Rustic design room - 50 ideas to live the natural.

room design straw ornaments walls

The rustic design room brings the countryside and the whole environment of nature to our home. It is a style that conveys a warm and welcoming feeling to any space. Today we will share some ideas of rooms of this style. As we will see some with tendencies more inclined toward the contemporary. The room rustic design, is characterized by materials such as wood or rocks. Walls made of natural wood or stones are common.

Elegant rustic design room

room design dark wood skins

Although these materials abound in walls , there are also color options. The natural tones are excellent for this style. Colors close to nature that we can choose to put on top of the wood panels if we do not want to leave it in its natural state. Earth tones, olive or coffee, can be used as well as warm colors like yellow or red. The rustic design room in furniture undoubtedly highlights the bed.

Room design rustic furniture

room design elegant pictures branches

The main variants are built with wood or wrought iron. It is common to find many with carved details. Another of the special attractions are the ceiling lamps. In its construction the indicated thing is the bronze, because it combines very well with the walls. Especially if they are of natural colors in the brown range. We can choose one with a regularly large screen to create an extra attractive in the room.

Rustic design for children's room

room design children bunk curtains

The warm effect of the rustic design room is achieved just with a low lamp illumination . They always add a warm glow to the colors used in this general environment. Oil lamps can be used for the wall area. Especially with a yellow light. The final finish can be made with other decorative elements that evoke nature. Especially plants, including animals such as birds or moose.

Design with trunks for beds

children's design room stools flags

We can choose to include them in figures, paintings or even better in textiles. Especially in blankets and tapestries for the bedroom. A variant is the example that follows with beautiful paintings of horses that enhance the rustic style with their frames. All a set that complements itself with each piece. Enjoy this and all the images of our selection with excellent design proposals.

Rustic style furniture

room design furniture horse paintings

The main characteristics of the interior with rustic design also depend on the style of the different countries since the rustic style is inspired by rural life, combining the general concepts of the rustic with the typical of each country or region.

Rustic atmosphere with excellent natural lighting

Bright illuminated high design room

In each country, they have their own ethnic characteristics. There are many similarities between them when we are talking about natural materials. The walls and floors of the rooms are usually made of wood in the kitchen and in the stone hallway. Metal is a material rarely used and only for contemporary products that want to give a rustic design. Suitable for wallpaper with fine wall hangings or chintz pattern.

Wood with wrought iron furniture

bright metal forged design room

The textiles reflect the ethnic characteristics. In the bedrooms inspired by the design of the cottages adorn using lace tablecloths and curtains, quilts, decorated with products of animal origin such as leather. In all cultures the rustic style is characterized by wooden beams, antique furniture or some that simulate antiquity, handmade decorations improvising with what we have.

Warm atmosphere with stone walls

room design rocks warm walls

For the luminaries we often see some hand made used the rudas of the carts or woven. The hangers are made of animal horns. The textiles in the rustic interior are very colorful. It is important to remember that the rustic room is small and has low ceilings. You can use white paint, panels to line the walls or wallpaper.

Environment with red as a warm color

rustic design red carpet room

The main thing is that they do not attract too much attention and are not pretentious. Returning to the characteristic textiles for the rustic bedroom. You can use gingham a tissue with small cells of two colors. The cells alternate in strict order mixing the two colors. One of the options of combination of the colors with which we meet more often is red and white, although other combinations can be used.

Wood rocks combination

room rustic design cottage wood

The quilts, pillow cases and mattress, made of a fabric with prints of different colors seek to draw attention to a certain piece of furniture. Patchwork quilts for example are not only comfortable, but also demonstrate the talent of the owner of the house in sewing. They are typical blankets sewn of large or small pieces of cloth of different colors used in a chaotic manner or following a pattern.

Variation with wrought iron furniture

room design country rustic hats

Burlap can be used to make curtains and frames. Linen curtains with embroidery and lace add a special air to the rustic bedroom. A conventional white muslin curtain decorated with lace on the edges are perfect. Especially beautiful curtains are woven, knitted or corchet. The rugs and woven doormat from the remains of brightly colored threads always emphasize the individuality of the room.

Warm style modern lighting

room rustic design fireplace fan

It is important to remember that you can not saturate the room with furniture and a variety of decorations. Only one detail can provide the rustic air that is sought by emphasizing the room will feel really comfortable. Many designers believe that it is impossible to create a rustic interior with modern materials. Of course, better to use natural wood.

Candle forging lamp

room design rustic leather lamp

However, its price is not affordable for everyone, so it can replace natural materials with their artificial counterparts. The walls can be clad with panels that imitate wood. In a rustic bedroom you can give a second life to old cabinets, wooden benches and tables. Enjoy this and all the images of our selection with excellent design proposals.

Decorative detail with plants

room design rustic lamps plants

Attractive rustic bed

room design rustic furniture flags

Youth room shared

room design rustic kids children

Style with wall in natural blue tone

room design rustic sofa flowers wall

Rustic with details carved in furniture

room design deers carved work

Detail with rustic accent door Our Town Plans

barn style door decoration white

blue child brothers bunk beds stripes

cottage furniture hand made picture

header wood fan candles forge

headboard wood lamparas mueble calido

bed colors white curtains pictures

clear basket texas house carpet

comfortable rustic decoration skins floor

elegant decoration cottage rustic forge

special rustic textiles bricks furniture

flowers furniture style glass jarron

idea barn decoration rustic barn

modern rustic bathroom contemporary inspiration

brick wall decoration wood furniture

lamparas blue colorful windows textiles

luxurious quiet rustic room lamp

barn country style rustic wood

wood lined space quarter natural

brown textures room house forge

mexican furniture lamparas calido lamparas

modern wooden bear design for children

rustic environment room hotel bear

blue stripes flowers mirror curtains

clock room skins flowers wood

pink country style pink lamp

males theme cowboys horses room

deer picture colorful gray led

deers colorful box blue room

small rustic room vases clock

rustic house wood children stripes

plants modern rustic mix candles




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