Rock gardens and nature, creating different environments.

rock gardens yellow terrace lawn

Rock gardens and creativity is all we need to create a different patio. Rocks give us the possibility to get away from the traditional and create something different. Rockrose implementation occupies a special position in landscaping. Something positive is that it usually develops with low maintenance plants. It is right if we do not have a lot of time to devote to irrigation and other care.

Rock gardens and succulents, cozy space

rock gardens gravel wood flowerpots

The rocks for the design of the rockery should be varied. We can start with a selection of varied colors, shapes and sizes. Rock gardens and plants would be the next selection, especially creeping plants. The positive of these species It is their ability to cover the ground and conform to the shapes of the stones.

Rock gardens and species variants

rock gardens curbstone pink size

As mentioned earlier it is necessary that they have low maintenance requirements. The conditions of the rocky terrain will require it, also in conditions of good drainage. The first step then is a good preparation of the land. It is necessary to spread the earth to avoid compaction. It is also a way to oxygenate the land and prepare it.

Design variant with path

rock gardens path windows path

Add as much sand as possible to improve the drainage and do not create accumulations of water. You must be clear about the design and the distribution that the rocks will have in the garden. To better fit the terrain and be more stable bury the rocks a few centimeters. It is vital that adequate spaces are left between them that favor the development of the plants.

Colorful details among rocks

rock gardens posters fences ropes

Whenever we try rock gardens and landscaping, the asymmetry is ideal. Therefore try to group them in various sizes and shapes. At the time of incorporating the plants begins with the largest then the smallest. They are two processes that we can execute at the same time. We can go planting while we arrange the stones in our garden.

Design on high ground

rock gardens house trees floor

The achievement of a beautiful patio can take time. At first, it may seem colorless as the species develop. To avoid this we can plant some seasonal specimens with flowers. It is a way to give more life to the rockery. The soil is another important complement, to unify it you can add gravel.

Garden with larger species

rock gardens house footpath patio

Before applying it, it is necessary to extend a mesh on the ground to avoid its loss. Care and maintenance will depend to a large extent on the selected species. You can vary the needs of irrigation. We leave you a selection of landscapes around the world. Hopefully serve as a starting point and source of ideas.

Practical and functional style

rock gardens steps pine trees flowers

Solution for small spaces

rock gardens fine gravel small

Garden with fresh atmosphere

rock gardens fern fresh moisture

Style for small earrings

rock gardens small solar lamps

In front of green wall

rock gardens tall tree slabs

Patio corner design

rock gardens lamparas fence plants

Attractive combination of species

rock gardens malangas rockers palms

Sample of color variations on rocks

rock gardens mound bushes orange

Live accent with colored flowers

rock gardens mound white alive

Garden on slope with rocks

rock gardens mound house elevations

Style with orange flowers

rock gardens mound flowers orange

Uniform tone stones

rock gardens mound palm trees

Edge of bricks in garden

rock gardens wall bricks succulents

Rockery on slope

rock gardens wall fences wood

Japanese garden variant

rock gardens rocks japanese lamp

Zen garden mode

rock gardens rocks zen landscaping

Selection of small species

rock gardens red bench small species

Covering spaces between rocks

rock gardens rose bench colorful

Rock shaped island

rock gardens footpath elevation mound

Ponds with rocks on edges

rock gardens trails water ponds

Design created by NK Landscaping

rock gardens trails under design

Colored gravel

rock gardens trails stars gravel

Wooden fence on edges

rock gardens trails project wall

yellow sunset house patio street

attractive yellow design nice green

yellow rocks aesthetic design patio

room space rear air lamps

spacious exterior space house elevation

large gardens house gravel courtyard

striking yellow interesting broad colorful

blue detail plant stripes small

boats sea sunset centered yachts

white street space white truck

front street strings footpath patio

blue house wood walls space

house cart fenced colorful herbs

house exterior world sky grass

Modern house design patio cushions

house wall armchairs plants variants

waterfall grass trees rock flowers

waterfalls yellow green rocks grass

elegant wall bricks succulents selection

main entrance house america rocks

climbing gardens rocks cones stepped

colorful creative wood decoration steps

nice wide yellow standard design

pond rocks surrounded water circle

outdoor footpath mulch natural earth

Canarian flowers islands poster wood

flowers interesting ferns slabs cool

large rocks pergola yellow house

fine gravel elegant blue white

fine gravel elegant courtyard colors

grass lawn plants lounger patio

herbs house wood grass rocks

English stones rocks yellow natural

interesting lamparas stairs nice house

lagoon grass chair trees rocks

static lagoon variable lagoon trail

interesting lagoon fine gravel stones

slabs yellow grass bench steps

pots night sky elegant lanterns

wood stove terrace wood chair

mulch house smart windows windows

table brown wall bricks windows

wood wall lake pond steps

wall rocks static retention stones

orange rocks white stones style

dark elegant interior bench chair

Integrated landscape house morning rocks

nice bird colorful red aesthetic

wall wood green brown flowers

pergola wood aged forest amrillo

plants design nice intense small

nice green striking design plants

plants design red gardens flowers

green plants animated gardening idea

plants wide sphere white daisies

rocks house exterior landscaping flowers

rocks design lively exterior variety

rocks elegant plants design project

rocks shelf wood slabs

aesthetic rocks pots yellow posters

rocks flowers gravel small design

rocks lagoon pond flowers plants

red rocks contrast earring gardening

footpath yellow house patio wall

warm trail gravel blue japanese

trail plants snake space slabs

interesting chair patio path terrace

attractive clothesline blue patio walls

nice terrace outdoor living room yellow

interesting detail plants mountain sky

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