Rustic chimneys ideas and details to decorate with style

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The rustic decor as we know is one of the fashionable options. Today we show you a selection of some examples. Especially some rustic fireplaces design ideas and settings.

Rustic fireplaces ideas for warm and beautiful interiors

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Within all the decoration a rustic fireplace is a detail that completes the design. In general, it is a type of decoration that makes our natural surroundings shine. In addition to completing the image with rustic chimneys ideas for decorate With this style they are based on simple details. The rustic style can occupy a small space of the house or extend it to all spaces.

Rustic fireplaces ideas to achieve the decoration of this area of ​​the house

chimneys rustic colors structure metal combinations

Added to the rustic fireplaces ideas that make the space better and more pleasant must be personalizing each of these details. You can not aspire to a rustic design without an adequate use of materials. Each of the selected materials should bring that warm aspect to the selected space. Two of obligatory reference are wood and stone. If we look closely at the images, the materials of the rustic chimneys are the same, ideas and designs.

Another great example of the elegant effect in the finishes with natural materials and the living room

rustic fireplaces special modern decoration

They look perfect when combined. Beyond the use in the design of the fireplace the stone can be used in the lining of the walls. On the other hand, wood looks its best in the case of furniture or floors. Every aspect counts when it comes to decorating ideas with natural flowers are great. It can be said that they can not be missing in the rustic decoration.

Contemporary ambience that adds a different note with this rustic fireplace

cozy modern living room materials

The flowers especially look perfect in the living room or in the bedrooms. However, this does not exclude dining rooms either. In the rustic style the pots are the best complement for the flowers. In the glass vases will look like an elegant and special complement. The wood in addition to being present in the finish of the rustic fireplaces ideas to apply them in frames are perfect.

This bench incorporated into the design is a great idea to rest near the fire at home

rustic built-in simple bench fireplaces

For a more personal environment you can place family photos. Otherwise frame beautiful works of art with frames of this material. The main tones to achieve a harmonious atmosphere with this style would be using browns, beige and white. The furniture in the same way has a fundamental role. As we mentioned preferably of wood.

Including art in the rustic fireplace space an impact option in the design

art pictures decorations shocking furniture

If it is about the salons, the auxiliary tables can have a combination in wood and wrought iron. When it comes to furniture recovered the look worn out It makes them look very original. The tonalities that we recommend can be those of an armchair or perhaps a sofa. It will depend on the space and our personal taste. For the bedrooms you can use the same effect worn in the case of beds.

The steel elements and the wood complete the rustic image of this beautiful living room

cabanas decorations furniture salons parties

The headboard can be the perfect detail for the wood to represent that rustic and worn look. We share several images of rustic environments that can be of inspiration in this style. In each one the materials and the warm effect of the environment combine perfectly with the rustic chimneys.

The texture of the wood looks perfect next to the rocks of this rustic fireplace

elegant fresh fruits luminous contrasts materials

Ideal selection of textiles combine perfectly with the tones of the entire space

floral details environment styles colors

Several furniture ideas embedded in the sides are the perfect space for accessories

furniture walls recessed lights led

A cozy lounge that equally bets on finishes in steel and natural rocks

small elegant shapes metal set

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