Rustic houses - design by Solomon Troup Architects with modern finishes

rustic houses modern concept

The Limerick house is one of those great examples of rustic houses that have given an unexpected twist to their design. Especially because it mimics the sheds rural areas and is covered in black wood. An idea designed to give you a fresher and more modern feel within the wide range of rustic house designs that we can find today.

Rustic houses with modern style

rustic houses ideas creative style

Inspired by the shape of the sheds that inhabit the local area, the Limerick house by Solomon Troup Architects is an addition to an existing building in Eganstown, Victoria, Australia. Clad in rubber boards with black spots, the exterior mimics the environment. It is precisely this setting, together with the view of the Australian hills, that creates a warm atmosphere.

rustic houses connected spaces

Ideal to venture into one of those isolated getaways. To match the existing building, the addition has a sloping roof, while the slopes are not the same. All this combination is precisely what makes the forms original. There are many walls and glazed parts that let in natural light and provide the views.

rustic houses wood walls

Solomon Troup Architects has used light wood inside the house to contrast the external image of the building, similar to a shed. The interior maintains a modern style with all the necessary facilities despite having the appearance of rustic houses. The kitchen and dining room are linked and open to the outside, there is a glass wall to connect the spaces while letting in the light.

rustic houses bricks floors

The kitchen is made with elegant white cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a modern look. Here is a large open bookcase, which is made of the same wood , that covers the interior. This is inside the whole space something that gives it a different air, we can say that it is a piece of fresh exhibition.

Rustic houses and wooden finishes in the interior

combination wood finishes white

Most private areas are hidden in a more closed house next to Limerick. In front of the house there is a small terrace with a pair of leather chairs. It is about what we can call a great space to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. You can analyze and take a look at the photos of the house and copy some ideas for your home.


As well as the design of other rustic houses that we have presented previously. The house has a creative geometric shape and an outdoor terrace in front of the house to enjoy the fresh air. As we mentioned, it is open to the outside in several parts to leave more light inside.


The interior clad in light wood is completely created with the intention that it is warm and cozy. The kitchen is attached to a dining room, the entire space opens to the outside with spacious and functional doors. The dining space is made with a large open shelf for storage and viewing.


There are windows instead of fenders that let in a lot of light and allow you to enjoy the views while cooking. There is a lot of wood in the decoration and the furniture is also made of plywood and wood. Wood is obviously a common and historical choice as a construction material.


However, in recent decades, there has been a shift away from wood in favor of engineering products or metals such as aluminum. While the desire not to depend on the world's forests for building demands has good intentions, the advantages of wood as a building material still outweigh other products on the market. Especially when the impact and environmental performance are analyzed.



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