Rural cabins - a design full of contrasts and modern details

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Rural cabins are one of the favorite places when we want to escape from everyday stress. Being in contact with nature and breathing fresh air is an ideal way to recharge and return to work full of energy. The proposal in the designs of rural cabins are obviously many. Modern styles abound with an image minimalist and beautiful While others opt for the fusion of elements of different styles in the decorative proposals or the entire design.

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An outstanding case is precisely this cabin designed by Standard Studio. The project consisted in the transformation of a stable of forty-five square meters. Located on the island of Ibiza, the building became a beautiful private home. The landscape that surrounds it is mostly mountainous so the views are truly spectacular. Another interesting detail of the property is its antiquity.

Rural cabins view from the pool

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Data nothing more and nothing less than two hundred years and has come back to life with a different and very fresh image. In addition to being a home, one of the objectives of Standard Studio, based in Amsterdam, was to make it similarly an exhibition hall for a store dedicated to interior design. So all the furniture and pieces that make up the decoration unlike other rural cabins can be found in this store.

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Without exception of a space from the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the dining room we can find them. What is a great idea and a different way of seeing and interacting with interior decoration. Another important point in terms of its design is the way in which it relates to the environment. The result is a cozy image starting from the patio with hammock and table for multiple functions to the pool.

Rural cabins beams and warm effect of wood

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From the pool the view is excellent as we see in one of the photographs. From the main entrance as it usually happens in some rural cabins you can access the main salt or the kitchen. There is a glass door that gives us access specifically to the kitchen. One of the beauties of design is precisely the ceiling. A combination of beam wood with aged image runs throughout the rooms.


The wood is made of pine, a species known by Sabina and that grows precisely on the island. The fact of being two hundred years old is a fascinating extra for all this construction. With the detail of the beams in a general way, the interior design and decoration are further enriched. They provide a rustic detail and at the same time a special warmth.


It is precisely the contrast with the white walls that highlights the effect of wood. The ornaments that can be found in the store are well placed in niches. The living room is a real gem inside the house. With a simple composition composed of two chairs, a rug and a bookcase is the cool and warm area to relax.


Several decorative accessories fill her with life and make her different. In the lower part, a bedroom is also integrated. Within the spaces a modern kitchen is harmoniously integrated. The black color gives it a different look in contrast against a stone wall. The combination is a way to combine the contemporary with the rustic.


Integrating surfaces and different textures in the kitchen environment. The contrasts created by Standard Studio they continue in the bathroom. Fundamentally by the different modern pieces that integrate it and the stone walls with a beautiful rustic image.


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