Rustic chimneys photos that impress and fall in love

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Today we are going to show you some images with ideas for chimneys rustic original photos for the living room. Choosing the rustic style in the living room is an excellent solution for those looking for a warm and family atmosphere. The use of natural materials and oblivion at all, modern lacquered furniture and strong colors is very popular especially among those who have nostalgia for the old style, the past, probably, the one that was found in the house of grandparents or relatives .

Rustic fireplaces pictures of living rooms with fireplace

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The rustic style is undoubtedly very convenient for homes in the mountains and those in the countryside. It is not very likely to find a rustic style decoration in a house in the city, but it is not impossible to achieve. Do you want to discover how to decorate the style rustic the living room?

Rustic fireplaces ideas of salons abroad

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We advise you to review the images collected in our photo gallery, where we show you both the rustic decoration and beautiful fireplaces of this style that can look great in a modern living room.

Living room with wood fireplace

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In recent years the rustic style begins to like especially young couples. Many of these people seek precisely that, even though they live in a more modern environment, look for those details and the style that belongs to the houses of the past. Stone, wood and wrought iron are also part of that old imaginary concept that now dates back to modern decoration.

Stone wall and columns and rustic fireplace in the living room

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Many people opt for rustic salons so we have these images for these people to be inspired. To give a rustic touch to your living room you can go in two directions, one from a distant age, made of period furniture and natural stone chimneys, and the other more contemporary, with a mix of furniture and accessories of the two styles.

Living room with vaulted ceiling and rustic fireplace

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In the first case the atmosphere is already very rustic or presents typical elements of the rooms in this style. We will have stone walls, wooden ceilings with exposed beams and also for the floor we will finish with wood, stone or tiles.

Dining room with rustic fireplace in the country house

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The rustic style shows the old saying the world is round everything turns everything turns. Surely our ancestors would have a good laugh if they could see that it is fashionable nowadays. Probably in their days they wanted to have plastered walls instead of raw logs and rugs instead of bare wooden plank floors.

Frame and firs decorating the rustic fireplace in the living room

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But thanks to its image the rustic style with its unpretentious design, with its textures and organic forms and the warmth of the natural elements, has become so popular and has entered the heart of the city as it is in the villages.

Lovely lamp and rustic fireplace in the living room

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Rustic interiors have a sense of connection to the past that many can not resist. With life so hectic that we carry many we would like to feel freer and less connected. This is why we look for vacations that evoke a simpler time when people lived a more tranquil life.

Very large fireplace for large living rooms


In a world where everything is virtual, rustic style is the most real thing you can have in your home. Because it celebrates the art of reuse and provides a wonderful showcase in which you can show your ingenuity.

Brick walls and rustic fireplace in the living room

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The fireplace is for many of us, the element that comes first to mind when we think of "rustic". For this you have these rustic fireplaces photos of living room with design inspired by the past.

Sofa and leather armchairs in the living room with rustic fireplace

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The beams are another element that helps us define an architectural space, although they can instantly turn it into a space with a rustic design, especially if they are left raw and unpolished. Use beams to frame roofs and delineate doors, to surround chimneys and windows, or even to align walls.

Rustic fireplace with wooden shelves on the sides

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For your living room you must use organic forms. Do not opt ​​for pieces produced in mass or too adapted as they can dilute the rustic style of a room. Instead, choose furniture and objects with strong, slightly rough profiles, bread trays, wooden baskets, metal candlesticks.

Rustic fireplaces photos of rooms with very colorful design

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It is nice to have some smooth surfaces to oppress the look of your space. The advice we can give you is to add cabinets and simple shelves with clean lines but always keeping the design line and allowing the rustic details with the chimneys to stand out.

Rustic fireplaces photos of living rooms with design full of organic objects

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Keep in mind that your living rooms should not transmit a feeling of bright novelty always choose furniture in which you notice the age or at least with well aged surfaces. Recovered wood, hammered metals, vintage furniture.

Rustic chimneys photos of rooms with original architecture

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Rustic fireplaces photos of salons with design in neutral colors

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