Rustic stone and wood stairs - more than 35 fantastic designs

original design rustic spiral staircases

Nail rustic stairs They incorporate textures, organic forms and natural heat. People are attracted to this style because of its ability to give a natural touch to a town house, while imitating the rapt style of a country house. The rustic stairs evoke a really cozy feeling, regardless of the interior decoration and style.

Original designs of rustic stairs

wood staircase railing image

From simple to elaborate, traditional stairs show a classic aesthetic. This classic aesthetic creates a warm and welcoming feeling that differentiates the experience of a home from a commercial building. The designs we want to show you combine the tradition of craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to produce a distinguished design.

Original rustic style spiral staircases

spiral staircases

The rustic designs bring warmth and style of design to a house. There is a universal homelike feeling that we experience upon entering a house filled with rich wood tones and metal accents.

Great natural wood railing

natural wood block handrail

A rustic home design is not limited to the cabins. Add a unique touch to your rustic home design by installing a spiral staircase instead of a traditional straight staircase. Handrail materials may include hand-forged iron, glass, stainless steel, wood, and metal.

Super design of wooden spiral staircase

design spiral staircase wood

The spiral staircases They provide a great benefit. Unlike their traditional counterparts, spiral staircases will only occupy a small circle in their floor plan. Many people think that a traditional straight staircase is the only way to safely reach the second floor of their home. A spiral staircase allows you to maximize the rest of the space in your home, while still having a beautiful way to access your second floor.

Beautiful wooden staircase with cellar compartments

nice staircase kitchen cellar

The stairs Wood are available in a variety of wood species, including oak, maple, walnut, American cherry, Brazilian cherry and mahogany. Other species are available upon request.

Rustic wooden and glass staircase

nice rustic wood interior staircase

The solid wood balusters usually have clean and simple designs. You can also choose to use wrought iron balusters to create a unique pattern through your staircase. Smooth designs of solid wood continue clean lines through the entire staircase.

Interior of rustic house with wooden stairs

rustic house wooden stairs

This collection of interior designs with rustic stairs are here to inspire you with ideas. This collection is a great way for you to get that much needed inspiration to continue with what you are doing, only with more productivity and creativity.

Original design of modern rustic staircase

modern rustic staircase design

But that's enough, we're here because the designs of rustic stairs are the main focus of this collection. It will not be difficult to notice the greatest similarities between them. All of them have some wood in their construction, if they are not made entirely of this material. Some models look more modern due to the glass handrails and minimalist designs, but the main stage is the rustic style.

Super design of wooden staircase

original design wood staircase

One of the biggest challenges of rustic life is finding alternatives to modern building designs that capture the beauty of nature and the rustic railings are perfectly suited for this task. Even more, contemporary structures can use a touch of nature to adapt to the landscape. Rustic railings can add just the right amount of nature to any contemporary structure.

Original wooden rustic design stairs

stairs design rustic wood

Some homes in certain areas such as the mountains or countryside are perfect for a rustic theme. You already know the scheme; mader, stone and lso earth colors.

Beautiful wooden stairs with wrought iron bars

wooden stairs steel bars forged

The best way to quickly and easily capture the appearance of a mountain lodge is with a rustic railing like the one we will see in the following image.

Pretty rustic stairs with railings of natural branches

rustic stairs railings of branches

Handrails, handrails or safety rails have two main parts; the top piece by which we put our hands, which usually extends from the post to the ground, and the balustrade or screen that prevents children and pets from passing under the railing.

Original wooden interior design with rustic stairs

original wooden interior design

Other cab rails can use wood, metal or glass screens to break the monotony of the vertical and horizontal lines associated with the simplest handrails. The choice of natural materials can define the difference between making a boring handrail or creating a natural work of art. When it comes to rustic handrails the frame must naturally be strong and complement the structure.

Interior Designed by Sticks and Stones Design Group Inc, beautiful wooden residence in Okanagan, Canada.

rustic style modern stairs

As mentioned, natural guardrails can be an ideal opportunity to deviate from the repetitive lines created by the structure. Those with screens made of materials such as laurel are strong and beautiful. Strength is not the only safety factor facing design. Building codes require that the gaps on the screen or balustrade be small enough so that your pets and children do not fall.

Nice rustic stairs made of natural wood

natural wood rustic stairs

These guidelines must be met, either on the interior balcony or on the exterior deck of the house. To avoid this, rustic railings sometimes have screens built into the layered limbs to represent the canopy of the forest.

