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Unpaid, damaged or damaged property are some of the reasons why many people do not want to rent their homes. The truth is that the behavior of many tenants has become a real nightmare for many of the owners. Even reaching judicial processes that in practice make the process of rental . However, as landlords, we have several alternatives to protect ourselves at the moment of taking our floor to market.

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Alquiler Seguro leads these alternatives that will prevent us from being startled. It is the first company specialized in the protection of owners. Especially through preventive measures that help to avoid delinquency. To his ten years of experience in this aspect is added the fact of being the only company that has certified quality services ISO 9001 and ISO 20252. Services fully guaranteed and designed especially for our peace of mind as a landlord.

Rent Insurance - services and protection to owners

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  • Promotion of the property

As we know there is nothing more effective than an attractive advertisement and accompanied by a professional image. For this reason, Alquiler Seguro offers an advisor who will be in charge of the promotion of our property in relevant portals of the real estate sector.

  • Search and selection of the perfect tenant

This is perhaps the main secret to guarantee our tranquility, the right tenant. To select the ideal candidate, the Company conducts a solvency and roadway analysis. A thorough investigation that will free us from delinquent tenants avoiding problems in the future. To this study is added the consultation in recognized delinquency files as File of Tenant Tenants, Experian or ASNEF. An effective resource that will allow knowing the background of the candidates. In the same way it will be possible to register tenants with defaults in these files.

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  • Elaboration of the Contract

Undoubtedly, an important step in the success of the entire process and Safe Rent is not overlooked either. Its Legal Department, made up of specialized lawyers, will draw up its contract in accordance with the provisions of the Urban Leasing Law. With clear and simple clauses we will be sure that both the rights of the lessor and the tenant and the obligations of both are presented.

  • Integral rental management

Like other services offered by Alquiler Seguro, the integral management of the rent also takes care of our peace of mind, but in terms of incidents. We have the option after a request that all be managed by the Company until its solution. What helps us as owners to benefit from the best payment advantages. Thanks to the fact that they also have specialists in asset management of real estate.

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  • Private area

The private area consists of an interesting and revolutionary tool. Allows internal communication anonymously. So it will not be necessary to give our tenant an email or contact number to communicate with him. This has great advantages and makes it possible to follow the processing of incidents in real time if we commission it to Safe Rent. From the private area it will be easy to download our fiscal report, consult the lease contract and enjoy other facilities. In essence it is an instrument designed for our comfort, we can see more details in the Rental blog Insurance.

In practice with Safe Rent we will have the best guarantees when taking our floor to the market. His more than 50,000 contracts and a delinquency rate of 0% prove it. Do not wait any longer and enjoy also stable payments and these excellent comprehensive services of protection to the owner. It's just everything you deserve as a landlord.

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