Rustic wedding, rural details to decorate the ceremony

rustic wedding

The decoration in the wedding It is usually very thematic and follows some motives established by the couple. If you do not know what decorative motifs to choose for your wedding in this article, we are going to talk about decorating a rustic wedding and you can see some of the decorative details that can be used to decorate the interiors and exteriors.

Rustic wedding and details to decorate the interior

rustic wedding decorate

Keep in mind that when it comes to the rustic style there are details that are intimately linked to it and from which you can not escape because they are the ones that define it. The features of this style is the predominance of wood, the fabrics of encage, the flowers of pastel and orange tones among others. All these details you can gather and create a very original rustic wedding decoration. The wood can be used to create candlesticks. For that you only have to make a hole in small trunks the size of the candle to be able to introduce it inside the hole.

A basket with flowers and the initials of the bride and groom to decorate at rustic weddings

rustic wedding decoration

On the other hand, another decorative detail for rustic weddings are the baskets that you can also decorate them in a very original way. You can use moss plants for the interior or for the walls of the basket. On the other hand, this decorative detail can be used simply to decorate the edges and you can add another detail such as white flowers that could be roses and the initials of the bride and groom engraved in the shape of a heart.

Very original decorative details for the decoration of your rustic wedding

rustic wedding decorate ceremony

On the other hand, the decoration rustic for weddings you can also make it using the bark of trees. For that you have to let the trunk dry and then you have to separate the bark from the trunk carefully so that it does not spoil. You can give it the original circular shape and you can add some leaves to decorate it. Keep in mind that this decorative detail is very appropriate for a rustic wedding that is celebrated in autumn, since at this time of year you can find dried leaves of different colors that will combine very well with the colors and the tonalities of the trunk.

Using a hanger to decorate in the ceremonies of rustic weddings

rustic wedding decoration ceremony

However, for the rustic decorations you can also use some of the objects that you have in your home like the hangers. To these decorative details you can add others such as flowers and glass jars that you can use as vases. The fabric with which you can decorate the glass jars has to be a brown color because it is related more easily to country life. Instead, on the hanger you can place a wooden heart with the initials of the couple. In this way you will get a decoration for a very original and interesting rustic wedding.

A very original basket designed to leave wishes

rustic wedding details decoration

On the other hand, the baskets in als weddings you can use them to place them on the tables and in this way you can create some centerpieces for very original weddings. In the baskets you can also put an inscription with which to make clear that this is the place where you have to leave the wishes for the couple. You can also improvise and opt for some wooden baskets as in the photo above or you can also choose a wicker baskets for the decoration of rustic centerpieces.

Decorating the exterior with flower pots for your rural weddings


On the other hand, instead of baskets you can also use pots made by you in your home. For that you can use containers in the shape of a glass or plastic pot and you have to paint them a white color. In some parts of the containers on white paint you can add some black or gray spots to create the feeling that it is the bark of a tree. On the other hand, you can also add some flowers on top of the containers to decorate them. In this way you will get a very original and attractive rustic table decor.

A country style decoration for your wedding with a basket in which to deposit your wishes

rustic wedding decorate interior

Decorating centerpieces at rustic weddings with orange-colored roses

rustic wedding table decoration

Using a square container surrounded by lace fabric in which to put some flowers to decorate in rural weddings

rustic wedding decorate table

A very modern and original cushion for rural weddings with pineapples on the sides and with a decorative detail in the center

rustic wedding decorative details

Making the wedding invitations in rural style with some dried flowers

rustic wedding invitation

A rustic wedding in the countryside with a table and other typical details of rural life

rustic weddings

Decorating the table with napkins in the shape of a pocket with the initials of the couple

rustic wedding decoration

Small decorative details that can help you create a very original rural wedding

rustic decoration for weddings

A rural wedding with elevated wooden tables and candles to decorate the centers

rustic centerpieces for weddings

Celebrating a rustic wedding in a large wooden cabin

rustic centerpieces

A pallet table for the decoration of rural weddings in the countryside

rustic table decoration

The reserved of the sites of the guests with some trunks with a slot in which to place the names

rustic decorations

A very original way to number tables at rustic weddings

rustic weddings decoration

The decoration of the interior of the church with some decorative rural details for weddings of this style

rustic wedding decoration ceremony

A decoration with flowers for rural weddings used for decoration of tables

rustic decoration for weddings table

Decorating the backs of chairs with lavender and ribbons for rural weddings

decoration rustic table chairs

Some glass jars with poles with instructions on what to leave at rural weddings

rustic centerpieces for weddings decorate

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