Salon curtains - ideas to add game to your design

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Today we have for all of you some photos with ideas and designs of living room curtains to inspire you to add an elegant detail to your design. The curtains They are a very important decorative detail for the interior.

Room curtains that do not stand out much because the main role here is for the carpet

curtains living room apartment original design curtains ideas

Some curtains in the room of to be modern can create a soft and pleasant atmosphere and beautify the space. That is the main reason why we can say that choosing the curtains for the living room with care is very important.

Transparent living room curtain so that this space so white is even brighter

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In this article we will help you make your choice by presenting 24 ideas of modern and contemporary curtains. Although we should not forget that the model of modern curtains that you choose for your living room depends on your taste and also on the decoration that you already have in the room.

Curtains for living room by Zimmer + Rohde

living room curtains color design zimmer rohde ideas

You can choose curtains of bright or dull colors with or without interesting patterns and hang them in different ways. In a sober environment the curtains can be a touch of fantasy.

A living room with very elegant curtains that complete the design

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A room without a curtain is like a sofa without cushions. It's fine, but it's a bit sad. In addition to giving life to the living room the curtains bring an injection of life to the room.

Gray curtain perfect for the living room

living room curtains options gray color ideas

In the house, the curtains have a crucial role in decoration. Some use them to add a touch of color for others are an accessory, the curtains are still the best way to make the room more cozy.

A living room with furniture and curtains dark brown

curtains for living room options brown color ideas

Well we have already commented its qualities are, now what remains is to find the fabric the color and the pattern that best suits your living room.

Living room with curtains with geometric patterns of very original blue color

living room curtains options color geometric patterns ideas

And when it comes to the room where you receive your guests and where you spend a lot of time with the family, you should think about whether you want the curtains to protect you from the sun or they will be just a decorative element.

Living room with very elegant black curtains

blackout curtains options black color ideas

The right choice of curtains, carpets, upholstery, cushions and decorations, can create miracles in terms of attractive and elegant interior design.

A very nice room with details and black curtains

blackout curtains options black original ideas

And as we already know lounge furniture are basic elements that simply can not change every year, the curtains are easily replaceable and change the image of the room every time you change them.

A design with furniture and details of neutral colors

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So it is not necessary to choose a simple model of classic color, you can also choose stunning curtains of bright colors and when you want something less daring will change them.

Curtains of a very original and modern color

living room curtains options scandinavian design ideas

When choosing curtains you usually have two paths to follow. The most obvious option is the choice of curtains to match the style and color of the rest of your decoration.

Very striking different curtains to choose from for the living room

curtains for living room options different colors ideas

You can complete the basic pattern of the room with classic design, for example, with the addition of dramatic drapes in a very elegant light color like beige, gray, cream. Everything depends on the furniture, the color of the walls, the floor and the rest of the textiles in the room.

Ideas for spaces with elegant designs

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On the other hand, we have an alternative, more artistic, but also a bit risky. It is the choice of curtains completely different to the design of the room. Some curtains that do not match the rest of the decoration.

Curtain with very original print for the living room

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This is an increasingly modern option since in recent years eclectic designs are more popular. This original approach adds a bohemian touch without equal in any type of space. The living room curtains can also be an aesthetic accent that surprises.

Living room with classic design and curtains with colorful prints

living room curtains options modern prints ideas

If the living room is spacious and bright enough, you can opt for dark and dramatic drapes. The same can be done in a white room or one with light wood furniture.

A more original Zimmer + Rohde design

curtains salon options zimmer rohde design ideas

Now we leave you with these photos of living room curtains to inspire you to add an elegant detail to your design and personalize your living room creating an exclusive place.

A blue Zimmer + Rohde¹ design with beautiful flowers

stamping original options zimmer rohde ideas

Living room designed by Tommy Chambers Interiors with transparent curtains

Curtains living room design Tommy Chambers Interiors ideas

A living room with white furniture and walls and very nice black curtains

white furniture black curtains salon ideas

Contemporary living room designed by Peerutin Architects with very nice curtains

Peerutin Architects living room curtains contemporary design ideas

Modern living room designed by Reddington Designs

Reddington Designs modern living room curtains ideas

Furniture walls and curtains neutral colors

salon colors furniture walls light curtains ideas

Living room with very nice transparent white curtains

living room white curtains original design modern ideas

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