Rooms for babies - 25 designs of interest.

rooms for babies savanna jungle monkey

The rooms for babies can begin to define them in terms of decoration once sex is known. This will be decisive for the selection of the theme of the room. Although there are several animated versions especially those that we can use regardless of whether it is a girl or child The same happens in the rooms for babies that have as theme the animals of the forest etc. The differentiation is more specific when it comes to princesses.

Rooms for babies, theme about the jungle

rooms for babies teddy bear chair

Being one of the most used variants and with great availability of accessories that allow to create a unique space for the child. We are going to focus on two fundamental aspects, colors and illumination in the rooms for babies. We can stay with all freedom in the traditional blue or pink range. Although currently I have seen light yellow or beige on many occasions. There really is something for all tastes in soft or more intense tones.

Rooms for babies, variant in pink

rooms for babies girl flowers theme

The soft colors that transmit tranquility are recommended. For lighting it is advisable to have two types of lamps. One on the roof and the other located on one of the walls. Especially the latter near the area that we dedicate to change or breastfeed. It is advisable for night care. This way we avoid using the first one that is of greater intensity and can make it difficult to sleep. Something necessary are the curtains too, they are essential to control the entry of light.

Decoration with animals in textiles

rooms for babies toy chains

We must take special care with its periodic washing due to the accumulation of dust. The fabric must be resistant against this element and not absorb it. The furniture should be rather simple. As it grows, we will incorporate more specific ones. Understand a trunk for toys or a table and small chair. During the first months with the crib, a closet and the changing table we will have enough. More could detract functionality and overload the room.

Room with blue walls

rooms for babies wood male floor

Pink walls with flowers

rooms for babies warm pink carpet

Traditional style with white furniture

rooms for babies white traditional rug

Princess theme in pink

rooms for babies princess white theme

Variant for girls with butterflies

rooms for babies pink bed bear

Soil in green and forest animals

rooms for babies green dog duck

Floor lamp for care area

blue male bear floor furniture

gray red creative quarter rugs

toys floor baby room furniture

wood white bed star cart

wood white bed cart colorful toys

wood toys bear cart wall

mother decoration child stars mice

orange accent design stripes boy

sheep floor puppy moon curtain

fish decoration nemo bed spheres

penguin tree bear house clouds

intense pink design tree bear

Cow Bear Plane Wall Mount

male striped carpet shelves black

green furniture frog toys wood

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