Rustic toilets - peace and relaxation in the bathroom

original washbasins rustic metal patina green

Are you thinking about taking a new look at your bathroom? The rustic washbasins are trendy. Stone, copper and stainless steel models that sit atop an accountant increasingly replace polished and shiny white porcelain sinks. You just have to add nickel or blackened brass so your bathroom looks like a country house in an instant. These designs that you will see below are simply amazing.

Original designs of rustic washbasins for the bathroom

original design rustic basins

Let's start by looking at some examples of rustic toilets with metal cups. Brass, copper and bronze are the most popular in these cases, and their rough and worn look in combination with their patina will create that rustic look you crave so much.

Original design of rustic washbasin inside a barrel

original design basin in a barrel

If you live near a warehouse, you can be sitting in a gold mine of recyclable materials. The barrels of real oak wine make beautiful furniture, and artisan John Koering has painstakingly reinstalled this barrel as a dressing table with an amazing copper bowl used here for the washbasin. Preparing a wooden barrel for a wet bath requires special care, so you should investigate the finer points of finishing and sealing.

Super modern rustic sink design

super design rustic washbasin

A minimalist rustic look can be achieved with simple metal pieces such as the amazing sink that we see in the image above.

Design of rustic copper and wood washbasin

super rustic washbasin design 1

Using a galvanized bucket as a sink is a great idea, and even better if it is attached to an impressive piece of natural rustic wood.

Great vintage style sink design

super vintage washbasin design

This design, although similar to the previous one, is quite more luxurious and elegant, with notable shades of vintage style that add character and personality.

Great designs of rustic wooden and metal washbasins

great rustic wash basins designs

For this design, the owner wanted a rustic-style sink that would match the artisan-style clothes cupboards in his new home. He has used a galvanized tub as the wash basin, the handmade copper pipe wrench and two hose faucets. The tub sits on and is plumbed through a white oak shelf built into the cherry cabinets. All this sink has white oak counters made from reclaimed soil.

Original design of wooden washbasin cabinet

original washbasin cabinet design

A rustic wooden washbasin cabinet can become the main focus of attention in your bathroom, since not necessarily the decoration of the entire space should be rustic style.

Original modern washbasins with rustic design

modern washbasins rustic design

This design presents a modern bathroom with a rustic look. The stone and wood create the perfect background for this amazing piece of furniture with two rectangular washbasins.

Great modern rustic style toilets

modern washbasins rustic style

A rather simplistic style is that of this original bathroom that appears above; We have opted for dark gray and wood as a combination of rustic elements.

Great rustic style stone sink

stone style washbasin

Let's now turn to contemplate some of the most interesting designs of rustic washbasins made of stone.

Original rustic style round basins

original rustic style washbasins

The stone sinks are impressive and make the bathroom look perfect rustic.

Design of stone washbasin

original design washbasin stone

The effect of a stone sink depends in principle on the type of stone chosen for the basin cup.

Natural stone washbasin design

original design washbasin stone 2

In general, stone sinks have irregular and imperfect shapes, which are the work of Mother Nature.

Wooden washbasin cabinet

furniture design washbasin wood

In this image we can see a rustic sink that combines the materials in a great way; the wooden furniture has a granite countertop and a porcelain sink glass.

Wooden furniture with two sinks

esteupendos lavabos wooden cabinet

There are many designs of rustic toilets that have combined the natural style with the functionality of our times.

original design rustic wooden labvabo

Choosing a washbasin like this you can have the charm of rustic aesthetics without leaving out the latest in comfort.

Great rustic wooden sink

original rustic wood sink

These pieces complement each other beautifully with mirrors and vintage frames; Do not hesitate to experiment with the elements to find the look that best suits your bathroom.

Rustic style washbasin

original rustic style sink

Here's a great DIY idea: combine a sink or large bowl with an old piece of furniture and add a pump-style faucet for a retro-style look change.

Original rustic style washbasin by Stone Forest

original rustic style washbasin Stone Forest

Handmade using the mortise and tenon of carpentry, the following three designs emphasize the natural or external edge of the tree, as well as other unique features, including knots, knot holes and cracks of natural origin.

Original natural stone bathroom cabinet design

washbasin cabinet natural stone

In order to create a sustainable product, small tree mills and plates are laminated together in order to create the appearance of a large slab.

Original design of rustic washbasin Stone Forest

original modern rustic wash basin design

The plates contain a mixture of heartwood and sapwood, with resulting variations in light and dark grain. Butterfly joints are used both for crack control and for purely decorative reasons. All these furniture reflect the individual characteristics of the tree from which it was made and each piece is unique in its kind.

Original design of wooden washbasin cabinet

original design washbasin wood furniture

Below you can find more examples of designs of rustic toilets, and remember that if you want to continue knowing more trends and developments in the world of interior design, you must visit our website, see you soon.

Stunning design of natural wooden washbasin cabinet

natural wood washbasin cabinet

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