the bathroom a bit.

Enter a color with the towels

bathroom reforms green accent towels

Create a functional and personalized bathroom

bathroom reforms double gray washbasin

Wood and white combination

bathroom mirrors wood furniture mirrors

Combination of various tiles

bathrooms reforms cozy white space

Reform for ample space

reforms of bathrooms gray window lamparas

A single color pattern for floor and bathtub

reforms of glass jarron bathroom

Small fresh bathroom

reforms of bathrooms brick texture flowers

Wood slats in panel

bathroom reforms marble wood slats

Variant for medium bath

reforms of bathrooms flowerpot floor plants

Division of small spaces

Bathroom reforms led wood dresser

Interesting modern bathroom

reforms of modern baths white bathtub

Luminosity with use of white

bathroom reforms mirror furniture lights

Functional bathroom, exit to outside

bathroom reforms large brown door

Accents of gray and yellow

reforms of bathroom door towels shelf flowers

Walls in gray and white ceiling

reforms of bathrooms window lamparas bathtubs

elongated luxury bathroom elegant bathtub

wardrobe wood flowers towel branches

white elegant design attractive house

white elegant home garden design

white natural lights effect flowers

colorful wood mirror house furniture

colorful wall column sea chair

paintings pardes murals figures jarron

golden frames countertop cozy house

mirror walls window shower glass

shelves towels led accessories pictures

attractive flowers white dressers window

flowers glass jarron washbasin lamparas

Unlimited large drawer mirrored plants

Unlimited large wall paper drawer

led lights small modern shower

minimalist wood cozy bathroom flowers

wood furniture natural wide bathtub

marble floor dark walls mirror

marble floor sanitary walls washbasin

bathroom furniture brown marron led

black bathroom improved bath style

white wall contrast sanitary walls

small separate curtain sunflowers flowers

small separate curtain lights lighting

personal bathroom attractive modern cozy

personal bathroom attractive walls floor

knobs glass conches plants pictures

renovated modern bathroom luxury door

small wall wall shower cozy

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