Beautiful rustic stone stairs

great rustic stone stairs

While this is less repetitive, the limbs of most trees are too weak to form a safe barrier. Handrail screens made of mountain laurel maintain the canopy illusion while forming a strong and secure barrier.

Great rustic style staircase

super staircase rustic design

When choosing a rustic railing for your home, there are always many options. Commonly you will find pinewood products, or sometimes white cedar, that rotates about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. They are often connected to upper and lower round horizontal rails with a mortise and tenon joint. (This is an advanced carpentry technique in which two pieces of wood are joined by fitting the end of one into a hole in the other). The upper and lower rails are also often round trunks, but usually have a larger diameter.

Great rustic staircase with natural wood beams

super stair beams natural wood

The stairs ascend from the living room to the second floor and are an important visual element of home decoration. The advisable thing so that the rustic stairs do not look out of place is that all the decoration is also harmonious. Recreate in the interior of the house this ethyl so that the staircase does not look out of place. Now we will give you the keys so that your space looks in addition to a beautiful staircase all the charm of the rustic decorations.

Super modern interior design with rustic wooden staircase

super modern interior design

We do not necessarily have to flood all the spaces in the house with this style. Simply some areas can be customized in this way. For example, we can start with the room. A real gem when it comes to rustic stairs and this style inside the homes. It looks perfect because it acquires a much warmer image.

Super design of rustic wooden staircase

super rustic staircase design

All that natural aspect makes it something really special. The room wins in aesthetics when the appropriate furniture is used. Whenever it is wood with this style is especially effective. As a material it is impossible not to use it inside the decoration and all the rustic style. If you like the coffee tables with some wood we will be giving a turn to the decoration.

Super interior in rustic and luxurious style

super luxurious rustic interior

Together with a sofa we would have much of the work of the salon in advance. The earth tonalities can be extended to the textiles in all the decoration of the space. A carpet is a perfect excuse to do so. Some pots and discrete plants are the ideal complement to highlight the natural in areas near the staircase.

Modern interior design with wooden stairs

interior stairs wooden steps

Other accessories will be useful to highlight all possible tonalities. A special space that can be close to the stair area is the dining room. Undoubtedly, it is an area that looks fantastic when you experience all the pleasure of color and shapes. There are simple details such as the case of tablecloths that will often be enough to achieve an incredible effect.

Interior design with modern rustic stairs

interior modern rustic stairs

Each material must be conjugated in a harmonic and simple way. Each part of the furniture is the key to the dining room. From the chairs to the wooden benches remember and restored with its beautiful accents. The shape and style of the dining room furniture as well as the textiles are striking in the rustic dining rooms. To decorate a little the design of rustic environments we do not need many accessories

Interior design in rustic style with wooden stairs

interior style rustic stairs wood

If we think a little we will remember that it is a style that comes from the countryside and is rather simple. Perhaps what looks best in an environment with rustic stairs is to maintain order. Collections of old things are a good start. When using photos pay attention to the style of the frames. Everything that is used must help to maintain the peace and serenity of space.

Original rustic and modern wooden stairs

original modern rustic stairs

There is nothing that helps better decorate a rustic interior than the walls. They have a lot to offer and on the other hand they gain in relevance according to how they are decorated. The rules regarding the decoration of the walls make use of the wallpaper in different variants. It is common that these are figures that allude to nature.

Original rustic style interior stairs design

original interior stairs design

Although the stone finishes steal the attention of everyone in each of these spaces. It must be clear that the decoration of the walls and in general should not be very loaded. Some simple photographs can be more than enough at times. If you are one of the lucky ones that has a library at home, do not hesitate to give it a rustic look.

Original modern interior design with wooden staircase

original interior modern staircase wood

With wooden shelves full of texture and that heavy image will look great. When you use the right light it will look warmer and more pleasant. This will obviously be ideal for a comfortable reading space. Now we leave you with the rest of the images from our gallery, enjoy the tour and see you soon.

Original design of natural wood staircase

original wood staircase design

Original modern interior with rustic wooden stairs

original interior modern stairs wood

Lovely rustic style stairs

lovely rustic interior stairs

Original design of wooden stairs

lovely wooden stairs design

Design of a rustic style living room

Living room rustic style

Original interior design with rustic stone and wood elements

stone tower rustic staircase

beautiful interior shapes retouched environments

handrails reclaimed wood textures

traditional stairs aesthetic solutions

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